Tomatoes "under the snow"

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Tomatoes under the snow


For a 3 liter can:
Sahara 6 tbsp. l.
garlic 1 tbsp. l.
salt 2 tbsp. l.
essences 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Put tomatoes in a clean jar (I sterilize, I'm used to it). Pour boiling water over and leave for 15-20 minutes. Drain this water into a saucepan, put (in a 3-liter jar) 2 tablespoons of salt and 6 tbsp. tablespoons of sugar, boil.
  • Put a tablespoon of grated or squeezed garlic in a jar of tomatoes, pour over boiling syrup (or brine), pour in a teaspoon of vinegar essence, roll up.
  • The photo has a slightly unclear fill, because I just turned the can over. It will stand a little and will be transparent. There are garlic caps on the tomatoes, like snow.
  • Tomatoes under the snow


I have been making these tomatoes for many years. I read the recipe in some magazine. All friends and acquaintances, having tried, take the recipe. Very tasty.

An interesting recipe, I love sweet pickled tomatoes. Only now confuses the complete lack of seasonings. Not a blade of grass ???
And I am constantly strained by recipes, where "art. L.": With a slide? cut off with a knife? It would be so nice if you weighed these salt and sugar. You are welcome. I want to make such tomatoes, but this stops me. Rather, it delays.
I add herbs: basil, parsley, some cilantro. Well it turns out very tasty, especially the pickle
My mother has been making such tomatoes for many years, it turns out very tasty!
Quote: Loya
Only now confuses the complete lack of seasonings. Not a blade of grass ???
Yes, there are no blades of grass in this recipe, here the emphasis is on garlic. There are many other recipes with herbs, the lack of seasoning is the highlight of this recipe.
Quote: TATbRHA
It would be so nice if you weighed these salt and sugar.
Sugar: 1 tbsp. l. = 25 gr, salt: 1 tbsp. l. = 25 gr. I think if you add 5 grams. more or less, do not spoil the taste of these tomatoes) IMHO.
Ledka, thanks for reminding me, I will close some jars too. And I'm sorry I got into your topic with answers.
Maroussia, thanks for the answer, these layouts, of course, are known to me, but I, perhaps, will still wait for the weighing results Ledka - or confirmation of your numbers.
Tatyana, I put the spoons without a slide. I went weighed-20g turns out.

