Yeast curd and pear pie

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Yeast curd-pear pie


premium wheat flour 400-425 grams
milk 200 ml
dry yeast 8 grams
egg c-0 1 piece
sugar 100g
salt 1 not full teaspoon
odorless vegetable oil 50 grams
For filling
soft cottage cheese 400 gram
eggs c-0 2 pieces
starch 2 tablespoons
sugar 3 tablespoons
zest from one lemon
2-3 hard large pears
mold with a diameter of at least 30 cm

Cooking method

  • Mix milk, butter and egg, add sugar and salt, stir until dissolved.
  • Put yeast in flour, mix. Then gradually add to the milk mixture. The dough should be soft, slightly sticky. I advise you not to hammer with flour.
  • Cover the container with the dough with a foil and put it in a warm place for approach. Allow to come up at least twice. Before settling down, grease your hands with vegetable oil.
  • For the filling, mix cottage cheese and eggs. Add sugar, zest and starch, mix.
  • Roll out the finished dough into a circle, put in a mold with a rim.
  • Tuck the edge of the dough with a flagellum.
  • Yeast curd-pear pie
  • Lay out the filling, distribute evenly.
  • Yeast curd-pear pie
  • Spread thin slices of peeled pears over the filling.
  • Yeast curd-pear pie
  • Leave the cake pan for 30 minutes to approach.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 40-45 minutes.
  • Willingness to test with a stick.
  • Cool the baked pie completely in the form.
  • According to a slightly altered recipe from the book Festive baked goods

The dish is designed for

for a large company

Time for preparing:

few hours

Cooking program:



Such a cool pie turned out
The family checked out
Yeast curd-pear pie

Sour apples are also suitable instead of pears.

I do not advise doing it in a pizza oven, the pie rises strongly.

Alena Besha
Oh, what a pretty pie! : girl_claping: Helen, it turned out very cool! I will definitely try tomorrow! What do you think - can you combine 200 g of cottage cheese + 200 g of cream cheese? I think it will be delicious! And - does it go well only with pears, or are apples also delicious? Everything is there, you need to bake .... Interestingly, from this portion in Tortilka 2 it will probably turn out ... I can't figure out what to bake in. : girl-th: Dragged away!
Alyonushka, thank you very much
You can make cottage cheese + cheese, it will be tender.
Try to make two small ones in Tortika. If you do it with apples, with sweet and sour, remove the zest from the filling. If you like cinnamon, sprinkle a little on top. And do the second with pears.
Alena Besha
Lenochka, thank you for the explanation! : a-kiss: To me on "you", please
Lenus, what a beautiful pie! Redhead!
Lenus, what size is your uniform?
Thank you!

Today, too, I fiddled with cottage cheese, I had to attach it somewhere, ah ... And so I left it until tomorrow.
Ritusik please
Silicone mold, 30 cm.
The dough is very tasty, can be made with any filling

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