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hypoglycemiaDiabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases. There are about 11 million diabetics in our country alone. Unfortunately, there is still no way to cure this disease in the world. There is only one way - to maintain an optimal blood sugar level, that is, to follow a diet, doctor's recommendations regarding prescribed doses of insulin, tablets. It is impossible to allow the development of severe and prolonged hypoglycemia, which adversely affects the vessels, the activity of the brain.

This condition develops if the blood sugar falls below the level necessary for the normal functioning of the body (2.7-3.3 mmol / L). Blood sugar can drop sharply because you injected more than usual dose of insulin or took more pills by mistake, did not eat when necessary, and injected insulin because you had an unusually high physical activity.

Signs of hypoglycemia - a feeling of severe hunger, weakness, sweating, tremors in the arms and legs, heart palpitations, increased excitability, irritability. Sometimes only one or two of the listed signs appear.

It happens that in patients with diabetes for years, the perception of developing hypoglycemia is dulled, and only those around them notice the manifestation of oddities in the patient. Being conscious, he stops answering questions, becomes unreasonably cheerful or aggressive, poorly coordinates his movements. People living and working side by side with a diabetic also need to know how to help him at this moment, otherwise the patient may develop a hypoglycemic coma.

hypoglycemiaWhen its signs appear, eat three to five lumps of sugar or three to four tablespoons of honey, jam, that is, exactly those products that are usually forbidden to you. Wash down sweet with warm tea, and then eat a piece of bread or an apple. That is why, if you are getting insulin or blood glucose tablets, always carry a few lumps of sugar, candy, or 15-20 grams of glucose tablets with ascorbic acid.

If the development of hypoglycemia could not be prevented, relatives should put the patient on his side, and not on his back, so that the tongue does not sink, put one or two lumps of sugar between his teeth and cheek and immediately call an ambulance. In no case should you try to pour sweet liquid into the patient's mouth, it can get into the windpipe and stop breathing.

So that others do not take the patient for a drunk and immediately call an ambulance, he must always have a card with him. In it, you must indicate the name, diagnosis, how it is treated (pills, insulin), home address, telephone number. Place the card so that it can be seen immediately.

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