Order of St. Anne and its Knights

Order of Saint AnneThis order was established in 1735 in memory of the daughter of Peter I, Anna Petrovna, by her husband, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp Karl Friedrich. The Order of Anna was officially introduced into the Russian awards system by Paul I on the day of his coronation on April 5, 1797.

Aconite (wrestler)

AconiteAconite from herbaceous plants of the dangerous buttercup family - too many of this "family" are poisonous. Therefore, it is unsafe to chew the blades of grass of the buttercup family from boredom, and there is no pleasure either - it tastes bitter and burning. Perennial plants belong to the genus Aconite, which are recognized by hand-cut leaves and flowers of irregular helmet-shaped shape.

Princess, Polyanika, Mamura

Princess, Polyanika, MamuraThe prince's forest berry in our country is widespread in mixed, deciduous forests, wetlands, through woodlands, in the tundra in the north of the European part, in Western and Eastern Siberia and in the Far East. It is considered the most fragrant and tasty berry of our North, called meadow, mamura.

What to do to prevent influenza

What to do to prevent influenzaInfluenza is one of the most common infectious diseases. Due to the fact that the influenza virus has the ability to often change its appearance, the final victory over it has not yet been won. However, drugs have been created that affect this virus in the human body and prevent its reproduction. Taken in the first hours of the disease, they weaken the course of the disease.

How the letter was born

How the letter was bornFiguratively speaking, animals have worked hard to educate humanity.

Start with writing material. For almost one and a half thousand years, people wrote on parchment, which was made from calf, goat, sheep and donkey skins. In terms of its qualities, the parchment has left the famous papyrus far behind. It is with the use of the new writing material that the transition from the papyrus scroll to the book of an almost modern look is connected.

A coffee tree

A coffee treeThe coffee tree belongs to the madder family; it is widely cultivated in many countries of the world. Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of this plant, where even now, in the river valleys of the Abyssinian Highlands at an altitude of 1000-2000 meters above sea level, thickets of a coffee tree can be found. This is an evergreen shrub or tree no more than 8-10 m high.


AbramtsevoFifty-seven kilometers from Moscow, in the northwestern part of the Moscow region, near Zagorsk, famous for its magnificent monument of the past - the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, surrounded by shady coniferous forests, winding rivers, pitted with deep ravines overgrown with raspberries and hazel, is the ancient village of Abramtsevo ...

Features of nutrition of bulbous plants

Features of the nutrition of bulbous plantsBulbous plants, daffodils and tulips, differ sharply in nutrient requirements at different periods of growth and development. Narcissus, like gladioli, are demanding primarily on nitrogen and nitrogen with potassium. The most crucial stage in their life is the period from the beginning of growth to budding.

Food plants and their medicinal properties

Food plants and their medicinal propertiesFood plants containing, in addition to the energetic material, an increased amount of biologically active substances, act simultaneously as food and medicinal plants. Energy compounds include sugars, starch, fiber, pectins, organic acids, amino acids, proteins, fats. The energy effect of eating vegetables, fruits and berries is small, but they contain substances important for the normal functioning of the body that are absent in animal products.

The benefits and principles of hardening

The benefits and principles of hardeningHardening is an important component of physical culture along with such components as personal hygiene, a set of physical exercises, and amateur sports.

In the process of hardening, not only the thermoregulation systems are improved, but also a number of other functional systems of the body (cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous systems, blood system, immunity, etc.). Therefore, hardened people not only get sick less, they constantly feel good health, mood, vigor.


DemerdzhiAnyone who had at least once to travel from Simferopol to Alushta could not help but pay attention to the picturesque mountain range, which suddenly opens up before the eyes of the traveler, right behind the Angarsk pass. When the road begins to decline, to the left of it you can see the Demerdzhi massif. Its peak is called Demerdzhi-yayla, the highest point of which reaches a height of 1359 m. The southern and western extremities of the mountain are grandiose cliffs with a pile of rocks and stone chaos. Below the slopes of Demerdzhi are covered with forests, gardens, vineyards, lavender and tobacco plantations. Especially large forests surrounded the Demerdzhi massif from the north and east.

Medicinal chamomile

Medicinal chamomileAmong the many daisies, favorite wildflowers, there is also a medicinal daisy. Its botanical name is common chamomile, or pharmacy. An important distinguishing feature is the basket's blown-out and hollow bottom.

Chamomile is one of the most popular folk medicinal plants. It is used for a wide variety of diseases: cold, abdominal pain, female diseases, for baths from scrofula.

Order of Vladimir and his cavaliers

Order of St. VladimirThe Order of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Prince Vladimir was established by Catherine II in 1782 in honor of the Grand Duke of Kiev, who did much to expand and strengthen the Old Russian state. It was one of the highest Russian orders.


SagebrushOver 400 species of wormwood are known throughout the world, of which 174 are found in our area. These are perennial, mostly tall grasses with straight stems, repeatedly dissected by thin gray-green leaves. The flowers of the wormwood are very small, collected in basket inflorescences, like all representatives of the Compositae family.

Horse suits

Horse suitsAmong the horse population, there are animals of different colors or, as experts say, of different colors. At exhibitions, fairs, when exchanging and selling horses, heated debates often arise about how to determine the color of a particular individual. Moreover, horses are often called red and even fawn. Such names are not used in horse breeding. It has its own long-established, generally accepted names for the colors, which are useful for horse owners to get acquainted with.

