Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)

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Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)


Warm water 1 stack.
(here 1 egg + water until a glass is full.)
Wheat flour 3 stacks (+ a couple more spoons may be required.)
Salt 1.5 tsp
Sugar 1 tbsp. l.
Sunflower oil (can be butter) 1 tbsp. l.
Mayonnaise 100 g
Dry yeast 2 tsp

Cooking method

  • We load the ingredients according to the instructions for your bread maker. We set the mode for the main bread, I put the crust on a light one, since my Mulka bakes everything (. The size of the bread is 1000. Provencal mayonnaise, or whatever you like, but not low fat content.
  • When kneading, you can add dried dill, parsley, onions to the dough. (I did not add) Made a small deviation from the recipe - instead of 1 egg - put 2 and added a handful of flour
  • Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)

Cooking program:

mode main


I want to share a recipe for a delicious bread, a recipe rolled up from the Povarenok site (I don't know how to link to the source)

Avrorka, and what is the capacity of the glass? And then in my HP a glass of 310 mm.
Judging by the range of products, you can safely use a glass with a capacity of 240-250 ml.
And, of course, follow the kolobok. I suspect that flour will need to be added - mayonnaise loves flour.
Peace be with you bakers!
if someone explains to me why in the recipe Sunflower oil (you can butter) - 1 tbsp. l. at 100 g of mayonnaise
I will be grateful
I don't know why)) the recipe is not mine - but the bread is delicious
Oh girls! What a delicious bread this I got! And how fragrant! Thanks for the recipe, Avrorka!
Here it is:
Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
Once again I bake bread according to this recipe, we have this favorite bread
Thanks to the author for such a wonderful recipe.
Sometimes I add a tablespoon of red ground pepper (not bitter) to it, x
In the evening I will try to catch a photo.
P.S I bake this recipe on the French bread mode.
thanks for the good recipe. the bread is delicious, tender. Very beautiful. I took a picture of it, but I can't figure out how to insert pictures into messages ...
I baked bread since Povarenka. RU. Liked it, but from my point of view ... there is a lot of mayonnaise ... for an amateur ... the taste is very strong. The bread itself is very tall, I already propped up the lid ... Once every 2 months I bake ... often not ... but the recipe is good !!!! Thank you for reminding!!!!
But something didn't work out for me, I got a crooked driftwood that did not look like bread at all
It didn't work out for me for the first time - but then I don’t know why ...
Quote: Stеrn

Judging by the range of products, you can safely use a glass with a capacity of 240-250 ml.
And, of course, follow the kolobok. I suspect that flour will need to be added - mayonnaise loves flour.
I took the recipe above, on your advice a glass of a certain capacity, then I probably added one and a half tablespoons of flour, well, that's all
I did not open the bread maker, did not coward, did not drop it, etc. etc.
It turned out to be something unintelligible, inside it is soft, the crust is hard, and the size is about 1/3 of the usual bread
Quote: Dasha_mama

flour then probably added one and a half tablespoons, well, that's all

Amazing! And it turned out to be a bun ?!
I baked a couple of days ago White table bread with apple by Qween.
Mayonnaise is also present in the recipe for this bread.
So for 175 ml of liquid + 75 g of mayonnaise + 60 g of apple, it took me 450 g (the same 3 glasses) of flour.
Or maybe you can write in ml and grams. I just always weighed, and measured me out with cups somehow well, not really
If possible, thank you very much in advance !!!
Dasha_mama , take a look HERE, you will find all the information you need to convert cups and spoons to grams.
And here is my mayonnaise bread, I put everything according to the recipe, only counted it for 600 grams of flour, and added Art. l. dried tomatoes with paprika, rose perfectly, inside is not raw, but the color is a little red ... thanks, Aurora !!!Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
Yesterday I made this bread, I haven't tried it yet. But the color I want to say ...... rose great. I only made a digression in mayonnaise, it was necessary to measure it into scrap with a measuring cup, so I put 5 tbsp. spoons, figured that it will be 100 gr. Everything else is as in the recipe, and I added a little flour, 3 tablespoons came out. The regime is French.

Of course, I am butter. I poured it, but I think that without it, despite the fact that the mayonnaise is normal (not fat-free), you can not lay it down.
Good day! Mayonnaise bread has become a favorite in our family. Thank you very much for the recipe. When this bread is baked, a breathtaking smell spreads throughout the apartment.

Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
I baked this bread from the site "Povarenok". Everything is in grams (if memory serves).
and if you put it not with spoons, but as given in the recipe, the bread turns out to be of amazing whiteness and taste. In "Mulinex" there is a rather large bucket, and so the bread (calculated for 750gr) rises to the very top of the bucket and looks like 1200gr. There is no photo now, it's gone for all sorts of curls. But I return to this bread, as well as to mustard and milk, in a couple of days.
This mayonnaise bread is just a supper !!! I add another 100 grams of hard cheese to it ... mmmmm ... just delicious !!! Although the cheese is not particularly felt there, but some delicious aftertaste is given. I bake 2 times a day (my parents ask for myself). Thank you very much for the recipe !!!
karma, welcome to our forum!
With a delicious bread for you!
Happy March 8th to all hostesses!
Thanks for the bread recipe!
I put bread on the timer for the night, the mayonnaise was Provencal, but homemade, the mode also set the main and light crust.
The bread on the cut crumpled a little, since I gave him about an hour of time to cool down, I really wanted to cut it. The crust is airy, and the crust is ruddy and crispy.

Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)

Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)

Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)

Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)

do not look at the date of the photo, there was some glitch in the camera settings, the bread was baked on a timer on the night of March 7-8, 2011.
Tatiana S.
I can finally thank the author for this recipe!
I took the recipe for a long time, when I was not yet the owner of HP. Now I bake myself and recommend it to my friends. It turned out the first time. Has baked several times already, always successful. The taste from mayonnaise was only 1 time. It was the very first time, the mayonnaise was, in my opinion, "Ryaba Olive". Then I baked it with Sloboda and Provencal mayonnaise, it's still very tasty and everyone likes it. Thank you very much

Hello everybody)
a very interesting recipe, Auror, but how will you bake bread, please, how much you put in grams of flour, if you have an electronic scale.
then in a measuring cup exactly how many ml. water? this is a big request.

Today I have a recipe for French bread in the Mystery 1203 bread maker, in general, complete nonsense. Has anyone tried this recipe from the instructions for this particular stove?
there is 320 ml. water and 880 gr. flour, I measured with measuring glasses from the same bread maker, then weighed, 1 measuring st. 300 ml. got 220 gr. flour by weight.
Can I answer?
Natashka81, I also have Mystery, yesterday I baked this bread for 1 kg.
Here's the gram recipe:
high-quality flour - 600 g
liquid - 400 g (of which: 1 egg + 60 g mayonnaise + warm water = 400 g total)
salt - 1.5 tsp.
sugar - 0.5 tbsp. l.
grows up. oil (I had olive oil) - 1 tbsp. l.
dry yeast - 2 tsp

Program 1.
Yield (about 920 g).

The bread rose SO that it closed up the viewing window, I had to tear it off (it is necessary to reduce the recipe by 20 percent), so I did not take a picture. But the taste is ... um. Thin crispy crust, delicate air crumb, in short, super. Thanks to the author!

And do not try to use recipes from and instructions, there are even no yeast in some
Hello Allegra) thanks for writing) put yeast 1 tsp. measured full, which is attached to the Mystery hopper, even for 1 kg. that's enough, haven't you tried that?
but exactly to the edges, I pour in and remove the excess with a knife or finger so that salt, sugar, yeast are always poured in spoons flush with the edges.

here I baked the first bread:

Bread loaf of flour "general purpose" 1050 gr.

300 ml. milk 3.2%
Beat 1 egg in a measuring glass and add water to 170 ml.
Pour 2 tbsp into the mold. l. refined oil - pour oil on a paddle
Pour in milk and water (room temperature) with beaten egg
Pour 1 tsp in one direction. measuring salt
and 2 dimensional st. l. sugar the other way
Flour 650 gr. Sift and pour into the mold and on top of the flour full of 1 tsp. measured dry yeast
Program 1
Weight 1000 gr.
Dark crust

I did it according to the same recipe, BUT only 2 tsp. put yeast and 3 tbsp. l. butter and 2 tsp. salt and bread were delicious, but salty for my taste and the top is generally sunken just!

