Radioactivity and human food

Radioactivity and human foodA person lives in an environment, the radioactivity of which is due to both natural and artificial radioactive substances entering his body in various ways, primarily with food and water.

Where to eat in Bulgaria outside the hotel

Where to eat in Bulgaria outside the hotelMany hotels in the Bulgarian resorts offer meals according to the All inclusive system. If you choose a hotel with breakfast only, you can arrange a raid on local establishments.

Depression - the sweet state of lifelessness

Depression is the sweet state of lifelessnessWhy do holidays end with depression? Why does life often resemble gray infinity? Why isn't being in a state of lifelessness sweet? Why does the profession destroy a person?

Aport transformations

Aport transformationsWhen winter comes, red apples of incredible size begin to appear in Siberian cities. Ten centimeters across. You can't eat one at once!

Gods in blue robes

Gods in blue robesKuzma Andrianovich put a sheet of paper on the table, tilted the flask, and transparent drops rolled down the sheet, like scattered beads. I looked at the sticker. Neatly derived: H2O. Water! Ordinary water, like mercury, covered the leaf with balls.

Coastal under-visited Italian cities

Coastal Italian citiesItaly is one of the most attractive countries in Europe. The country attracts tourists with its ancient narrow cobbled streets, pasta, Italian ice cream.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouseTomatoes are thermophilic plants, therefore, it is possible to grow in central Russia in a greenhouse. To get a harvest, you need to get acquainted with the cultivation technology.

How to insulate a balcony

insulate the balconyThe insulation process begins with the glazing of the balcony. Having installed a warm double-glazed window, you will immediately understand that it is not only visually beautiful, but also comfortable and warm.

How to equip a garden plot?

How to equip a garden plotThe modern pace and rhythm that life dictates is so impetuous that everyone needs a place that can bring psychological comfort. One of these places can be a garden laid out in a summer cottage or a personal plot.

The harm and dangers of fast weight loss

The harm and dangers of fast weight lossMany are interested in: how to lose weight quickly? Unfortunately, people don't think about how fast weight loss can affect health. Experts and nutritionists believe that diet is the worst way to lose weight.

All about microfibers and microfibers

All about microfibers and microfibersGone are the days when old T-shirts and towels served as a rag. Cleaning today signed a long-term contract with scientific and technological progress. And scientists have embarked on the warpath against dirt and are inventing more and more new means for better cleaning. And special thanks to them - for the microfiber!

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