If a tooth hurts

If a tooth hurtsWhat to do in this case? After all, it happens, it happens at night. See if there is any pain reliever in your home medicine cabinet, such as analgin, antipyrine. Mefenamic acid has a good analgesic effect. Take one pill at night, another in the afternoon, and try to go to your dentist's appointment immediately.


CelandineIn Ancient Russia, healers were still feared, although, I must say, sometimes it happened for a reason. Tsar Boris Godunov was most of all afraid of the "potion" poison.

The oath given to him by the boyars certainly included the following text:

Kuindzhi landscapes

Kuindzhi landscapesAI Kuindzhi left a great artistic legacy, one of the few, he earned the recognition of the audience, honor and fame, material well-being during his lifetime. They talked a lot about his work, argued, wrote. But the artist's life itself is shrouded in mystery - too little documentary information about him has survived.

Recipes Week 30 (2019)

South Russian dressing - cute, but independent animal

South Russian dressing Vormela peregusna Marbled polecatIn the world fauna, the weasel family unites 64 species of predatory animals and animals. Within Russia, it is represented by 18 species, on the pages of the Red Book there are 5 species, which are in varying degrees of danger.

One of them is bandaging. People noticed the dressing a long time ago, but its gradual disappearance - only recently. To allow the death of such an amazingly interesting animal is an unforgivable sin before nature.

Slippers (Cypripedium)

Slippers (Cypripedium)Russian naturalist travelers of the last century have especially enthusiastic memories of tropical orchids. Botanists were touched by the unique appearance of orchids (there are about 30,000 species), which caused them many associations. These plants were compared either with hummingbirds, iridescent with all the colors of the rainbow, or with butterflies of breathtaking colors, and some, frightening, ... with spiders. The most impressive "lip" in orchids is the unpaired petal of the lower circle of the flower. To some, it really resembles a lip, to others - a shoe, a shuttle, a bowl, an elongated tongue.

Accurate reproduction of life (K. E. Makovsky)

K. E. MakovskyInteresting and instructive is the fate of the famous Russian artist Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky (1839-1915). He was born in Moscow into the family of an ardent connoisseur of art, an amateur artist Yegor Ivanovich Makovsky. K. Makovsky's talent manifested itself early. His name becomes famous in Moscow.

The healing origins of plants

The healing origins of plantsThe healing composition of plant foods (vegetables, berries, fruits, spices) is extensive. Its medicinal treasury contains many different physiologically active components: vitamins, mineral salts and microelements necessary to maintain a normal metabolism in the body, pectins that promote the elimination of harmful waste products from the body, phytoncides that have a detrimental effect on many pathogens, and much more.

Feathered architects

Feathered architectsSoon, upon arrival in their native land, the birds are divided into pairs. In some birds - geese, swans, cranes and birds of prey - pairs are formed for life, and in songwriters - usually for one season.

Capercaillie, black grouse and ducks are found only during spring games, and in the future, only the mother bears all the worries about arranging the nest, hatching eggs and raising young animals.

Two sides of the same coin

Two sides of the same coinAs you know, each medal has two sides. And if, taking into account one of them, we warn spouses against excessive isolation on their own family, then, given the presence of the other side, we cannot but warn against the opposite ... And the opposite phenomenon is the desire to spend their leisure time outside the family, without a family, “on side ”- has become very symptomatic in recent years.

Let's try to analyze this phenomenon. As an example, let us take a young, still childless family in which both - husband and wife - work: he is in one office, she is in another. Both are reasonably intelligent and communicative. Both have friendly teams at work of people of about the same age and the same interests.

Maunfeld MPMC-860.10S. Description and characteristics of the multicooker

Maunfeld MPMC-860.10S

The woman who smokes

The woman who smokesNow, apparently, everyone knows that smoking is harmful. There are well-known medical observations indicating that smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, stomach ulcers, endarteritis and other diseases that permanently disrupt the rhythm of normal life and lead to disability. But smoking is especially dangerous for a woman. A pale, almost sallow face, yellow teeth, the smell of nicotine from the mouth and from the fingers - this is the unattractive look of a woman who smokes. But this is not the main thing. Smoking harms not only the health and appearance of a woman, it is detrimental to her unborn child.


BogolyubovoAmong the memorable places in central Russia, there are also small villages, suburbs, which are also dear to the heart of the Russian people.

If you happen to be in Vladimir, take the time, find a few hours to devote to the ancient village of Bogolyubov, which is located 10 kilometers east of Vladimir. You can take a trolleybus to the eastern end of the city and then walk a few kilometers on foot, or take a bus that goes from the bus station from the station square.

What to do in the garden and vegetable garden in August

What to do in the garden and vegetable garden in AugustThe temperature of the month drops to 16 ° C, the days are getting shorter. Summer ends in August. At the end of the month, a massive departure of birds begins - swallows, cranes and others. Harvest berries: black currant, raspberry, late varieties of cherries. Summer apples and pears ripen. In some places, the leaves on the trees fade.

Throughout the month, strawberries are loosened, fertilized and watered, intended to obtain planting material.

Polaris PMC 0489IH. Pressure cooker with induction heating, convection and SU-Vid

Polaris PMC 0489IH

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