I use Haas yeast on yeast it is written: (for 1 kg of flour, a green pack)
saf-moment is also suitable, others have not tried.
salt - I use only coarse salt, BUT, I put it in a mold with already poured liquid in one corner, sugar in another corner and I don't move the mold, well, for 5-10 minutes, but this is not necessary

ordinary milk in tetra pack 3.2%, we take the most expensive)
made from village milk, it turned out to be a heavy dough, poured half of the village milk and the rest of the water according to the recipe, then it turned out fine.

the bread is simple, but I think it's not bad) in the Mystery bread maker you will do exactly as I wrote, I think you will not be disappointed, but this is a roll not made of premium flour, but from a general purpose, for example, such a blue bag and the field is drawn "Starooskolnicheskaya", I think this is not 2 grade, but general purpose.

salt or one measured tsp. salt, I now put 1 tsp. measured per kilogram loaf or 1 plus 1/3 tsp. ok is optional, but 2 tsp. measured for my taste a bit too much and salt seems to make the dough heavier.
for 1 kg. I haven't tried it yet
I wanted to add, but the quote turned out to be the whole text)
Quote: Natasha81

I wanted to add, but the quote turned out to be the whole text)

Natashka81, this topic discusses baking "Mayonnaise bread", let's not confuse several recipes and our recommendations in one topic.

If you have a ready-made bread recipe with a photo, put it in a separate author's topic, according to the recipe design rules in force on our forum
Thanks for the recipe. Yesterday I baked Mayonnaise bread exactly according to the recipe indicated.
When kneading the bun, I added half a tablespoon of flour. The bread turned out to be very tasty!
I present the result in the photo:
Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)

Well, in the context:
Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
Delicious! It turned out the first time. High, crispy crust, very tender crumb!
RolandS, Hurrah!!!! you survived the fish trapped in the freezer? Long live casper-unspoiled sack
Quote: RolandS

Here on the resource the bread is photographed.
Why is this? :-)

the bosses ordered, we do not understand the jambs on our fingers, they require clarity
So not at fsekh zhezh, faces are crammed in a row with a roll!
not ... they will start to recognize them on the streets ... hold a button, demand a recipe ... but we are not maxims, we do not know how to move our bodies beautifully, and the body is tavos ... after being eaten, it looks dull .. ... what kind of bekini is there ... it fits longer and tails-tails ...
And the sleeve is narrow
Oh, our strict otsedov will trample on!
And listen RolandS'a, IRR hunting!!!
Nah, roll and EYE!
but it didn't work out for me yesterday, it rose so well, I was already glad that there would be high airy bread, and as soon as baking began, the top fell sharply down and did not rise again. And inside, it turned out to be completely airy.
But I will probably try this recipe again, because there are a lot of good reviews about it and I like the photos.

Most likely the reason is here Bread rises, but falls inward. Causes.
Quote: Admin

Most likely the reason is here Bread rises, but falls inward. Causes.
Thank you! identified several reasons at once (((
question: my hp is in a very warm place. This is bad??? I thought that the heat, on the contrary, would contribute to the rise ... while the water was still poured warm. Overdid it?
The gingerbread man in this bread was simply gorgeous right away. Elastic and smooth as a child's bottom (there is something to compare with) And now I have general doubts about what it should be ... maybe it should be made absolutely cool in the first batch ??? but now I'm afraid of an increased amount of liquid.

This is a CONTROL SAMPLE! Gingerbread man made from wheat flour. Master Class

And then we go according to the principle - And experience ... the son of difficult mistakes ...

We learn to make dough, make the consistency of the dough to your taste, softer, cooler, and so on ...

The dough never needs to be overheated, yeast grows rapidly, and the dough does not keep pace with it, does not ripen ...
For details, see the info here How to check the readiness of the dough for baking? Finished dough temperature
Quote: RolandS

After the New Year, there is an acute problem of recycling the uncooked.
I usually do not philosophize slyly, all currencies are in a roll. There's Olivier salad.
jellied meat, dried pork. All together.
The pork didn't work out well this time. Even street birds make this bread
refused to eat, but they (as I know) are not picky. Borschanul with

And now I'm leafing through my favorite resource and I see a photo svet_ik, where there is CAVIAR and
bun. Well, I'm stuck, I haven't eaten caviar since the New Year - I've already missed it very much. Disorder.
I thought - this is a great reason to go to the store for caviar again!

