Sea cocktail salad

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Seafood cocktail salad


Carrot 1 PC
Fresh cucumber 1 PC
Seafood Cocktail 200 g
Egg (medium) 3 pcs
Prunes 10-12 pcs
Cheese 80 g

Cooking method

You can collect salad in one common dish or in portions.
Seafood cocktail salad
Boil the carrots and egg.
Cut the cucumber, carrots and steamed prunes into cubes.
Grate the egg on a coarse grater.

Cut the seafood and lay out in the first layer. Coat with mayonnaise.

Then a layer of prunes and mayonnaise.
A layer of cucumber mayonnaise.
Layer of eggs-mayonnaise.
A layer of carrot-mayonnaise.

Sprinkle with grated cheese on top.

Decorate the finished salad.

Bon Appetit!

Fresh salad for the holiday! So I will make it for my seafood lovers.
lettohka ttt
Volgas, Svetlana, an interesting salad! Prunes with seafood must be delicious !! Nice, tasty, original! Bookmark it! Thank you for the recipe, photo and recipe, super awesome !!!
Rada-dms, lettohka ttt,
Girls, do to your health. Yes, not only meat and fruits are delicious, but seafood is also available. And we are preparing a sea cocktail in different variations.
What an excellent salad, what composition, what serving.
Immediately the mood rose and I wanted to cook.

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