Kalapyr (Kyalafir)

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Kitchen: azerbaijani
Kalapyr (Kyalafir)


lamb (beef) 500 BC
turnip onion 2-3 pcs.
Sweet pepper 2-3 pcs.
tomato 2 pcs.
salt taste
water 200-400 ml.
pepper mix taste
zira option
coriander option

Cooking method

  • Kalapyr (Kyalafir)
    Cut the meat into small pieces. Onions - in half rings or feathers.
    Kalapyr (Kyalafir)
    Place the meat and onions in a cauldron or thick-walled saucepan. Put on fire. Pour in some water. To cover with a lid. Simmer over low heat. After 20 minutes salt, add spices. Add water if necessary.
    Kalapyr (Kyalafir)
    Cut the tomatoes into wedges. Pepper - in stripes.
    Kalapyr (Kyalafir)
    When the meat is done, add the vegetables. Close the lid and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
    Kalapyr (Kyalafir)
  • Cooking is not difficult. The main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!


This dish, which serves as a decoration of the festive table in many regions of Azerbaijan, is recorded in the national encyclopedia as "Kalapir" or "Kyalafir". The classic recipe uses only pieces of lamb or beef and onions. When cooking, a little water is added to the dish, and when serving, gatyg (katyk) and garlic sauce is served.
Vegetables are added to modern cooking. This dish is served in restaurants with tomatoes and peppers. Vegetables give the meat a special flavor.
Very tasty, aromatic and soft meat. Recommend!

Angela, well, you can't do that! Looking at the night such show! Immediately zhr I wanted to eat!
Galina, at night this is possible if you really want to. If from beef or lean lamb, then there is nowhere more dietary)
Quote: ang-kay
at night this is possible if you really want to.
You can do it, but where can you get it at night!
Lamb, yes with vegetables, it's super! Thank you!
Yaroslavna, to your health!
Quote: Jackdaw Crow
but where can I get it in the night!
Yes, I somehow did not think)
Quote: ang-kay
When the meat is done, add the vegetables.
When is the meat ready?
Great recipe
Karina, Thank you)
Our family loved this dish from the first spoonful. Thank you very much. I see it is included in the competition. And how to mark it so that it wins?
Nikka, great how! I'm glad our tastes matched. Simple yet delicious food with a minimum of effort.
Quote: posetitell
mark it to win
Nikka, in the competition, not a specific dish will win, but a participant. This does not depend on members of the forum)
ang-kay, Angela, I prepared this dish today. I cooked Stew in the Element on my favorite mode.
Eh, why haven't you posted this recipe before?
Preparing lazily, it turns out delicious. True, I was suddenly attacked by a culinary perversion: I threw rice noodles right into the meat, let it brew. In general, we ate it in a day. Angela, let me kiss you!
ang-kay, Angela, I confirm: there is no laziness, the result is pleasing.
Quote: ang-kay
When the meat is done, add the vegetables. Close the lid and simmer for 10-15 minutes.
ang-kay, Angela, after about how long should it be ready? Half an hour, an hour, two hours? Reference point?
And in the end it should turn out with liquid? Soup type?
Rita, everything depends on meat. It will be ready from an hour to two. The end result is with a little broth, such as a stew, not a soup. But again, it all depends on preference.How much water was poured, the juiciness of vegetables.
Angela, mustache understood, chief!

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