I began to read the recipe. Mayonnaise! And I have three tanks of it at home! Olivier wanted
to do in the bath (as is always customary in Russia) but did not work out, cost
only three buckets / well, there were only three guests /.
Not a volume, of course, for a holiday, it's even a shame to write. But accordingly, there is a lot of mayonnaise!
I decided to dispose of it urgently.

For the recipe - Avrorka- Big THANKS!
There is only one remark.
Well, what is it? The recipe is there in glasses / spoons and stuff.
Well, do we live in the 16th century? I've got tea and flour for two years now with an iPhone in HP
I put it in and stir it. a
here I read: "take a sack of flour from the Sinebruhoff mill, a decanter of vodka with
shelves and three bundles
brushwood, the one from the forest across the road .... ":-)
What is "one spoon" measure of weight? I have spoons at home like Shrek's - for normal people
mouth ripped open (what
the guests would not scoop up and chew longer) :-)
So what? How do I know what kind of spoons you have? Probably ladies, not
big. And how do you know exactly how much? Only if you ask for a visit
(just look at your spoons / nothing more) :-)
We need - grams!
We all have electronic scales at home for a long time!
How do you take heroin from dealers home then? If there are no scales, they
weigh - cruelly! How many times have I been hit like this?
One gram is underweight - and one hundred bucks are immediately in the red :-( :-)
How to live without scales?

Fortunately for me, Allegra wrote everything down in grams exactly and I decided to bake it!

Allegra - thanks for the gram-accuracy and another question, but this is your photo on the autark
Yes? Is the phone mono? :-) Are you married? ;-) ;-) Do you agree to move
to another city? :-)

Speck mayonnaise bun.
The program is usual. First.
It turned out - amazing. Everything as they wrote: The lid of the bread maker was torn off to
to the devil at the first time,
back the dough with his hands, then when baking he sat with his whole body on the lid of the bread machine.
As a result, the bun is very white, very large and very tasty!
Only the top of the roll fell through (but that's how it is with me all the time) :-(
Now I will bake constantly with mayonnaise.
And then just eat it
impossible (without fatal harm to health) and here such joy!
All mayonnaise from the holiday will go to rolls!
Until the next NG, it should be enough for me, if one hundred grams per loaf then! :-)

Once again, the ATP is an afftorche of the recipe, and to all everyone who wrote this in the post

oh thank you, dear, killed))) - the fifth day with a temperature I'm lying under 40 - my eyes do not look at anything, but then I read under the table))) I haven't baked bread for a long time, I have to put it on) two meters tall))
I tried it, thanks for the recipe ... Only I didn't have an egg, I did it without it, but in vain, it was even tastier with it .. I liked the taste very much, reminded me of something from my childhood, some baking, but not very sweet. In general, they took off the oil .. Thank you ..
I don't know how to insert photos ..
Dear author, do not listen to anyone .... the bread is just awesome ... according to the recipe, then the count = in flour is normal ... I thought the bread would run away from the oven ... delicious, fragrant, soft, my daughter ate all the crusts at once ...
Thanks for the recipe, I tested it yesterday. it turned out very tasty and the crust is crispy.
I thought that I would also jump out of the bucket, although the bucket is designed for 1.5 kg of a bun, but fortunately everything worked out.
Once again, great respect to the author of the recipe. It tastes like bread in olive oil.
I used milk instead of water
Avrorka, thanks for the recipe! Everything worked out great! The loaf is high.
I counted the loaf for 700 g. premium flour took 380 g, 15 g of bran, a pinch of dry garlic.
After the signal, I added 1 tsp. dry basal.
Airy crumb, very tasty!
Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
I've baked this bread twice already. just super it turns out, very tasty. thanks for the recipe
Thanks for the recipe.
We can say this is my first experience and it seems to be successful
I did it for 500g, because I was afraid that it would not work.
The husband reduced the floor of the loaf at a time.
Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
Mayonnaise bread (bread maker)
Girls, please tell me, can the quality and fat content of mayonnaise affect bread?
Re-read the author's recipe on the first page: written mayonnaise Provencal, but not low fat

In general, it is better to beat with a blender (if you have one) homemade without preservatives and starch - it will take 2-3 minutes to prepare homemade mayonnaise with a blender with a nozzle (submerged leg).

and here on the bread maker there is also a theme of making homemade mayonnaise;topicseen

see options for lazy mayonnaise

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