Fish fried on parchment in a pan

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Fish fried on parchment in a pan


Salmon steaks or fillets 500 g
Starch 3 tbsp. l
Butter (quantity to taste) 30-50 gr
Salt pepper taste
Seasoning for fish optional taste
Sheet of parchment

Cooking method

I recently came across a recipe for fried fish in a pan, and even on parchment. Well, it became interesting what and how. Bought a salmon steak, although any other fish will do. And then I prepared it. I can only say that it is very tasty. Crispy on the outside and tender, juicy on the inside.

Fish fried on parchment in a pan
Rinse and dry the steak or salmon fillet. Season with salt and pepper. Grate with seasoning.
Fish fried on parchment in a pan
Roll the pieces of fish in starch.
Fish fried on parchment in a pan
Put parchment in the pan (cut off the protruding corners so that they don't burn) and put on fire. Put the fish pieces in a hot pan.
Fish fried on parchment in a pan
After 2-3 minutes, spread the pieces of butter. As one side is fried, then flip to the other. Fry the other side until tender. Serve with salad or any side dish.

What's the parchment counter?
Tatyana, the question is certainly interesting. But I somehow did not think about it. It was written to do so well, I am an obedient girl and did. They say that it does not smoke and does not burn, as usual when frying fish. The pan is also clean.
And in practice, in comparison with the traditional method, how is it? Is there a difference in process and taste?
And if nothing gets into the pan, is dry overheating harmful to it?
The taste, oddly enough, seemed to us better than frying in a pan.
And the pans are alive and well. At one time, the meat was constantly fried in sheets of Maggi parchment, if I'm not mistaken.
Thank you
Volgas, thanks for the new recipe.
Recently I began to fry fish in a dry frying pan in parchment, I really like it.
Svetlana, great recipe! Let's cook! Thank you!
Volgas, oooh from this for me for sure, do not wash the pan, class !!!
I do this for a chicken, only I wrap the parchment in an envelope. Delicious. But I didn't think of a fish. Need to try
Volgas, just in case, took it to bookmarks. I've never seen this! Light, but turn it over with the parchment together, or the parchment remains, but the fish turns over?

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