Lingonberry jam

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Frozen lingonberry 2 packs
Medium apples with skin
cut into thin slices
2 pcs.
Zest of 1 small orange
cut into thin match strips
Sugar or fructose 600 g
Juice of 1 lemon

Cooking method

  • Put everything in the bread maker, do not take out the knife, Jam mode.


It turned out a transparent jam with whole berries and apple slices, with a tart taste, strong aroma. Quite liquid when hot, thickened quite strongly after cooling.

Used it in a cupcake for this recipe

It turned out great, not too sweet and delightful aroma!

How much is two packs?
packages in my opinion, standard ones are on sale, grams of 450 - 500
In principle, this jam can be made without lemon and orange on more sour apples .. Lingonberries with apples are a great combination, thanks to Alexandra for the reminder - now there are lingonberries and an apple natural disaster - you need to cook in reserve
Orange peels add zest and aroma. I have a memory of just such a jam from childhood ...
Option - add cinnamon and cloves instead of zest. A little bit. Scandinavian recipe.
I made jam today for the first time in a bread maker
This is so yummy, I will tell you !!! I haven’t tried homemade jam for 6 years, since the dacha was sold and I haven’t even tried to cook it - there’s nothing special, and it’s troublesome to stand at the stove to interfere! And here!!! I fell asleep, went to do business, the smell is amazing, and the taste is simply impossible to describe
What I did: I wanted to cook lingonberry jam, I had a bag of lingonberries, but very small in weight - 300 g., I decided that there were not enough berries. Did this:
Lingonberry 300gr. (frozen)
Black currant 400gr. (frozen)
Apple 1pc.
Lemon - 1 pc. (juice and 1/4 zest)
Sugar 600g.
I was afraid that the stove would splatter, you never know it would boil - I covered it with foil, but everything worked out cleanly, for some reason it didn't even boil, I did it for 1.5 hours on the full program. The feeling that it is languishing, the spatula rotates very weakly, the sugar remained a little at the bottom.
There are no words for deliciousness and beauty!
Rustic stove
Quote: Zubastik

There are no words for deliciousness and beauty!

And yesterday I tried to cook the jam.
I did as in the instructions - no more than 450 g of berries. But I have 450 g of berries + sugar during cooking, barely covered the blade of the mixer. Nothing splashed. I think that a kilo can be easily put. And even one and a half.
Stove, with the first jam !!! 🔗
Alexandra, thanks for the recipe. Based on it, I made a sauce for meat:
750 gr frozen lingonberries
230 g sugar
1/2 tsp each ground cardamom, ginger, cinnamon
3 pcs cloves
1/2 small lemon juice

Excellent sweet and sour sauce, although some irresponsible citizens have been eating buckwheat pancakes with it for 4.5 years

Delicious with any food delicious! With pancakes including ...
To your health!
But the other day I was making my favorite jam, which my grandmother did back in May, the taste of the combination of these two ingredients was very impressed even in my distant childhood
pears about 80%
lingonberry, respectively 20%
sugar (in my case fructose or stevia + fructose) - to taste in a roll or a lot to stand
in a bread maker it reaches the desired consistency without problems (the pear turns into gruel, and the berries remain dense)
make sure to do it!
I support the previous speaker - lingonberries with pears are SOMETHING! Only my grandmother did it with whole pears, you need hard ones so that they don't boil in mashed potatoes. I did it the year before last - only some of the pears turned out to be substandard and I just cut them into slices, and left the rest whole.Serve whole pears for dessert in winter for tea, soaked through with lingonberry syrup, and with a pancake (pancake, ice cream) Alexandra, Irisha,
Girls, thanks for sharing

A very interesting option with pears.
Quote: Alexandra

Girls, thanks for sharing

A very interesting option with pears.
With this jam (which with whole pears) we have a family joke! It happened somewhere in the 50s, my dad was just a child. Grandmother comes home from work and notices some kind of sticky path on the floor and hears children's voices in the pantry area, follows the trail - and there is a line of neighbors' babies, and papa puts his hand into a 10-liter bottle with the above jam, takes out whole pears and gives out to accomplices, they run across the apartment to the street, biting off pears and licking their fingers on the go!
Girls, can you be more precise in describing the recipes for certain of your creations? I understand that all this is so beautifully - "by eye", but I would like to have exact numbers.
Here I have a task - to process 8 liters of lingonberries. I searched the whole thing in search of a recipe for lingonberry jam in a bread machine, but those that I found were all compiled "by eye" - "two bags", "to taste" ...
I would be grateful for more accurate recipes.
Thank you!
Lingonberry jam for a bread machine is like a globe for fifth grade.
Jam is jam
Take your favorite classic recipe and cook in a bread maker
The main thing is to follow the instructions for your machine, I mean the maximum load by weight and mode (in different stoves it can be called differently)
In principle, here the girls gave the exact proportions in the comment, I do not insist on my own
Usually jam is cooked in equal parts of berries and sugar, for sour berries and for preservation, one and a half measures of sugar can be used, and if not for storage, then really to taste
You can make different jams from 8 kg, all the same, several loads - with apples and orange peels, and with cinnamon and cloves, and with pears

Alexandra, I would also appreciate a globe for the first class.
Tell me, for storing future jam in the refrigerator, can I use a 2/1 ratio for berries / sugar? According to the recipe for blueberry jam, this proportion was for the bread maker. I already had this / this blueberry and it turned out very tasty. Can you do this with lingonberries?
And further.
Is it possible not to crush lingonberries, but to cook like it is - a whole berry?

Based on the recommendations for the blueberry jam recipe (which came with the bread maker), I want to try applying it to lingonberries.
700 grams of lingonberry
400 grams of sugar
Sprinkle in layers and cook in the "jam" mode.
Is it good? Or do you need to correct something?

Any practical advice would be appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Eugene, "my boy"
This is where I have to confess
I cooked jam not even with sugar, but with fructose for the last time exactly then, in 2007, when this recipe was posted
This was followed by diabetes and a separate topic that I have here (recipes in the profile) and on the friendly site "Alexander. Recipes and secrets of healthy eating"
Instead of sugar and fructose, I use natural stevia honey substitute.
But alas, stevioside is not canned like sugar.

Regarding lingonberries - they are generally resistant to storage, especially in the refrigerator
You can pour whole berries with water, this is soaked lingonberries
Can be frozen in sachets and cooked as needed
And any amount of sugar will go for storage in the refrigerator - you just need to sterilize the jars with lids
However, I am not a guru in this matter :))))
Thanks for your answer, Alexandra!
And ... I didn't think I was touching on a "sore" topic. I apologize!

Yours faithfully,
No, on the contrary, it has become a way of life and a culinary hobby)))
If you want something harmlessly tasty and sweet while making sugar-free, drop in, well, there is ice cream, candy, pastries
Thanks for the invitation!
To this day, for gastronomic exoticism, I "went" to the scum at udaff. With the purchase of a stove and a deepening into the topic, I got here and ... Here I am!
There is one more topic on the cartoon that has not been studied yet. Recently I bought a cuckoo and I want to master the pot art. Until now, I believed that all these stove-benches are for the lazy. And I didn't like the taste of food from the "pot" - in my childhood and youth I ate soups / cabbage soup / stewed potatoes from the Russian oven.
I decided to experiment on myself.

Yours faithfully,

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