Shortbread dough in Maikuk

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Shortbread dough in Maikuk


butter 125 g
sugar 110 g
milk 50 g
flour 250 g
yolk 2 pcs
salt 1 pinch

Cooking method

Place butter at room temperature in a jug, add sugar and salt. Stir for 1 minute at speed 3
Add yolks, milk and vanillin. stir for 30 seconds at speed 3
Pour in flour and mix for 1.5 minutes at speed 3
Shortbread dough in Maikuk
Our dough is ready. Using a syringe, we form cookies and bake for 15 minutes at a pace of 180 degrees in an oven or airfryer (I did it in an airfryer, since I don't have an oven)
Shortbread dough in Maikuk
Shortbread dough in Maikuk

Very nice cookie!
Quote: celfh

Very nice cookie!

Yes, the children said that they should be done more often)))
What a beauty! And it's delicious! And she returned to school childhood. Thank you! I'll take it to the piggy bank, maybe I'll get myself together and bake.

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