Baiu-baiushki-baiu or we go to bed without scandals

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Baiu-baiushki-baiu or we go to bed without scandalsWell, he doesn't want to go to bed again - he runs around, fiddles with toys with inspiration, scribbles a notebook - busy with his own business. No time to sleep. But he knows that in the morning you have to get up early, and the parents have a lot to do. “Let's go to bed,” you insist. And every day the child stubbornly answers: "I don't want to!"
In the end, with great difficulty you manage to persuade this stubborn owlet. It takes so long to get to the bathroom that you wonder how a child can find so many things on such a short journey that catch their attention.

Unfortunately, each time you emerge less and less from this unequal struggle. All the same, a sleepless child will carve out for himself half an hour, and maybe an hour. The same amount is occupied by “I don’t want”, “I’ll go now,” “I’ll just see it,” “Let me finish,” and so on.

It is not difficult to stop this behavior - from infancy, determine the time when the child needs to go to bed, and strictly observe it throughout the week, even on weekends, when you do not need to get up early in the morning. Most likely, the child will not like this rule. But he will be good to know that if the clock is nine o'clock, you need to go to bed, even if you don't feel like it.

Older children may be allowed to go to bed later than usual on weekends. They can already understand why you are allowing this, and will not confuse Monday with Sunday. But it's still better to determine the exact time. If on weekdays children go to bed at nine o'clock, on weekends they should go to bed at ten o'clock or half past nine, but not a minute later.

Let the children know what you want from them. Before going to bed, they should put their toys down, wash up and put on their pajamas, and then go to bed. Teach your child to order while he is small. Better to praise the child for something specific. For example, today he himself went to brush his teeth, but yesterday he cleaned everything carefully and quickly.

Baiu-baiushki-baiu or we go to bed without scandalsAnd now a child, clean, in pajamas, lies in bed. You, satisfied with yourself, with relief, go to the kitchen - to cook - or just sit in an armchair to read a book. And hear how bare feet and a thin voice slap. All clear. The child got out of bed. And there are a lot of reasons for this, and all of them, of course, are very weighty - I wanted to drink, I wanted affection, or maybe I remembered that I wanted to ask you about something.

There is only one way out - get ahead of the child. Before he goes to bed, give him something to drink and feed, and before turning off the light, kiss the child and hug him gently. Make a promise that you will listen and discuss everything in the morning. Morning is wiser than evening! Remind your baby not to make noise.

Offer the children a quiet activity before bed. Read a book or paint together, quiet music will also calm them down. Children's natures are impressionable, and sometimes it is difficult for them to immediately readjust to sleep. He just portrayed a steam locomotive so believably, and they are already sent to bed! But what about the passengers on the platform? Settle passengers for the night, send a steam locomotive to the siding. Until morning.

Remember the words of the one who "lives on the roof": "Calm, only calm!" Please be patient. The main thing is to provide yourself and your child with a good rest and a pleasant sleep. It is much easier for a balanced, collected parent to calm down a little fidget than a stomping and screaming fury.

But everything takes time. Once you set the order and time for going to bed, things will become much easier.

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