Cornbread in Panasonic SD-2510 bread maker

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Cornbread in Panasonic SD-2510 bread maker


corn broth 300 ml.
corn grits 70 gr.
raw yeast, baking 8 gr.
salt 4 gr.
wheat flour. 1st grade 400 gr.

Cooking method

  • I always bake this bread when I cook corn cobs. Agree that the broth, at the same time, turns out with its own taste, and if you consider that some of the trace elements from corn have passed into the water, then pouring it out is simply blasphemy.
  • But one point must be taken into account: if you salted corn when cooking, then you do not need to add salt to the bread.
  • So, as usual, everything is very simple. Pour the corn grits with part of the broth and boil lightly, until half cooked. You can do this in the microwave, or on the stove.
  • In the remaining broth we dilute the yeast, add salt, corn porridge, flour (not all, we leave it for adjusting the bun) and turn on the program in which you knead the dough. In my Panasonic SD-2510 I do it on 21 programs "Pelmeni" or on program 17 if the bread maker is Panasonic SD-2500. I won't tell you about others, I don't know.
  • After the bun has formed a little softer than usual, corn grits will still take on some of the liquid, turn off the kneading and turn on the "Basic bread" program. This is my first, for 4 hours. That's it, you can safely leave your assistant and wait for a fragrant, tasty bread with a crispy crust.


I like small-component, if I may say so, bread. And I like to get different tastes from a minimal set of products.
Cook, with love, for yourself and your loved ones. Bon Appetit!

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