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Coastal Italian citiesItaly is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. The country attracts tourists with its ancient narrow cobbled streets, pasta, Italian ice cream.

But there is something else that draws you to the most fashionable country in Europe - these are beaches. Italian beaches are known for their diversity and tranquility.

Unlike other well-known cities such as Rome and Milan, which are often overcrowded with tourists, Italian coastal cities are still under-visited. Therefore, there you can safely enjoy rest and complete peace.

Six must-see Italian seaside towns:

  1. Sansone, Elba - Elbe beaches are like a cornucopia, here everyone can find something for themselves. There are even completely wild places, isolated from other beaches, ideal for adventure lovers. They can only be reached by boat. You can enjoy the sea and the mountains. Of course, there are many interesting, varied places and attractions that are also worth visiting.
  2. Anzio, Lazio - one of the most visited beaches in the Lazio region - Anzio. Here you can enjoy the beautiful beaches that are washed by the Tyrrhenian Sea. Anzio beaches, located only 30-40 km from Rome, the Italians call this place "Roman Riviera". They are located in the southern part, which allows you to enjoy a temperate climate, crystal clear sea water, virgin nature and a unique relief of the coastline.
  3. Tropea, Calabria - you can go down to the city beaches by four stone stairs, and for those who do not like climbing, there are other ways. In this Italian city, prices are very democratic and nature is uniquely beautiful. The city is small, and in a few hours you can completely walk around it, enjoying the sights.
  4. Coastal Italian citiesArco Mango, Calabria - famous for its natural unique arch carved into the rock from the sea side. You can admire the sea view with all its bays and islands. Unique virgin nature, large and beautiful mountain ranges that are worth seeing at least once in your life! And if you want to enjoy more than one place, it is better to organize a separate tour to Calabria.
  5. Zagreb, Apulia... In this resort you can go for a boat trip, crystal clear water and rare plants that grow on the seashore will leave an indelible impression. Golden sand and incredibly beautiful beaches will take you to a wonderful holiday atmosphere. The southern part of Italy captivates not only with wine, pasta and sights, but also with beautiful beaches.
  6. Cala Gollortse, Sardinia - unique rocky shores. If you want to spend your summer vacation on an island full of history and architecture, then Sardinia is your place. And Cala Goloritze is one of the most exotic and interesting beaches you will find here.

Italian beaches are truly unique in their own way. Golden sand, quiet coves, secret caves, sunny slopes covered with flowers and cypress will delight anyone.

Hurry up to enjoy this unique and inimitable atmosphere.

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