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The need for a healthy lifestyleSpeaking about a healthy lifestyle, a number of recommendations are important, the observance of which is necessary for a comprehensive disclosure of the physiological capabilities of the body, the full use of its adaptive mechanisms in contact with all the variety of factors of the surrounding reality (biological, natural, social). First of all, the following main elements should be highlighted:

Good mood, protecting the neuropsychic sphere from overstrain and trauma

The need for a healthy lifestyleThe overwhelming majority of worries and troubles are not justified by real necessity, but are generated by autogenous factors: ill will, envy, insufficient culture of communication, overestimation of one's own personality, inconsistency in production qualifications, etc. and others, worsens working capacity (especially mental), sleep (remember, A. S. Griboyedov: "Ah! Evil tongues are worse than a gun"). A person can and should control his mood and behavior. A powerful tool in the fight against obsessive unpleasant thoughts, insomnia is autogenous training.

Balanced diet

The need for a healthy lifestyleThe nutrition of a healthy person should be based on production activities, gender, age and meet a number of requirements; First of all, it should be sufficient in its energy value and fully correspond to the level of human energy expenditure (in children, novice athletes, convalescents, the calorie content of food should exceed energy consumption, we are talking about a positive energy balance). A balanced diet should contain all nutrients (proteins fats carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, water) in sufficient quantity and in the correct ratio. Diet is understood as the number and time of meals, as well as the distribution of the daily ration for individual periods of food intake.

Work and rest mode

The need for a healthy lifestyleHuman labor (especially production) must be sufficiently intense, cause a certain degree of fatigue. Such work also requires good rest. Moreover, the rest should be not only passive (sleep, sitting in front of the TV), but also active (industrial gymnastics, amateur sports, tourism etc.). Society pays a lot of attention to labor organization. Unfortunately, the organization of workers' recreation, the problem of free time, is clearly insufficient attention from the side of scientists and administration. A night's sleep, for example, should last at least 7-8 hours.

Physical activity

The need for a healthy lifestyleScientific and technological progress, which has invaded many spheres of life (mechanization and automation of labor, the development of transport, public services, etc.), is accompanied by a sharp decrease in the physical load on the body. The physiological stereotype of the functions of the human body, established over many generations, is being rebuilt much more slowly than the social changes taking place in society. As a result, the problem of hypodynamia (hypokinesia), which reflects the processes of emerging disharmony in the activity of various functional systems, has become more urgent. The real expression of this disharmony is the overweight of millions of people, biochemical changes in the body, the growth of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and much more. A reliable measure for the prevention of these negative consequences of hypodynamia is an increase in human physical activity in various forms (health groups, sections for hardening and winter swimming, regular long walking, tourism, etc.).

Rejection of bad habits

The need for a healthy lifestyleAlcoholism causes enormous harm to human health, family relations, social development of society due to absenteeism, decreased productivity, injuries, and increased crime. Alcohol is a poison that disrupts the activity of the nervous, cardiovascular, digestive systems, it reduces the body's defenses and sexual potency. For short-term euphoria and excitement after taking alcohol in the future, you have to pay for years of weakness and illness.

Smoking destroys the health of not only smokers themselves, but also those around them, especially children (passive smokers). The toxic substances contained in tobacco smoke are carcinogenic. Once in the respiratory and digestive organs, they contribute to cancer of the lungs, stomach, larynx, oral cavity, etc. Nicotine is a vascular poison. In smokers, due to a violation of the permeability of small vessels, the nutrition and functions of many internal organs, brain, endocrine glands deteriorate. The skin becomes thinner, dries up, loses elasticity, becomes flabby, wrinkled.

Hardening is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle

The need for a healthy lifestyleThrough hardening, it is possible to ensure good health and performance, to avoid a number of diseases when the body is exposed to unfavorable environmental factors.

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