Defeat the evil in yourself

Defeat the evil in yourselfDo we often think about why it is sometimes so easy and simple for us to offend, offend a person standing next to us? To offend the closest person? Why don't we do the most elementary thing in such cases - don't we try to imagine ourselves in its place? Then harsh words would surely slow down in us, our own evil deeds would retreat. What prevents each of us from “turning on” our good feelings at the right moment, the best that is in each of us?

Two sides of the same coin

Two sides of the same coinAs you know, each medal has two sides. And if, taking into account one of them, we warn spouses against excessive isolation on their own family, then, given the presence of the other side, we cannot but warn against the opposite ... side ”- has become very symptomatic in recent years.

Let's try to analyze this phenomenon. As an example, let us take a young, still childless family in which both husband and wife work: he is in one office, she is in another. Both are reasonably intelligent and communicative. Both have friendly teams at work of people of about the same age and the same interests.

Mental health and real personality

Mental health and real personalityAny of us often have to decide the question: did we do the right thing in this or that case, did we react to this or that remark, were our relationships at work, with neighbors in the apartment or staircase, with relatives?

How to build relationships at work

How to build relationships at workA beautiful landscape outside the shop window, a pleasant coloring of the walls, and a vase of flowers can have a psychological impact on a working person. But the “objective”, material environment is not everything. At work, people are somehow connected to each other. And the nature of these relations creates a certain atmosphere, affects the inner state of each individually and all together.

A woman and a man

A woman and a manNature entrusted him with paternal, maternal functions. And this alone makes them, in the language of old novels, "made for each other."

How to establish a trusting relationship with your beloved man?

How to establish a trusting relationship with your beloved manTrust is the basis of any relationship between people, its presence between lovers is especially important, because innuendo does not allow people to truly get closer.

Let's never fight!

Let's never fightAre there families where no clashes of interests, views, aspirations ever occur? It is hard to believe in the reality of such ideal alliances. Because two beings living under one roof - even the most loving, the most friendly - are still two different beings.

Together or apart?

Together or apartConsider two situations in life.

Online dating: is it possible to find a decent man

Online dating is it possible to find a decent manMany women who have turned 45 believe that trying to arrange a personal life through online dating will be a waste of time. Indeed, on dating sites you can find many slender beauties, full of all the beauty of youth! Perhaps you still plucked up the courage, registered on the site, started communicating with representatives of the opposite sex and made sure that not all men are focused on twenty-year-old girls.

Relationship between spouses

Relationship between spousesAny married couple sooner or later begins to experience a crisis. This crisis is expressed in misunderstanding each other, mutual grievances, ignorance of how to react and how to behave. It becomes absolutely obvious that it is impossible to live as before, that something has changed in the very structure of relations. Often, trust is lost, and, as you know, trust is the basis of everything.

How to make home evenings with your loved one more interesting

How to make home evenings with your loved one more interestingMany couples who have not yet been able to live together simply dream of spending every evening next to each other, going to bed together under the same blanket, saying good wishes before going to bed, and in the morning again together and at the same time waking up, showering each other with tender kisses. But when the cherished dream nevertheless finds its real embodiment, all the romance and unusualness of interpersonal communication slowly begins to "evaporate." And after three months of living together, you realize that your relationship is beginning to undergo profound changes.

Formula of family happiness

Formula of family happinessEverything starts fabulously and charmingly: a gorgeous wedding escort, a snow-white dress, like a princess, and next to you is your one and only prince. Light, like a feather, veil of a veil falling in a stream of milk on the shoulders, solemn congratulations of loved ones, jokes of friends, a sea of ​​flowers, a festive banquet, the promise of love and fidelity, and of course solemn exclamations of "Bitter!" And what will the family expect next?

Gift options for a girl for the New Year

Gift options for a girl for the New YearSo 2012 is coming to an end, the beloved and holiday New Year is approaching. Again, you will have to puzzle over what and to whom to give. This issue is especially difficult for men. What to give a girl for the New Year? First of all, you need to pay attention to the girl's preferences, her interests and hobbies, and also to what she needs right now.

Increased irritability

Increased irritabilityIf you notice that for some people around you an inadequate reaction to events, uncontrolled aggression or anger has become a normal everyday state, you need to think about what prompts them to such behavior, draw appropriate conclusions and even try to help find a way out of the current situation. As a rule, when any expectations of a person are not met, a surge of negative emotions occurs.

