Hardening by the sun

Hardening by the sunIn the complex spectrum of solar radiation, an optical zone with a length of electromagnetic waves in the range of 280-3000 nm is distinguished. Shorter rays (X-rays and gamma rays) are absorbed by the atmosphere and do not reach the earth's surface. In the optical part of the spectrum, in turn, emit infrared rays (760-3000 nm), visible rays (400-760 nm), ultraviolet rays (280-400 nm). 59% of the energy of light reaching the surface of the earth is in its infrared part, 40% of the energy in the visible part of the spectrum and only 1% in ultraviolet rays. When passing through a polluted atmosphere, UV rays are absorbed especially intensively, and their proportion is further reduced.

The benefits and principles of hardening

The benefits and principles of hardeningHardening is an important component of physical culture along with such components as personal hygiene, a set of physical exercises, and amateur sports.

In the process of hardening, not only the thermoregulation systems are improved, but also a number of other functional systems of the body (cardiovascular, respiratory, nervous systems, blood system, immunity, etc.). Therefore, hardened people not only get sick less, they constantly feel good health, mood, vigor.

Men of the age about active life

Men of the age about active lifeWhen do men start losing ground? Scientists believe - after forty years. It is behind this "border" that the heart most often begins to make itself felt. And it is, as you know, the most sensitive barometer of our health. Where is the link between age and heart disease? How to deal with them?

Are there any benefits to tanning?

Is there a benefit to tanningWhen it comes to summer vacations, we often equate sunbathing with the desire to acquire a bronze tan. Moreover, many consider tanning to be a kind of indicator, an indicator of good health. To some extent, one can agree with this, although the essence of the matter is not at all in the very brown skin color.

The need for a healthy lifestyle

The need for a healthy lifestyleSpeaking about a healthy lifestyle, a number of recommendations are important, the observance of which is necessary for a comprehensive disclosure of the physiological capabilities of the body, full use of its adaptive mechanisms in contact with all the variety of factors of the surrounding reality (biological, natural, social). First of all, the following main elements should be highlighted:

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercisesRhythm rules the world. Rhythm exists in everything: in the movement of planets and the flapping of the wings of a butterfly, in the fall of raindrops and the growth of an ear of wheat. Human life also obeys a certain rhythm.

It all starts with running

It all starts with runningEndurance running is a powerful source of health. A source that is equally beneficial to most people. And in order to use it, essentially no super-efforts are required.

Train your balance!

Train your balanceWe are often amazed at the ability of circus performers to walk blindfolded along a thin wire, balance on a small board mounted on many reels, or ride one wheel of a bicycle, pedaling alternately with legs and hands.

A bit of running history

A bit of running historyIn the beginning there was a run. According to sports historians, the ancestor of the ancient Olympic Games, Hercules, in honor of his victory over King Augeas, organized a race between his brothers. According to legend, he drew a place for the fence, put his right foot next to the line, then put his left foot to it and repeated this 599 times.

Fitness is a lifestyle

Fitness is a lifestyleUndoubtedly, each of us, at least once in his life, looking in the mirror, thought that it was time for him to change something in himself, get rid of bad habits, get in shape, go on a diet.

Sunbathing gently

Sunbathe wiselyIt doesn't matter where you live - in the north or in the south, in any case the sun is bad for your skin. Its rays dry out, promote the appearance of pigmentation, age, and so on.

How to do sports at 16

How to do sports at 16Playing sports is a guarantee of long youth. But it is important to know how to do it correctly at 16.

Yoga classes at home

Yoga classes at homeOne of the areas of a healthy lifestyle that helps to keep fit is yoga. It's quite difficult to start doing it yourself. In this direction, it is important to master not only your body, but also the technique of performing exercises.

Body care during sports

Body care during sportsInvesting in your own body is a good investment. A beautiful and toned body is always in fashion. Therefore, it is worth removing laziness and striving forward to beautiful and attractive forms.

Body work is not only about sports training and exercise, but also body care both before and after training.

Pre-workout activities.

Having a car is the path to obesity

Having a car is the path to obesityModern researchers in Australia are seriously concerned about the impact of having a car on its owners. It's no secret that people who have to get to work by public transport are less at risk of gaining extra pounds than those who have their own car. This article is about how to avoid harmful consequences for car owners?

Get fit.

One of the authors of studies at the Institute in Melbourne, Takemi Sugiyama, noted that with daily use of the car and high physical activity in free time, weight gain is inevitable.

Disadvantages of fitness, ways to overcome them

Disadvantages of fitness, ways to overcome themMany people know about the benefits of fitness. Regular workouts make the figure athletic, improve well-being, give self-confidence, develop strength and endurance. But this article is not about that. Despite all its advantages, fitness has a number of disadvantages. Therefore, further we will talk about them, namely, how to overcome them.

Water treatments are the most effective way to harden the body

The most important types of water procedures used to harden the body are rubdowns, dousing, showers, sea and river bathing. The simplest water procedure is rubdown. Rubbing is done with a sponge or washcloth dipped in water. Its temperature for the first procedures should be at least 32x-34x degrees, but in the future it is necessary to gradually reduce it, bringing it to 20-12 degrees. For rubdowns, you can use ordinary fresh water, for a stronger skin reaction - sea water.

The most common myths about a healthy lifestyle

The most common myths about a healthy lifestyleA healthy lifestyle these days is a fetish. It is very prestigious to follow various fashion guidelines. For example, you cannot drink black tea, but only green. Jog and diet cereals in the morning. To bed with an empty stomach. Last meal at 6 pm. And if you want sweet tea with a sandwich at 10 o'clock?

Movement is life!

Movement is lifeEvery person strives to live a long and happy life. Undoubtedly, one of the most important ingredients of happiness is health. Many would agree with the statement that a healthy beggar is happier than a sick rich man. The relationship between the level of physical activity and life expectancy has been known for a long time.

Posture: a few tips in the office environment

Posture some tips in an office settingSymptoms such as numbness in the neck, pulling pain between the shoulder blades, and colic in the lower back are familiar to most people who work in an office. Unfortunately, the main cause of all these ailments is a poorly organized workplace.

Sunbathe wisely

How to sunbatheAs soon as warm days come, we are immediately drawn to the reservoir: chat with friends and be sure to sunbathe. But it is necessary to understand the risks that arise in connection with this, and try to minimize them.

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