Pickled cauliflower

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Pickled cauliflower


Bay leaf 3-4 leaves
bell pepper (colored)
parsley dill
roots: celery, parsley
salt, sugar
bitter and allspice pepper (peas)
vegetable oil

Cooking method

  • There is still time to think about snacks on the New Year's table that can be prepared in advance.
  • I suggest a recipe for marinated cauliflower.
  • So:
  • We take cauliflower, disassemble it into inflorescences in its raw state (this is very easy to do). Boil in water with the addition of vinegar (about 1 glass of vinegar per 3 liters of water). This is done so that the cabbage remains elastic.
  • Throw in a colander.
  • In clean, prepared jars, put a bay leaf on the bottom, 2-3 cloves of garlic (on a garlic press) and lay cabbage in layers, shifting the layers:
  • paprika (multi-colored, peeled, cut into 4 pieces lengthwise)
  • carrots (half rings, about 0.5 cm thick)
  • We also sprinkle the layers: garlic (on a garlic press), parsley, dill (just twigs), celery and parsley roots (in pieces), onions (in half rings).
  • Pour boiling water over the jars of vegetables, cover and leave to warm up for 15 minutes. Drain the boiling water and fill with marinade. We seal with lids and .... we are waiting for the New Year!
  • water, salt, sugar, bitter and allspice (peas), cloves, vegetable oil, vinegar.
  • We made the marinade "by eye" - it tastes to everyone, add, taste, etc. Approximately the same marinade as for pickled bell peppers. Here you need to take into account the taste of each individually! Some like more salty, others less, some more vinegar, others less! We tasted everything, as we liked it, that's enough!
  • If you do it to eat right away, then you do not need to pour boiling water (water). Fill immediately with boiling marinade and leave for 2 days at room temperature. As soon as it is slightly soaked in marinade, refrigerate. In the photo there are 2 cans with a capacity of 5 liters - this is for the New Year's festive table, and on the right, we are already eating it now !!! To say that it is delicious is to say nothing!
  • I give several marinade recipes, choose which one you like. They have all been tried.
  • Option 1
  • water - 4-5 liters
  • sugar - 2 cups
  • vegetable oil - 2 cups
  • salt - 4 tablespoons. l.
  • vinegar - 1.5 cups, laurel. leaf, allspice
  • Option 2
  • water - 4 liters
  • sugar-1 glass
  • vegetable oil - 1 glass
  • salt- 1/2 - 1 glass
  • vinegar - 1 glass, laurel. leaf, allspice
  • Option 3
  • water - 3l
  • vegetable oil - 0.5 l
  • vinegar - 300 gr
  • sugar - 200 gr
  • salt - 100 gr, laurel. leaf, allspice
  • Determine the number in this way: when you "warm up" with water, measure it and make as much marinade.


I wrote a lot, and so quickly to make this dish!

Natusichka Please write in detail the proportions of the marinade.
Despite the fact that I like to do it by eye, even the first time - but you can't do that with marinade, you need to know how much of something - otherwise it can come out either very sour or very sweet or very salty or not enough ...
That is, for a person who has filled his hand, there is no problem, but for just trying it is difficult to guess

Proportions sister, proportions ...
Girls! Expensive! We made this cabbage for the first time! And, really, they did it "by eye" ......water was poured into a large saucepan (according to the principle, it is better to let it stay than not enough), poured sugar, salt, stirred it, tried it with my husband in turn, poured it in, which is not enough for our taste, and so I did everything. Well, if you really need it very precisely, then I will look at home today how I made a marinade for sweet peppers and tomorrow I will write, be sure!
Girls, today I ate cabbage again for breakfast, well, very tasty! It tastes better and tastier every day!
Girls, can I put in my 5 kopecks too? :) Just today, a friend treated me to pickled flowers. cabbage. My husband has an order for tomorrow to buy a big head of cabbage. cabbage. :) So, the recipe, probably, the proportions can be used for Natusechki's recipe (I apologize to the author). Color Divide the cabbage into inflorescences (one large head of cabbage). Carrot-grated for the loin. Brine: 1 liter of water, 1 tbsp. sugar, 0.8-1 tbsp. vinegar, 1/4 tbsp. rast. butter, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt. Boil the brine for 5 minutes, so that the vinegar disappears. Put the cabbage in a bowl, cover with boiling brine. Stir, let cool until warm, then + carrots, garlic (1 head), Korean carrot seasoning, peppercorns if desired. stir, close the lid.
Ladies, try pouring cold pickle and less vinegar. If the brine is boiling, it turns out as they say "Not that" (if it does not close tightly)
That's it, girls, I have improved. I wrote recipes for marinades, choose which one you like! There is also for lovers of salty and for lovers of sour!
Sorry everyone! Why am I bad, why am I slippery? Tell me, what is the percentage of vinegar? 3, 6, 9? And then I have the essence, I dilute it. And pour into cucumber tomatoes at the end in spoons, depending on the size of the cans.
I have the usual 9% table vinegar. The essence, in my opinion, needs to be diluted 1:10 with water. But I'm not really sure. For reliability, google your question - I read somewhere on the Internet how to translate one vinegar into another. And I would be in your place by making a pickle. I would just try, to my taste.
Marina, vinegar 9%.
I finally did it too. And then for two weeks the head of cabbage lay in the refrigerator.


I just forgot to add vinegar. But, God willing, it will not be lost - it turned out three half liter jars, they will not last long.
And the cabbage is very interesting, I was sorry to do it differently. 🔗
The store had the name of the Romancu variety. Last year I tried to grow such a cabbage (I bought the Emerald Castle variety, the same in the picture), and I did not wait for the heads of cabbage, in November (!) I tore out the trunks one and a half meters high.
Marina, the photo is just a miracle! Only now I have doubts about the fact that without vinegar ... I can't even imagine what could happen ... If you just ferment, so that they wander like cucumbers ... Write later what happened.
Quote: Natusichka

Only now I have doubts about the fact that without vinegar ... I can't even imagine what could happen ... If you just ferment, so that they wander like cucumbers ... Write later what happened.
Natusichka, smack, smack! Such a charm turned out, no words! Somehow all the reason was not to open the jars, but yesterday at last. I was very worried, although the eaters were all their own. But everything turned out great, apparently, the acid from the water in which I cooked the cabbage was quite enough. And then, you see, if I added more vinegar, then it became superfluous.
Marinka! Thanks for the report! I am very glad that I liked the cabbage! Cook with pleasure!
Girls, how long do you cook cabbage? Don't feel like eating too much boiled food. 5 minutes okay?
Svetlana, cabbage is boiled with vinegar, it will not be soft - for sure! 5 minutes is enough!
Natusichka, Natasha, made cabbage, it turned out very tasty. Kachan took 3 kg, marinade according to the third option, but reduced the vinegar to 200g. I rolled up 6 half-liter jars, ate the rest. At the weekend I will still do it, because what was left flew away instantly. Thank you very much for the recipe
Olga! I am very glad that I liked the recipe! Enjoy your meal!
Natasha, the fourth batch has started. We liked this cabbage so much, I close it in three-liter jars.
I already gave a recipe to all my friends, thanks again for the recipe
And where was I ???
What a recipe! I'll do it next week. Now I took the recipe into the bins
I like pickled cauliflower, but I haven't cooked myself for 20 years and lost the recipe, so thanks. I'll cook it.
Natalia, cook with pleasure!
Natasha, hello, I'm making your cabbage, I forgot the recipe, but I remembered
Olga, Olga! Well done. Let the cabbage turn out delicious!

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