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ValerianThe genus Valerian unites several dozen species that are widespread throughout the world.

Some researchers on the territory of Russia have about 40 species, the range of which occupies all regions, except for tundra, semi-deserts, and deserts. Valerian has been known as a medicinal plant since ancient times. The Greek physician Dioscorides, who lived in the 1st century AD, mentions it in his pharmacology. There is no consensus about the origin of the plant's name: some authors believe that it comes from the Latin verb Valere - to be healthy; others associate it with the name of the Roman physician Pliny Valerian. But one way or another, this plant is included in all pharmacopoeias of the world and is grown in many countries, including Russia.

In medical practice, tincture and extract from valerian roots are used as a sedative. In addition, it is part of many complex preparations: valocordin, cardiovalene and a number of preparations of cardiac, gastric and analgesic effects. Considering the great popularity of this remedy and the fact that it is not always possible to buy it in pharmacies, we give a description of how this plant can be grown on a small personal plot for your needs.

ValerianValerian is a perennial herb, the underground organs consist of a short (2-7 cm) rhizome and numerous filamentous roots. The dried rhizome and roots together will represent the medicinal raw material "valerian root". A stem up to 2 m high appears only in the second year of vegetation, and in the first year of life, valerian forms a root rosette of leaves. Flowers are small, fragrant, white or pink, collected in a thyroid inflorescence. The seeds are small, the weight of 1000 seeds is 0.4-0.6 g. Fruit-bearing stems die off with the old rhizome, and daughter replacement plants appear.

On a personal plot, valerian is best grown using a seedling propagation method.

ValerianSeedlings can be grown in early spring, for which in autumn it is necessary to dig up 2-3 m2 of land, where seeds are sown in early spring of next year. It is best to make grooves, sow seeds and sprinkle them with humus with a layer of 1 cm. Keep the site moist. In 10-12 days shoots will appear. Moderate watering and weeding is all that matters. In 3-4 weeks the plants will have 3-4 true leaves and the seedlings are ready for planting. By this time, an area of ​​5-10 m2 should be prepared for planting seedlings, the soil has been dug up, organic fertilizers have been introduced (one bucket of humus per 1 m2). Distance between rows - 20 cm, between plants in a row - 10 cm.

You will have 50 plants per m2. Water them systematically after planting. In September, dig up the plants (after one in a row and after one row - only 75%), shake off the soil, rinse in running water and dry first under a canopy, and you can dry it at 50 ° C. When the roots are brittle, the medicine is ready. Put them in glass jars and close the lid, you can also put them in plastic bags. The shelf life is 3 years.

ValerianThe smell of valerian roots attracts cats, so to dry the roots should be placed in places inaccessible to them.

The remaining plants overwinter, in the spring feed them with mineral fertilizers (50 g per 1 m2 of nitroammophos or other fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus). In the second year of life, most plants will bloom. Valerian is a good honey plant.

ValerianAbout 4 weeks after the beginning of flowering, mature seeds will appear in the valerian inflorescence, which very easily crumble. All peduncles must be carefully cut off and put under a canopy until completely dry. After threshing and cleaning, get the seeds.It should be remembered that they retain germination well for one year, and with prolonged storage, it sharply decreases. Given the good frost resistance of valerian, the nursery can be laid with freshly harvested seeds. The calendar sowing date for central Russia is mid-July. The soil should be prepared in the same way as for spring sowing.

Calculation of the nursery area to the proposed site 1: 50. Remember to compact the bottom of the furrow before sowing the seeds so that they do not sink deep into the soil with the irrigation water. The distance between the rows in the nursery is 10 cm.

With July sowing, by the end of September, the seedlings will be ready for planting, and you can plant it in a permanent place not only in the fall, but also in the spring.

ValerianWith this method, you will get the marketable valerian root with a one-year cultivation.

Take the valerian root medicine as directed by your doctor.

E. E. Khlaptsev

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