Salad "Shemakhinsky"

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Kitchen: azerbaijani
Shemakhinsky salad


Boiled beef 300 BC
pickled cucumbers 200 BC
bow (I took the red one) 1 PC.
apple cider vinegar (wine) 6% 50 ml.
sugar 1-2 tsp
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
lettuce leaves
Cherry tomatoes 8-10 pcs.
vegetable oil 2-3 st. l.

Cooking method

Shemakhinsky salad
Cut the onion into half rings or feathers. Pour vinegar, add sugar and salt. Mix well. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. I took this vinegar Recipe (by ang-kay): Aromatic vinegar.
Shemakhinsky salad
Cut the meat and cucumbers into strips.
Shemakhinsky salad
Season with salt and pepper. Add pickled onions and vegetable oil. Mix. Let the salad sit for a couple of hours. Put on lettuce leaves. spread the halves of the tomatoes around. Decorate with herbs. I just put the tomatoes in places on top.
Shemakhinsky salad

Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


Recipe from the book "Azerbaijani cuisine".
The salad is delicious when the meat is marinated. I made my own small changes, adding sugar to the onions and took for the marinade Recipe (by ang-kay): Aromatic vinegar... Recommend!

Angela, what an interesting recipe, must be done on the weekend.
Thank you
Yaroslavna, to your health. Do it. Like it)
Angela, delicious!!! The serving is different, but this salad will become one of our favorites
Shemakhinsky salad
Olga, I'm glad. To your health!
Angela, and what oil did you take, refined odorless, or what other?
Yaroslavna, took no smell.
Angela, Thank you! Already cut everything)))

ang-kay, Angela, delicious salad! I love the combination of beef with cucumbers.
Sorry for the photo, my phone does not take pictures well in sunny weather.

Shemakhinsky salad

Thank you
Yaroslavna, what a beautiful! Well done. I'm glad I liked it)
Quote: Yarik
Angela, what kind of oil did you take, refined odorless, or what other?
"Shemakhinsky" salad is a signature recipe of the "Shirvan" restaurant. It is better to use unrefined vegetable oil for dressing this salad - this will make the dish more aromatic and tasty.

Ilgar Akhmedov,

chef of the restaurant "Shirvan"


The salad is called "Shemakha", in honor of the ancient city of Shamakhi. This beautiful city is located in a mountainous area covered with forests and meadows, it is so picturesque and ecologically safe that it is a resort area and has many attractions. The city is also praised by the great poet A. Pushkin in the work "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel".


Yes, by the way, I added a spoonful of unrefined oil.

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