Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi

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Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi


Eggplant 2
Bulgarian pepper 1-2
Onion 1-2
Garlic 4-6 teeth
Chilli 1
Soy sauce 6st. l
Rice vinegar 3st. l
Sugar 1 tbsp. l
Green onions, cilantro or parsley

Cooking method

A very tasty and rather easy dish to prepare.
For lack of wok, And a deep frying pan, I made Ninja Foodi in my favorite saucepan, because her saute program is quite hot.
Of course, whoever has a wok or a frying pan similar to it can be made in it or in it)))
You know that Chinese food is food cooked quickly enough over high heat. And everything is done very quickly, quickly fried, quickly added.
Therefore, all products must be prepared in advance, so that later only have time to add to the pan.
Begin. It is necessary to peel the eggplants, cut them into pieces and roll in starch. Next, I give a link to the author, he peeled the eggplants in strips, but what, I repeated, although you can not peel it at all, or peel it completely. I have corn starch.
Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi
Now we chop the onion, bell pepper, garlic and hot pepper
Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi
Prepare the dressing, soy sauce 6 tablespoons, rice vinegar (or any will do) 3 tablespoons, mix 1 spoonful of sugar until the sugar dissolves. Add garlic, pepper, vegetable oil, mix.
Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi
All the ingredients are ready, we proceed directly to the preparation.
Pour oil and heat up a saucepan or skillet.
Shake off excess starch, put eggplants in hot oil, fry, then put on paper towels.
Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi
Pour a little oil into a saucepan, put the garlic and, stirring continuously, fry it, then add the onion, fry, then the peppers.
Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi
When you can see that the onion is fried, there are traces of frying on it, add the eggplant.
Stir everything continuously. Add green onions, cilantro, I have parsley. Fry a little, avoiding burning.
Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi
Pour out the sauce, stir. To thicken the sauce, dilute the starch with water and add to the saucepan. Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi
The author writes that you can add a little bit of tomato paste or
That's all, put it on a plate and enjoy !! Delicious
Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi

Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi



Here is a link to the recipe, thanks to the author !!

Irina, it must be very, very tasty, I will cook it soon Thanks for the recipe and great photos!
Cvetaal, try it, it's very tasty, I ate it just like that, without anything, my husband as a side dish for chicken (asks and asks for chicken, I really like it from the saucepan)

Chinese Eggplant at Ninja Foodi

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