How romance manifests itself in a relationship

How romance manifests itself in a relationshipAny person, regardless of age, is pleased with gifts and various romantic surprises. Historically, it has become a tradition that it is men who take the initiative in performing various feats for the sake of their beloved. By tradition, girls are assigned the role of a romantic admirer, who favorably accepts a strong male shoulder and his support. However, if in ancient times the feats of men were expressed in victories at knightly tournaments in order to win the heart of their beloved, then in modern conditions, in order to truly surprise and delight a lady, you need to apply considerable imagination and ingenuity.

Relationship with mother-in-law

Relationship with mother-in-lawMany girls have dreamed of getting married since childhood, dreaming of a gorgeous wedding, a bunch of guests and a traditional white dress. Having met the future spouse and receiving a marriage proposal from him, future wives in vain think that after the wedding a quiet family life will come, and no one will dare to interfere in your relationship. But it is at this moment that everything is just beginning, because his mother gets the right to be called mother-in-law. Relationship with the mother-in-law, what should they be?

10 habits of women that annoy men

10 habits of women that annoy menMany women's habits are often discontented among men. When women in a cafe or restaurant do not order dessert, then they "attack" the partner's dessert. In an effort to maintain a beautiful figure, women often do not order sweets. Men have nothing against it. However, it irritates them when the question: "Do you want dessert?" they get the answer "No, I'm on a diet," and as soon as the man is brought sweet, they suddenly hear a shy voice: "Let me try."

Husband criticizes

Husband criticizesWhen a loved one becomes a spouse, in many married couples, romantic relationships gradually fade away. The husband has unfounded nagging, and offensive statements about his wife are heard more and more often.Criticism becomes an integral part of your family life, which develops into constant quarrels.

Mistrust in a relationship

Mistrust in a relationshipMistrust in a relationship is a common reason for the separation of two loving people. Even the happiest couple is not always able to resist this phenomenon. So that the relationship does not end so sadly, you should initially, as soon as there is mistrust, identify its cause and nip in the bud. Understand the current situation. Perhaps you, without even knowing it yourself, create situations that will not leave your other half indifferent!

How to live with your mother-in-law?

How to live with a mother-in-lawLiving together with your mother-in-law ... If such a "fate" has fallen to you, you should not panic ahead of time, maybe everything is not as bad as it seems? This article will give you some useful tips for such a case. Of course, this is not the ultimate dream of a young wife, but what if you live with your "second mother"? The most important thing is patience. If you are patient with the closest relative of your chosen one, you can be sure that half the job is done.

Housewife husband

Housewife husbandThe days when, without fail, a man was a breadwinner, and a woman was the keeper of the family hearth, are irrevocably gone. Nowadays women are becoming more and more independent and independent.

The secret of family happiness

The secret of family happinessI have repeatedly observed that some couples build their family life, relying on generally accepted rules and stereotypes about a happy family life. They say, without two bags of gold jewelry, a diamond ring and huge bouquets of roses, it is impossible for ladies to feel fully loved, and for men - without regular sex and an arranged life: plates borscht, order in the house and an agreeable wife.

A family

A familyThe family is created by both spouses, but the main role still lies with the woman. In order to create a lasting alliance, you do not need to sublimate love with heroines from novels. Vows of loyalty and love until death do you part - perhaps this is something from fantasy, and not everyday life?

Gourmet meals for the future husband

Gourmet meals for the future husbandWell, Svetlana had difficulties. All my life I have been preparing dishes of Russian cuisine. And then knowledge of the preparation of German cuisine was needed. After all, Svetlana got married to a German. The first time he came to visit her, he greatly praised her borscht and dumplings. But he had a bored expression on his face at the table. And Svetlana decided to surpass herself

Can you find love on the Internet?

Can love be found on the internetA lot of people in search of their destiny are included in the World Wide Web. On dating sites, single and even married people try to get to know each other, have an affair or get married. But many are stopped by the fear of facing perverts, gigolos. How realistic is it to meet your love on the Internet? I began to look for the answer to this question, turning to the regulars of these sites and ordinary passers-by.

Quarrel with spouse

Sorra with her husbandThe reasons for the quarrel can be very different. In conflicts, it is important not only to be able to smooth out corners during a confrontation and defend your point of view, but also to restore a disturbed peace after a quarrel.
Many spouses make the classic mistake of not restoring the world, but just pretending that it has been restored, while deep down they continue to feel the conflict. This leads to the brewing of a new quarrel. Below are some ways to avoid this scenario.

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