Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay

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Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay


Rice paper and rice vermicelli
Rice vinegar
Fish / soy sauce
Hot chili
Fresh basil
Green onion
Fresh mint

Cooking method

Spring begins and you want something light, fresh, unbeaten. I offer shrimp rolls from Gordon Ramsay.
Here's what we need to prepare them.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay

First, let's cook the shrimp. We wash them, who have ice cream, no need to defrost, just wash off the snow.
We prepare water, take peppercorns, squeeze juice from half a lemon, add water and put on fire.
When it boils, put the shrimp and cook for 3-5 minutes. Throw in a colander, cool, cut into small pieces.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay
Now we begin to prepare the noodles. We put it in a bowl and pour boiling water over it. We leave for a few minutes. Drain, rinse with cold water. Cut into small pieces with scissors.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay
Now we are preparing the sauce. The sauce is light, without oil, mayonnaise, spicy.
We put a couple of tablespoons of sugar in a dose, pour in rice vinegar, add either fish or soy sauce.
Mix well, taste, if necessary add either sauce or vinegar.
Finely chop the garlic, hot pepper. Add to the sauce. Cut the green onions, mint and basil leaves, add.
Let it brew.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay
Add shrimps to the finished noodles. Then we cut the green salad, grate the carrots, chop the greens - onion, basil and mint, put everything to the vermicelli.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay

Stir, add a couple of three spoons of sauce so that it tastes and is not liquid.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay
Here the filling and dressing are ready, now you need to wind the rolls.
Prepare a plate of warm water and rice paper.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay
Put the leaf in warm water until softening, about 30 seconds. We put it on the board.
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay

In order to take a picture, I did not begin to smooth the sheet, otherwise it is not visible, but in general it must be evenly spread out.
Put the filling, gently wrap the roll.
Dip in the sauce and enjoy, delicious !!
Shrimp Rolls by Gordon Ramsay
Bon Appetit!!

What a treat! I really love this)
LereleIra, temptress
It is necessary to do, only there is no rice paper, can you replace it with a sheet of algae?
And I also have a whole kilogram of pickled ginger, just in time for the rolls.
I will definitely do it, then I will report back
Jouravl, yes replace, of course. It will still be delicious
Irina, how delicious she is! The freshness just blew! Well done!
The recipe is gorgeous, the touch is masterpiece! One of the first on the list for future follow-up!
Cvetaal, Rada-dms, ladies !! First Happy Easter !!
Well, thanks !!
Quote: Jouravl
only no rice paper
Do It

Steam cooking (a solution of starch dough is spread on a thin dense weave of fabric)

Native Americans spread a thick starchy solution on a hot stone slab to the desired thickness.
That is, such starchy rice pancakes can be cooked in a skillet.

Lerele, thanks for the beautiful spring recipe!

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