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The assortment of bread in stores today is quite wide, but the quality of the goods offered makes us recall with nostalgia the bakeries, which in Soviet times offered fragrant loaves of "Narezny" and "Borodinsky", with a harmful, delicious crispy crust. And you become ready again to stand in line for an hour to get your hands on the coveted freshly baked loaf. However, the old days cannot be returned, and one has to look for an alternative. One of the options for avoiding store baked goods is making bread at home. And if you do not have enough time to prepare dough, sourdough and perform other simple but painstaking operations, then the best solution is to purchase a bread maker, such as, for example, the Moulinex OW 1101 bread machine.

Bread maker Moulinex OW 1101Like other devices, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Generally speaking, this is the best model for those who want to be able to prepare several basic types of baked goods without spending too much money. If you do not pretend to be sophisticated and luxurious, and at the same time do not want to limit yourself to one "brick", it is worth considering the option of purchasing Moulinex OW 1101.

What does this unit have to offer? It contains 12 baking programs, including, in addition to the main one, French and whole grain, it is also possible to use it to cook muffins, muffins, bread with jam and a number of other delicious bread dishes. Another pleasant function is dough kneading, which makes a number of other kitchen operations much easier. So, thanks to this bread maker, it has become much easier to please the family with morning pancakes or pancakes.

The device is also attractive for its design. Of course, white cannot be called practical, but if you are careful enough, it will not become a particular obstacle or inconvenience. In addition to the fact that the Moulinex OW 1101 bread maker can become an independent decoration of any kitchen, and will fit into a kitchen decorated in a modern design, as well as in a more traditional version, it is distinguished by accessible navigation. Of course, like other kitchen units, it comes with detailed instructions, but even if you don't like reading printed recommendations, it will be quite easy for you to master the operation of this bread maker. Large keys and numeric prompts serve as a good help and do not cause difficulties even for those who are "on you" with technical devices.

Other positive characteristics include the ability to choose one of the three stages of baking - this will be appreciated by those in whose families tastes differ. You can get a bun with a crispy crust or just a little baking.

This model is distinguished by a number of additional functions. So, a significant advantage is the presence of a delayed start timer (up to 15 hours) - thanks to it, delicious breakfasts are provided. The Quick Bake Program also helps. However, the lack of a dispenser does not allow for much variety in finished products. Another positive quality of the unit is the long-term preservation of an already cooked product - even if for some reason you were forced to postpone your meal, you will not lose the joy of a hot, hot cupcake or fruit bun.

The use of rubberized knives allows you to preserve all the richness of the ingredients' flavors and ensures the best mixing and cooking. If you wish, you can watch the mesmerizing process in a medium-sized observation window.The fact that your meal is ready, you will be notified by a sound signal of sufficient volume so that it can be heard at any end of the apartment.

The Moulinex OW 1101 bread machine has an average power (600 watts), which allows it to work quite quietly. However, if you have trouble sleeping, it can be a source of anxiety.
This unit is not very heavy (its weight is about 5.5 kg), so that even slender mistresses of the culinary kingdom can easily cope with it.

In conclusion, we can say that the Moulinex OW 1101 bread maker will be a good solution for a family of several people. Firstly, due to its low price, and secondly, due to the possibility of adjusting the weight of the finished product (maximum - 900 g). In addition, the abundance of different programs will allow everyone to find something for everyone, from adult lovers of wholemeal bread, to elderly adherents of traditional baking and little sweet tooth, with an appetite for crushing airy buns with jam (or jam from buns). If you live alone or are interested in preparing masterpieces of the world culinary, this bread maker may not seem very convenient.

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