Custard molded rye bread with sourdough.

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Custard molded rye bread with sourdough.


Active starter culture 15 gr.
Rye wallpaper flour 190 g
Water 180 g
Rye wallpaper flour 50 gr.
Rye fermented malt 50 gr.
Caraway 1/4 tsp
Water 190 g
Rye wallpaper flour 300 gr.
Leaven all
Welding all
Salt 8 gr.
sprinkled cumin

Cooking method

  • Refresh the sourdough and leave for 12 hours.
  • Prepare the tea leaves 2-2.5 hours before kneading. Mix everything and put on fire, heat stirring to 65 degrees, cover and leave warm for 2 hours. Then cool to 35 * C.
  • Knead the dough in a food processor or by hand (it will be difficult for a bread maker) and let it ferment for 2 hours. It should double in volume.
  • Form on a wet table with wet hands:
  • Custard molded rye bread with sourdough.
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Time for preparing:

1 hour

I have no more arguments to further convince myself that I will not bake bread in the oven ... It seems that this is the last drop
Zest, please note: not a drop of oil, sugar, yeast and not a gram of wheat flour. Well this is pure health! What other arguments are needed?
Quote: Zest

I have no more arguments to continue convincing myself that I will not bake bread in the oven ... It seems that this is the last drop dripped

So, in my opinion, there are already enough recipes on the site for the last drop.

Pretty little bread,
Today I also have my first sample of French sourdough.
As evil all the days while the leaven fermented it was cool, and as soon as the ferment finished, the heat again. The leaven wanders like crazy, has already added salt and made it thicker, no matter how sour it will be, it will be a shame
M @ rtochka
I got to this recipe by reference from some kind of sourdough. And, having raised a Frenchwoman, I decided to try. Unfortunately, there is no photo, although I was sure I did. The leaven is still young, it did not raise the bread much, but nevertheless it raised it!
At first I thought, and that I did it like that ... Everything is so black, wrapped it in a towel, left it until morning. And the next day I cooked borscht! Oh, and this bread went well with him! The son is not at all a fan of black, Borodinsky eats from under the stick, and then he asked for more! He said that it fits well with borscht. And even with lard
Thanks for the recipe!
Instead of cumin (over), I added freshly ground coriander.
Daria, I am glad that you liked the bread. He is "the most delicious" on the second day. We love him to the borschik too. And with lard is a must.

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