Puff pastries with apricots and berries

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Puff pies with apricots and berries


Puff pastry 1 package
Fresh apricots 12 pcs.
Different berries we'll see how it goes
Starch for crumbling apricots
Sugar 1 \ 2 boxes. l.
in each apricot
Egg for smearing dough 1 PC.

Cooking method

  • Defrost the dough, cut into 12 pieces, roll out thinly.
  • Cut the apricots on one side only, remove the pit.
  • We put different berries in place of the seeds - I have cherries, strawberries, red currants. Sprinkle the berries with a drop of sugar and close the apricot, make it whole.
  • Roll the apricots completely in starch, then they will not give off much juice, they will not flow.
  • Put the apricot in the middle of a piece of dough, fasten the ends of the dough on top, squeeze the dough from the sides, roll it a little with your palms into a ball, and put it on a baking sheet with the seam (connected ends) down.
  • We give it a distance of about 20-30 minutes. Lubricate with a beaten egg on top.

The dish is designed for

12 buns

Cooking program:

Put in a hot oven at 200 * C until browned and fully cooked.


A wonderful dessert for those who love fruit and berry pastries!
Nice, tasty, not troublesome!

Bon appetit, everyone!

Great recipe, thanks!
Bake to your health!

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