French fries "for the lazy"

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French fries for the lazy


thin-skinned potatoes 4-5 pieces, medium
sunflower oil (depends on the size of your pan) 150-200 ml
salt 1.5 tsp.
allspice (ground immediately with a mill in a frying pan)

Cooking method

  • Wash the potatoes well, preferably with a brush. Pour oil from the pan, turn on the stove. We cut each potato in half, and then cut each half into half rings, no more than 1 cm thick. We throw the potatoes into the pan and watch the repetition of the New Year's light From time to time, stir the potatoes, but gently so as not to pour over with oil. After 5 minutes we reduce the gas (or electricity), salt, pepper and bring the potatoes to a golden crust over medium heat Total cooking time (including digging up pans from the back of the cabinet and preparation of potatoes) 15 minutes

  • Bon Appetit

The dish is designed for

2 persons.

The total cooking time is approximately

minutes 15.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! what a delicious potato !!!!! so right now I would have gone to dig out a frying pan !!!
aaaaaa .... oooh .... uuuuu. ... and if with lard, dip in adjichka, bite on Crimean onion, and with vodka ... mmmmmm ...
and there, in the background, just a Crimean onion can be seen
Manya, with bacon you eat a crocodile !!

Fugasca, I smell it, this potato and without lard is a song !!!
Oh. Svetik, shozh are you doing with the people ??? !!! Well this is a poem !!!
......... and with a herring that was lying around from the holiday
yes with pickled cucumber .......))))))))))))))
Oh, people !!! As you sometimes want between NG holidays and culinary delights, just an ordinary potato. Fugasik! Low bow to you from me (but not from my liver)

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