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The most common myths about a healthy lifestyleA healthy lifestyle these days is a fetish. It is very prestigious to follow various fashion guidelines. For example, you cannot drink black tea, but only green. Jog and diet cereals in the morning. To bed with an empty stomach. Last meal at 6 pm. And if you want sweet tea with a sandwich at 10 o'clock? You can't. Plus, sugar is bad for your health. Its consumption should be minimized, and it is better to use substitutes altogether.

Everyone blindly follows the advice of advanced fitness adepts, reads fashion magazines, watches popular TV shows and takes the information offered as the ultimate truth. Few people try to objectively understand such recommendations. When such a daredevil is found, he soon begins to understand that most advice does not have any rational basis. That is, they are ordinary myths that have captured the minds of people.

Jogging in the morning is a guarantee of good health. Here we must also mention fresh air. But where to find it in a big city. Not all people live near central parks. Many have to do morning jogs near roads. At the same time, the lungs are filled not with clean air, but with the exhaust gases of cars. It is unlikely that nitrogen oxides, sulfur, aldehydes and soot, of which, in fact, gases are composed, will have a beneficial effect on health.

It is necessary to play sports as much as possible, exercise, overcoming fatigue and physical fatigue. Thanks to this, character and the will to win are brought up. Beautifully said, but only suitable for professional athletes. An ordinary person should know that excessive physical activity wears out the joints, negatively affects the heart, muscles, and even disrupts the menstrual cycle in women.

Start every morning with gymnastics. Even Vysotsky at one time sang: "General strengthening, sobering in the morning, if he is still alive - gymnastics." How can you resist. However, one must understand that after awakening, the brain is not working for some time. He needs to adapt, get back to normal, “turn on” all his functions. Squatting, pushing up from the floor, jumping up immediately after the insistent trill of the alarm clock is violence against the gray matter and against oneself.

Yogurt is the healthiest product. Here you need to make a reservation right away. The point is that yoghurt are very different. There are pasteurized ones - subjected to heat treatment, and there are unpasteurized ones, that is, their production had nothing to do with the corresponding temperature regimes. Bacteria that are beneficial to the body survive in unpasteurized yogurt. Such a product has a very short shelf life and is really needed by the body. The same yoghurts that sit on supermarket shelves for weeks and retain all their taste cannot contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

The most common myths about a healthy lifestyleOrganic food costs a lot of money. This is another myth that has nothing to do with reality. It was invented by marketers interested in marketing soy protein blends. Raw natural products cost a penny. These are bran, various cereals, bee honey and much more. But to prepare a truly healthy dish, you need to spend a lot of time. It's easier to buy packaging with a long shelf life and instant preparation. No benefit, but time is money.

It is not recommended to eat at night. It is really harmful if you drink 200 grams of vodka before going to bed and eat them with greasy pork and chips... In this case, the stomach will "resent" all night.But "light" food can be consumed two hours before bedtime. During this time, it will be digested and will not cause any trouble to the digestive system.

Stress is always generated by some kind of negative experience. Consequently, the news of your aunt's death from Brazil will be considered stress, and the message that she left you an inheritance of $ 10 million will no longer be stressful, but a pleasant surprise. However, people die from such surprises as often as from stress. Everything in life must be treated philosophically. Strong positive and negative emotions have an equally negative effect on the psyche.

Longevity directly depends on a healthy lifestyle. This myth also requires serious adjustments. Still, heredity should be at the forefront here. It is she who is the basis for health and disease. Of course, if you become a drug addict at the age of 20, then no heredity will save you. With a healthy lifestyle, you can even overcome many hereditary diseases. But nevertheless, longevity depends on many factors, and it is impossible to categorically state something in this difficult issue.

Myths about healthy lifestyles encourage people to spend a lot of time and energy on absolutely useless things. In reality, you shouldn't dwell on someone's advice and recommendation. Life is primarily movement. You should move more, not spoil your mood over trifles, be active and contact, not abuse bad habits. Extremes have never benefited anyone. Everything is good in moderation, and especially in such an important issue as your own health.

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