Fast cheese

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Fast cheese


* Sugar 3 tbsp. l.
* Salt 1 tsp
* Ground flaxseed 2 tbsp. l.
* Flax seed water 5 tbsp. l.
* Vanillin taste
* Rust oil 5 tbsp. l.
* Kefir 200 ml.
* Soda 0.5 tsp
* Flour 500 BC
* Cottage cheese 2 packs
* Sugar 3-5 tsp (taste)
* Ground flax 3 tbsp. l.
* Flax seed water 7.5 tbsp. l.
* Dried apricots a good handful (no matter how hard it is)

Cooking method

  • I prepare the dough like this:
  • I measure out ground flax, fill it with water and leave it to swell for 10 minutes.
  • I put sugar, salt, vanillin, swollen flax in a mixing bowl. Whisk a little.
  • I add oil, mix well.
  • I pour in kefir, stir.
  • I bring in soda. Mix again.
  • I pour in all the flour at once and begin to knead with a tablespoon. As soon as it becomes difficult to interfere, I mix it with my hand. You can dust the bun with flour a little if it sticks a lot.
  • Now cover the bowl with the dough and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Filling:
  • Pour the ground flax in the same way as for the filling with some water and add the already swollen flax to the mixture of cottage cheese, sugar and dried apricots. To stir thoroughly. The mass turns out to be so good, viscous.
  • You can start cutting.
  • If I bake a sweet open pie, then I cut off the fourth part from the bun, into plaited flowers.
  • I put the rest of the piece on a baking sheet, covered with a non-burning mat.
  • And right there I roll it out to the desired thickness, about 0.8-1 cm.
  • I put the filling, not reaching the edge, pinch the edge.
  • I form the decorations, put them on the surface of the cake.
  • I put it in an oven preheated to 180 * C and bake for 35 minutes.
  • In the same way I bake kulebyaki (in this case, I put only 1 tbsp of sugar in the dough)
  • I really like this dough. Extremely fast and delicious. And a plump pinched edge, then just relish))

Mandraik Ludmila
Natasha, a very interesting recipe! Does flax not give a taste?
Bookmark it!
Natashahow glad I am to you !!!!
Can you replace it with flaxseed flour in the recipe?
Luda, light flax does not taste, but dark flax will.

Quote: zvezda
Can you replace it with flaxseed flour in the recipe?
Purely theoretically, it is probably possible. I have not tried it myself, so I find it difficult to say, Ol.
What a good cheesecake! Here is my heart - victorious!
Shine, embarrassed))

And I just wanted to bake without eggs. I remembered about the flaxseed egg. Not only did I replace the egg in the dough, so I decided to go even further - and replace it in the filling. My household appreciated both the taste and the idea itself.
Thanks for the compliment.
I will definitely do it! Thanks for the recipe!
Quote: Natalia525
Thanks for the recipe!
Natalia, bake, eat with pleasure !!!

On this test, I baked different variations of the pies.
This is apple-mountain ash (mountain ash forest)
Fast cheese
Fast cheese
And apple-currant
Fast cheese
Fast cheese
And cabbage kulebyaku
Fast cheese
Fast cheese
And I'm meat pie
Fast cheese

For all fillings, the dough works fully and efficiently.
One word is UNIVERSAL.
So let's write it down bakes the beauty of inhuman delicious I sound ...
Ol, on the contrary, is an ordinary recipe, but won over with its simplicity, versatility and speed. And taste too.
This morning I tasted yesterday's apple-currant pie - very cool, a lot of filling.
The filling was prepared from frozen berries and fresh apples. did it in the microwave. I starch a little so that it does not flow during baking. Everything turned out great.
God .. what a beauty!that's why you can't steal a bite. until the hostess sees
Vikul, I would gladly treat you !!!
Today (or rather, every other day) I bake pies from this dough.Pets don't want to let go of this pie))
Fast cheese
Fast cheese
What a handsome man !!
Quote: zvezda

What a handsome man !!
Thank you, Olga!!!

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