Corn, steamed in a Panasonic multicooker

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Corn, steamed in a Panasonic multicooker


corn on demand
water optional

Cooking method

  • We clean the corn and put it in a multicooker pan. If the cobs are large, then we break them. If they are placed intact, then intact and leave. How many rows you get is not important. The main thing is that the multicooker is closed.
  • After the first row has been laid, pour water to its middle. And that's all. Sprinkle with salt if necessary. I prefer without everything. Whoever needs it will rub it with salt later, and whoever doesn’t need to enjoy the natural taste. I belong to this type and myself.
  • Turn on the "steam cooking" mode for 10 minutes. All. The corn will be soft, juicy and tasty.

The dish is designed for

according to the need and capacity of the pan

Cooking program:



I walked around the site in search of the same recipe and did not find it. I only stumbled upon myself ...
Quote: Giraffe

And I cooked yesterday and today. Yesterday mulka for a couple of 10 minutes, and today I put it in a bag and in the microwave for 10 minutes. And before that, too, on the extinguishing. I love corn!
Since I don't change my way, I decided to share it. Suddenly someone will fit.
Cook, with love, for yourself and your loved ones. Bon Appetit!

I can imagine how delicious

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