Oven baked scallops

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Oven baked scallops


Scallops 10-15 pcs
Garlic 1-2 cloves
Lemon juice 2-3 tbsp
Olive oil 1-2 tbsp
Parsley 1.5 tbsp
Breadcrumbs depending on the number of scallops
Butter 1-2 tbsp
Salt pepper taste

Cooking method

  • Oven baked scallopsDefrost scallops at room temperature. During this time, prepare the sauce. Mix the garlic, lemon juice, parsley (I have dry) and olive oil. Beat well with a fork until the sauce thickens slightly.
  • Oven baked scallopsPlace the scallops in a baking dish and grease liberally with garlic sauce. Season with salt, pepper and a few small pieces of butter
  • Oven baked scallopsSprinkle scallops with breadcrumbs on top (a pinch for each scallop)
  • Oven baked scallopsPlace the dish in an oven preheated to 220 degrees and bake for 10-15 minutes, until the scallops are tender in a crispy golden sauce
  • Serve with vegetables or pasta. Although, in my opinion, scallops are a self-sufficient and tasty dish!
  • Bon Appetit!
  • Oven baked scallops

The dish is designed for

1-2 servings

Time for preparing:

30-40 minutes

Cooking program:



Well, how can the Kamchatka Territory be without scallops! Moreover, the New Year is approaching
We must try something new!
The recipe is taken from the website of Nina Tarasova (and by her from the book by Tessa Kyros "Venice. Food and Dreams"). Many thanks to the author!
New taste and interesting sauce

SEA SCALCH (pectene) - a valuable commercial species of bivalve molluscs. The body is 12 cm in diameter and weighs up to 200 g. The shell is in the form of a triangle with a rounded base; one sash, immersed in the ground, is convex, the other is flat. Shell color is yellowish gray. Inhabits subtropical and temperate waters around the world; in Russia - mainly in the Far Eastern seas.

Edible on a scallop are muscle (a bundle of light yellow muscle fibers of dense consistency) and a mantle (a yellowish-pink film that envelops the muscle), which contain 17-18% protein, 0.2-0.5% fat, minerals ( potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, manganese) and vitamins (especially group B).

The following items are on sale: scallop fillets, raw-frozen scallop muscle, dried scallop, canned food ("Scallop meat in its own juice", "Scallop meat with rice"), as well as preserves from scallop meat in mustard and dill sauces. Frozen meat should be pale cream or pale pink in color; under unfavorable storage conditions, scallop meat turns yellow. Shelf life in the freezer of a home refrigerator is no more than 3 days. Scallop meat can be used to make many types of culinary products. Before cooking, raw frozen meat is thawed in cold water or in air at room temperature. The thawed meat is washed, boiled or used raw for frying. Meat is boiled in boiling salted water (0.5 tablespoon of salt is taken for 1 liter of water) with roots and spices. The duration of cooking from the moment of boiling is 15-20 minutes. The finished scallop is left in the broth before use. Boiled scallop meat tastes like crab meat and is used for making snacks, salads, fried and stewed dishes, stuffed cabbage, cutlets, hodgepodge, soups.

Lenochka! Thanks for the new ideas for cooking my favorite scallops!
And your "Pie with zucchini, scallops and cream cheese under tomato confit" is firmly entrenched in the Wishlist for a festive New Year's table! How lovely these scallops are! We love it!
Quote: Rada-dms
How lovely these scallops are!
That's for sure
And they prepare quickly And new tastes add exquisite sound to them

It’s a pity that it’s too expensive for a large table. A romantic dinner or close friends ...

Oh, what scallops!
Straight sight for sore eyes!
Lenochka, thanks!
But you still have to try them in order to have an idea at least.
Just those on the pictures yum-yum-yum!
Lenochka, Thank you!
Ritochka, thank you dear!
May your wish come true! I'm doing this

Oh, this is delicious!
I love scallops.

Thank you, Lenochka!
Irina, thanks for stopping by!
Hope you like it!
M @ rtochka
Elenafamiliarity with the sea dweller sim start with your recipe
I baked it in the Princess, it didn't come out very crispy, but it was delicious!
Thanks for the recipe, everything is clear and accessible
M @ rtochka, Daria, thanks for trusting the recipe
Glad you liked

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