I only put garlic, no herbs.
Quote: Ledka
I have been making these tomatoes for many years. I read the recipe in some magazine.
I close a few jars every year. Delicious!
Here, Ledka, Thank you. For days I will close these tomatoes!
And I'll try! Tomatoes are on the way!
Girls, do it, it's delicious! The recipe is old, but it was not here, but I want many to try
Svetlana, I know a lot of recipes and canned them according to them, but I have not come across this one. Thank you! I will definitely do it.
Tomatoes are already ripening, tomorrow we'll start trying
Shelena, mei, Loya, TATbRHA, girls, good blanks!
Tell me how much water is spent on these proportions of salt and sugar. It's just that I always close 1L, 1.5L, 2L cans. I don't close the big ones.
Irina1607, I do in different banks too. The easiest way is to calculate how much salt and sugar you need to put in. For example, for a 1.5 liter jar, a spoonful of salt and 3 sugar. Water is obtained - a liter and a half for 3. l. jar. (put the tomatoes in different ways). Usually I make several cans at once, calculate how many liters it will turn out and pour salt and sugar on this amount.
Girls, I used a similar recipe to make tomatoes last year. Tomatoes are awesome for my taste, this year I will do as much as possible. But my recipe is somewhat different. Made in liter cans.At first, everything is the same: pour boiling water for 20 minutes, and then drain the water and add, per 1 liter of brine: 2 tbsp. l salt, 1.5 tbsp. l sugar. Squeeze 1.5 tbsp into the jar. l garlic and add 1 tbsp. l 9% vinegar, pour boiling brine. All! That is, this recipe contains less sugar and vinegar, not essence.
Pavla, thanks for the recipe, but everyone in my family loves sweet tomatoes. A long time ago I tried many different recipes, but in the end I stopped at such a filling - 2 salt and 6 sugar, a teaspoon of essence. It all started with a recipe similar to "Most Favorite" ... Only spices were: lavrushka, cloves, peas and allspice. My mother started making them 40 years ago, and now I do it.
Even if I make tomatoes with a bunch of herbs: dill, celery, basil, cherry leaves, etc., I still do the filling 2 and 6. The rest of the recipes did not take root.
Question about extra salt or rock salt? I do about the same, but pour salt and sugar directly into a jar of tomatoes and pour boiling water once at the end of the essence, then the lid and under the blanket. Just before putting tomatoes or cucumbers in jars, I pour them boiling water in a bowl or a bucket and then unfold the clean and warm ones, they are more plastic and then at least it makes sense to sterilize the jars.
Yes, Svetlana, of course, we all choose the most suitable for our taste. My choice. among other things, it is connected with the fact that the husband has diabetes. Therefore, I choose recipes with a minimum amount of sugar and in such recipes I replace sugar with fructose or honey. And these products are quite expensive.
Well done anyway. that they posted this cool recipe.
And if there is no essence, how much vinegar is needed and what%?
kil, I always put coarse rock salt in the blanks.
Pavlaof course for diabetics, a lot of sugar is poison. Can't you use sucrose? They are cheaper than honey.
Irina1607, if you dilute the essence 1 to 7 (water), you get 9% vinegar.
Svetlana, I have closed several jars according to your recipe, I hope to report back in the winter. I'm learning to work with screw caps and so that the recipe is easy. Yours matched, thanks for sharing!
lotoslotos, hope you like the tomatoes. And a very easy recipe, really. Thank you
: flowers: thanks a lot for the recipe. last year canned on it. I really liked the tomatoes. I don't like traditional canning tomatoes, only in tomato juice. so according to your recipe I liked tomatoes so much that this year I will make more cans than with tomato juice.
karenn, I am very glad that I liked the tomatoes. Quick to make and tasty to eat
Svetlana, there is a little tomato left, it was necessary to prepare them urgently. Your recipe came in on time. Made two 3-liters. Let's try it in winter. Very fast and beautiful.
I confirm, an excellent recipe.
My mother has been canning tomatoes for many years. The only digression is that she takes hard tomatoes (usually plum tomatoes) and cuts them in half lengthwise. A lot of tomatoes fit in a jar, the skin of the cut ones does not burst.
Garlic puts "on the eye", do not regret it. It turns out very tasty too
I also made tomatoes "in the snow" this year. I have never come across this recipe before, but this year I found many options. The recipe has an intriguing name ... When it snows and we will take a sample from the tomatoes "under the snow"
Vasyutka, lillay, good blanks to you
Thanks for the recipe. I closed it last year and closed it this year too, because the households voted for the tomatoes "under the snow"
Glad you liked the tomatoes
Canned this year. Delicious.
I want to tell you about my observations. That year I chopped the garlic with a knife. This year I rubbed it. I clearly saw the difference.
When you add grated garlic, the brine turns out cloudy. So I'll chop the garlic.
Ledka, Svetlana, your tomatoes are just super.I have been rolling according to your recipe for the second year. Thanks for the recipe
Pavla, karenn, I'm very glad that I liked the recipe
Svetlana, opened the first can. What yummy !!!!!! The taste of lightly salted tomatoes, and the marinade ....! It's a pity that there are only two cans ...
Vasyutka, I am so glad
Ledka, intrigued the recipe with its name. I went to twist
I confirm: RECIPE SUPER !!!! For thirty years what recipes have you not spun tomatoes? But this one is just something !!!!
Mine, in general, said that only such were closed. And they drink pickle instead of juice!
Last year I tried several cans, this time I just close them. But I roll up liter and poltorashki. Very convenient (at times). I have already closed 20 cans! Every other day I twist a couple of jars. I will collect tomatoes (I take long ones, sometimes brownish, yellow, red, all sorts, a lot fits into a jar and beautifully) for a couple of jars, I'll do it. You just need half an hour!
Thanks for the awesome recipe! Just a find!
Guzel62, I twisted 2 three-liter jars for a test, well, we'll see how they go. But the recipe is unusually simple and tomatoes in a jar look so interesting and true as with snow.
I made 2 cans, we are waiting for the bench press))
And I really want to try, what happened
Svetochka, thank you very much for the recipe! Very simple and delicious! We are already opening
Ledka, Svetochka, got to the jar and did not regret making such tomatoes. It turned out to be extremely tasty. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will definitely do it like that next year.
Lasto4ka, lyudmia, I am very glad that I liked the tomatoes
Help !!! How to calculate the essence if the tomatoes are closed in 1.5 liter jars? Half a teaspoon is difficult to measure.
With a syringe? Then how many cubes?
Or is it better to replace with vinegar 9%? How much vinegar then pour?
1 scoop = 5 ml.
That is, half = 2.5 ml.
It will weigh too (the error will be scanty, which is not worth bothering) about 2.5 grams.

And for recalculation, maybe this plate will help

Tomatoes under the snow

But the author has written (but not written HOW MUCH% of the original essence)
Quote: Ledka
Irina1607, if you dilute the essence 1 to 7 (water), you get 9% vinegar.

On 1.5 l jar of 9% vinegar turns out to be 17.5 g (ml), or 3.5 h l, or 1 tbsp + 0.5 tsp.
Well, that's the report! I saw it yesterday and did it today! The recipe won over with its simplicity. In winter we will try
Tomatoes under the snow
A.lenkaif it's not too late, pour about half a teaspoon. Even if there is more or less, it's okay. I never measure out to milligrams. Good luck

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