Old age has nothing to do with it

Old age has nothing to do with itUntil the end of the eighteenth century, physicians unanimously adhered to this point of view: atherosclerosis is not a general disease of the body, but only a local one - of the blood vessels. And one more thing: atherosclerosis is an inevitable disease of the elderly; aging of the organism finds expression in it.

First aid in emergencies

First aid in emergenciesIt is usually believed that "frostbite" is possible only when the mercury of a street thermometer has fallen far below zero. But this is not true. High humidity and prolonged cooling can lead to frostbite of the skin at temperatures close to zero, especially if there is a strong wind, and the clothes are damp, and the body is weakened. This must be taken into account when organizing long walks with children.

What to do to prevent influenza

What to do to prevent influenzaInfluenza is one of the most common infectious diseases. Due to the fact that the influenza virus has the ability to often change its appearance, the final victory over it has not yet been won. However, drugs have been created that affect this virus in the human body and prevent its reproduction. Taken in the first hours of the disease, they weaken the course of the disease.

If you have a toothache

If a tooth hurtsWhat to do in this case? After all, it happens, it happens at night. See if there is any pain reliever in your home medicine cabinet, such as analgin, antipyrine. Mefenamic acid has a good analgesic effect. Take one tablet at night, another in the afternoon, and try to go to your dentist's appointment immediately.

The woman who smokes

The woman who smokesNow, apparently, everyone knows that smoking is harmful. There are well-known medical observations showing that smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, stomach ulcers, endarteritis and other diseases that permanently disrupt the rhythm of normal life and lead to disability. But smoking is especially dangerous for a woman. A pale, almost sallow face, yellow teeth, the smell of nicotine from the mouth and from the fingers - this is how unattractive a woman smokes. But this is not the main thing. Smoking harms not only the health and appearance of a woman, it is detrimental to her unborn child.

If hypoglycemia develops

hypoglycemiaDiabetes mellitus is one of the most common diseases. There are about 11 million diabetics in our country alone. Unfortunately, there is still no way to cure this disease in the world. There is only one way - to maintain an optimal blood sugar level, that is, to follow a diet, doctor's recommendations regarding prescribed doses of insulin, pills. It is impossible to allow the development of severe and prolonged hypoglycemia, which adversely affects the vessels, the activity of the brain.

Water is a source of health

Water is a source of healthWater, according to scientists, is the cradle of all life on our planet. Neither man, nor animal, nor plant can exist without water.

But the question is: without what water? Perhaps only Dr. Bombar managed to hold out at sea for about a month and a half. And as the experiments of scientists and the sad statistics of shipwrecks show, although there is plenty of water in the seas and oceans, a person still dies in the sea even if there is food on the 5-7th day.

Symptoms of people with latent depression

Symptoms of people with latent depressionUnfortunately, depression, a serious psychological disorder, affects most of the world's population over the years. People who suffer from latent depression tend to fight their inner demons, and it is rarely seen from the outside. Since we live in an era of superficiality towards ourselves and others, we do not always reveal our problems to others, but we tend to suppress them.

However, this is not a solution to the problem! To be able to offer help to someone who may be suffering from depression, it is necessary to be able to recognize some of its main symptoms.

Tips for preventing knee pain

Tips for preventing knee painCarrying only three to four extra pounds of your own weight can affect the use of your knees. Proper diet and exercise can help you lose pounds and limit pressure on your knee joints, thereby minimizing any chances of knee pain.

Secrets of health and longevity

Secrets of health and longevityGerontology is developing rapidly all over the world. This is due to the fact that everywhere, especially in developed countries, demographic shifts are taking place, the number of people over the age of 60 is increasing. At the same time, there is an increase in the average life expectancy of people.

Tobacco smoking: history, causes, consequences and overcoming

Tobacco smoking: history, causes, consequences and overcomingIn recent years, serious scientific research has been carried out on the effect of tobacco smoking on human health, and in particular on the still fragile child's body. But before talking about the dangers of smoking, it is necessary at least briefly to highlight the history of the emergence of this type of drug addiction - nicotinism, to talk about its prevalence.

Helping the heart

Helping the heartCare about how to preserve the heart should begin before the birth of the child and include a whole range of social, hygienic, and educational measures.

One of the most common cardiovascular ailments is, as you know, ischemic heart disease. Her serious conditions, known as acute coronary insufficiency and myocardial infarction, are by far the leading cause of death in men. And this is at the most able-bodied and fruitful age. It must be said that the disease is often very insidious: it proceeds in secret and sometimes leads to sudden death.

Emotions and health

Emotions and healthThis, of course, is not accidental: all human experiences in our minds are associated with the heart. The heart is different: both kind and gentle, loving and sensitive. It is fiery, indomitable, easy-going. The heart can “bleed” from grief, “skip” from an unexpected meeting, “freeze” from happiness or love, “jump” from joy. And when we are angry, we can utter a bunch of unpleasant words "in our hearts" or commit rash acts.

