Rye bread

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Rye bread

It is believed that white wheat bread is much tastier and more luxurious than black rye bread. This opinion has been formed for centuries, and it is connected with the fact that in Russia, especially closer to the north, rye is easier to grow than wheat. Therefore, rye bread was perceived as a peasant one, and wheat, requiring special care, as a noble one. Nowadays life has become better, and the consumption of rye bread has decreased by an order of magnitude, so few people remember that real rye bread is an exquisite delicacy, the basis of national cuisine, an invariable addition to salty and spicy snacks, Russian meat dishes.

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What is rye bread good for, apart from the original aroma and taste? It is rich in carbohydrates and minerals, especially iron, as well as B vitamins. Diets designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle recommend brown bread instead of white bread. In ancient times, the people used to say: a wheaten body is flabby, a rye body is flabby. However, it should be borne in mind: unalloyed rye bread is less digestible and has increased acidity, so our stomach chooses mixed bread, gray, which contains 15 to 25% wheat flour.

Rye bread

Cooking rye bread has its own characteristics. There is almost no gluten in rye flour; and this is another reason to add some wheat to it. The lack of gluten leads to the fact that rye dough does not need to be kneaded for a long time and well, like wheat dough. To knead rye dough in a bread maker, special notched spatulas are used, and if you prefer manual kneading, grease your hands with oil. The dough does not stick to the butter, and this is important, since rye dough is always sticky, no matter how much flour you add. It is better not to overdo it with flour: good porous bread will sooner turn out from thinner dough.


The main feature of rye dough is leaven! It is impossible to achieve good quality rye dough without sourdough. Sourdough is used instead of yeast and is prepared in advance, one day before baking. Traditional rye starter cultures always contain lactic acid bacteria, which displace all other harmful flora - that is why rye bread is stored for a long time, does not grow moldy and does not deteriorate. Sourdough is prepared from yeast, kefirs, fermented milk, diluting them with a third of rye flour. Some recipes suggest fermenting all the rye flour - and adding a little wheat flour. The fermentation that occurs in the dough due to the sourdough gives rye bread its specific sourness and a special aroma, and also loosens and raises the dough.

Rye bread

It should be borne in mind that the leaven plays brighter and faster than the yeast! In bread makers, which have a mode for baking rye dough, a lower initial heating temperature is used so that the dough does not ferment. For the same purpose, the dough rising time has been reduced, but the baking time has been increased, since rye dough takes longer to bake.


Many adherents of traditional recipes bake rye bread in the oven, believing that it is impossible to achieve a full result in a bread machine. As a rule, they prepare the starter on their own, leaving part of the previous one to prepare a new one. Bread with young sourdough tastes different from bread with old sourdough, because the old one is more sour and ferments more strongly. A beautiful top crust can be made using sunflower oil, smeared with it immediately after baking.


The aroma of rye bread is enhanced by adding malt or dry malt kvass to it.You can put spices in the dough: two tablespoons of coriander will turn the bread into borodinsky, a mixture of coriander and caraway seeds - in Riga, and coriander and raisins - in Karelian. Fresh, fragrant rye bread for dinner - a delight for gourmets!

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