Types of sausages

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Types of sausagesAll existing sausages are divided into three large groups, namely:

  1. Smoked sausages.
  2. Hot-cooked sausages (made from raw minced meat with subsequent roasting and cooking or roasting, cooking and smoking).
  3. Boiled sausages (made from boiled meat and offal).

Raw smoked sausages

Sausages of this type are prepared from raw meat and bacon, without subjecting them to heat treatment. Suitable for human consumption, they become as a result of ripening and drying processes, during which complex biochemical and physical reactions take place, which make it possible to obtain sausages of a certain type, specific taste and affecting its safety. The shelf life of raw smoked sausages is the longest. This is achieved due to the large loss of moisture during ripening and drying, the use of a curing mixture (a mixture of salt with nitrates and nitrites - in our country the use of nitrates is prohibited; only nitrites are used) and the use of relatively dry meat of full-aged slaughter animals. Finally, sausages of this group are subjected to the so-called cold smoking, which has an exceptional preservative effect.

Types of sausages

Raw smoked sausages include all types of salami and cervelat, landjäger, raw Polish, all Italian and tea sausages, and other sausages that are not heat-treated. Raw smoked sausages are also subdivided into soft and hard. Soft sausages include, for example, tea sausages and most Italian sausages; hard sausages - salami and cervelat of all varieties. Raw sausages also include all grilled and grilled sausages if they have not been cooked. For hygienic reasons, raw sausage at home, with the exception of grilled sausages and roasting sausages, should only be cooked during the cold season, as the rest of the time the air temperature is too high for the successful production of this type of sausage.

Hot-cooked sausages (sausages made from raw minced meat followed by frying and boiling or frying, boiling and smoking)

Sausages of this type are made, like raw smoked sausages, from raw minced meat. However, in contrast, hot-cooked sausages are heat-treated. Thanks to boiling or frying, muscle protein coagulates at a certain temperature, and sausages acquire their base and the hardness necessary for cutting. At some enterprises, sausages of this type are still hot smoked before cooking.

Types of sausages

This is usually done to improve the taste. However, industrial sausages are increasingly stuffing sausage meat into colored casings. In this case, the sausages are not smoked. Sausage lovers are also advised to stuff sausage meat into already painted casings and immediately, bypassing the smoking phase, cook in water. If you have a great desire to give the sausage the smoky aroma so appreciated by many connoisseurs, then the minced sausage can be stuffed into casings that are permeable to smoke smoke. Then, after 2 hours of drying, the sausages are smoked with warm smoke for about 1 hour at 40-50 ° C. After smoking, the sausages are cooked, the technology of which is described in the chapter "Tips for the production of hot sausages".

Known varieties of hot-cooked sausages are, for example, ham-minced sausages, ham sausages for beer, Krakow sausage, hunting sausage, lyon, meat, white sausage, boiled sausages, Viennese and mortadella.

Hot-cooked sausages are also subdivided into red-cut and white-cut sausages.Red cut sausages include, for example, chopped ham and ham sausage. Liver sausage belongs to sausages with a white cut. In the production of hot-cut sausage with a red cut, a curing mixture is used, and in the production of sausage with a white cut, ordinary table salt is used. Sausages of this type can also be subdivided into non-smoked, simple and double smoked sausages.

Boiled sausages (made from boiled meat and offal)

Sausages of this group are made from partially or fully cooked raw materials (meat, fat, and offal). Cooked sausages are considered suitable for consumption after boiling in low-boiling water, the temperature of which gradually decreases to 80 ° C and then remains unchanged until the end of cooking. Like hot-cooked sausages, cooked sausages gain their density after such heat treatment. At the same time, unwanted bacteria, which penetrate into the sausage meat during its preparation, also die.

Types of sausages

Cooked sausages are classified into liver sausages, blood sausages, red sausages, and brawn. The name liver sausage comes from the presence of more or less liver in it. Pork liver is most often used, less often beef or veal.

Blood sausages contain relatively large amounts of blood. Brawn got its name from the presence of a jelly (transparent elastic mass) in them, which becomes quite hard, mainly due to the coagulation of a protein - collagen. From boiled sausages, blood and liver sausages are cold smoked. Smoking is carried out for several days in order to improve the taste and increase the shelf life. Smoking is preceded by cooking and short drying.

Sausage minced meat intended for cold smoking is filled with porous, smoke-permeable casings. In this case, the sausages should be kept in the refrigerator for some time before smoking. If smoking is not possible or is not necessary, then the minced meat is stuffed into sterile casings. The preparation of cooked sausages is a profitable production, since it uses relatively inexpensive raw materials.

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