Appreciate sleep

Appreciate sleepThere is almost always not enough time: to go to the cinema, to properly prepare for the exam, to visit relatives ... And we try to save it. Most often - at the expense of sleep, considering the hours given to him as an unproductive waste of time. But nature cannot be deceived: sleep either overcomes us, or leaves us. So is it worth fighting sleep? How harmful are attempts to break his laws to health? How much and how should a person sleep?

Past experiences with insomnia

Past experiences with insomnia"Sleepless" was the name of our ancestors one of the twelve feverish sisters who can cause many diseases. “The sisters, evil, thin, ugly and simple-haired, walk at night in bast shoes with sticks, knock on the window with a stick, whoever responds to their knock, they will stick to that. Each has its own taste, each of them endures forever this or that suffering. One shivers from the cold, the other tosses about in the heat, the third writhes with aching bones. Attacking a person, they make him suffer with them. One beats off food, the other drives sleep, the third sucks blood, the fourth pulls the veins ... Their names are: Lomikha, Ognikha, Tryasovikha, Zheltyanitsa, Gorchikha, Bessonikha. "

How aloe vera affects blood glucose levels

How aloe vera affects blood glucose levels

Researchers at the David Grant Medical Center in California recommend using aloe vera to lower fasting blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) levels. They performed a meta-analysis that was published in Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, to test the effectiveness of oral aloe vera in lowering blood glucose and HbA1c.

"Close" heart

Cramped heartHow often do we use expressions such as “heart snapped” - about a sudden feeling of fright, or “relieved from the heart” - when relief from anxiety comes. But a person who has an attack of heart pain as a result of oxygen starvation will try to convey his feelings at this moment in approximately these words. For greater persuasiveness, he will still bring his hand to his chest and clench his fist tightly.

Five degrees of severity of insomnia

Five degrees of severity of insomnia

Let's try to figure out what can be considered insomnia. Where is the border between the forced lack of sleep and the onset of the disease?

Let's try to divide the dream into separate elements arranged in a certain sequence.

Hygienic self-massage

Hygienic self-massageHygienic self-massage is used as a tonic after morning exercises. Its systematic use raises the vital activity of the body, enhances blood circulation and lymph flow, deepens breathing, increases metabolism and contributes to the proper development of the body.

Prevention of dysentery

Prevention of dysenteryStatistics show: only 17 people out of 100 with dysentery go to the doctor. The rest either self-medicate or do not receive treatment at all, which means that out of every 100 patients, 83 become dangerous sources of infection, freely dispersing pathogenic microbes.

Medicinal plants for diarrhea

Medicinal plants for diarrheaIndigestion can be associated with infection, micronutrient deficiencies, and impaired gastric juice production. The malaise manifests itself after the consumption of fatty and spicy foods, food poisoning and diseases of the digestive tract. Healthy foods help restore digestion, relieve irritation of the mucous membranes and prevent diarrhea.


GastritisGastritis (from Greek "Gastir" - stomach) is an acute or chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa. But the teachings of I.P. Pavlov and his school on the physiology of digestion proved the inseparability of the connection between physiological and painful (pathological) processes of the stomach with the activity of important parts of the central nervous system.

Mechanisms of insomnia

Mechanisms of insomniaA healthy person, who has everything he needs to live but is sleep deprived, cannot feel fulfilled until sleep returns to him. The torment of the inability to achieve the desired dream can only be compared with the torment of lovers doomed to parting.

Ischemic heart disease and other "diseases of the century"

Ischemic heart disease and other diseases of the centuryExperts consider circulatory disorders of the heart itself to be one of the main health-threatening factors, which are increasingly being combined with the single term "ischemic heart disease".

About the air: clean, harmful and healing

About clean, harmful and healing airOrdinary air that surrounds us is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The rest is argon (about 0.9%) and carbon dioxide (about 0.03%). But a person, in essence, does not breathe at all with air (from a chemical point of view), but with oxygen.

Normal sleep

Normal sleepWe spend a third of our lives in a dream. What happens to us at this time? Let's try to figure out what it is - a normal dream: a forced disconnection from reality due to overwork of the body, which is no longer able to actively act?

The heart is a tireless worker

The heart is a tireless workerOnce I stopped by my close friend to while away an hour or two together. He had a guest, already an elderly man, apparently quite healthy.

A little about the culture of lifestyle

A little about the culture of lifestyle"The telephone alone, now necessary even in the private use of a person, not only disorganizes, but also overloads our nervous system with a mass of impressions; it makes us in a short period of time to enter into communication with a huge number of people of the most diverse positions, classes and characters."

Tuberculosis and Surgery

Tuberculosis and SurgeryAmong infectious diseases, in the fight against which surgery is called upon to play an important role, one of the first places, undoubtedly, should be put tuberculosis, or, as it is sometimes abbreviated, TBTs.

On the border between health and disease

On the border between health and diseaseHealth and disease. Two forms of human existence, two forms of being ...

What is mental health?

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