Green powder from green tops

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Green powder from green tops


Chard (beet tops)
Carrot tops
Radish tops
Horseradish leaves
Leafy celery
Parsley leaves
Mint leaves

Cooking method

  • In the fall, the question arose of harvesting tops of vegetables and greens in order to prepare green cabbage soup in the middle of winter, various smoothies, for which many different fruits and berries were hidden in the freezer. There are many options for making smoothies.
  • Especially appreciated green smoothies, its vitamin composition.
  • I look longingly at the freezer drawers, for some reason they do not stretch in different directions, but I would like to)))
  • And then, my eyes fell on the packaging of algae powder! POWDER!!!
  • And I immediately remembered Victoria Butenko's book "Recipes for Green Cocktails" - recipes for health, energy, youth and a slim figure. In this book, Victoria perfectly talks about greens, as about good nutrition and the benefits that greens bring to the body in the form of nutrition and cleansing.
  • So we will turn greens-tops of vegetables and herbs into POWDER !!!
  • For drying and preparing the powder from the tops, I only take the leaves. I'll talk about the stems below.
  • I separate the leaves from the stems from the tops.
  • Rinse the tops in clean water, dry them from excess water. I wash the greens in the green washing carousel.
  • I spread the greens on the board and cut into large pieces. Transfer the herbs to the trays of the dryer, and dry the tops until fully cooked, until the greens are crisp.
  • I put the finished greens in a bag, knead them with my hands until small green crumbs.
  • Green powder from green tops
  • Green powder from green tops
  • It is advisable to store such greens in bags, glass, in a dark place.
  • Green powder from green tops
  • And as always, we have a great deception of nature: a carriage and a small cart of fresh herbs, and ... a small package of dried greens in the form of a powder)))) The only consolation is that the carriage of greens cannot be crammed into the freezer under any circumstances, it will not fit) )
  • What to do with stems from tops?
  • The stalks of the tops contain no less vitamins and usefulness than the leaves themselves !!!
  • The stems from the tops are very strong, and if you dry them together with the leaves, you end up with dry sticks that you cannot grind in a blender.
  • Thin stems carrots, parsley, celery, horseradish and others can be finely chopped and dried separately, then combined with other dried herbs and then added when cooking broths - all the usefulness will go into the broth Soup greens (a mixture of dried vegetables, herbs)
  • I got an armful of carrot tops, very young, the stalks are thin and juicy. Therefore, the stalks were cut large and frozen, perfect for smoothies.
  • Green powder from green tops
  • And these are thin and young, juicy stalks of parsley, I also don't throw it away - I cut it, washed it and froze it, the blender will break everything))
  • Green powder from green tops
  • Peeled and washed (dried from water) thick large stems I cut them into large pieces, convenient for the blender to grind them together with the fruit. And I freeze these pieces on a baking sheet, and then pack them in a bag and put them in the freezer for storage. Harvesting tops (beetroot, carrot, radish, horseradish) for freezing
  • Here on a baking sheet, I have frozen stalks of chard and horseradish, which I will store in the freezer separately from the tops, and use in the future to make smoothies, along with various fruits and berries What shall we drink? Compote, jelly, drinks, juices, smoothies, cocktails ...
  • Green powder from green tops
  • Green tops dried up.
  • Now I turn the crumb into green powder.
  • Green powder from green tops Green powder from green tops Green powder from green tops
  • Such a powder does not have hard inclusions, and it is easy to drink with smoothies or homemade kefir)
  • Green powder from green tops
  • The smoothie recipe is here:
  • Green powder from green topsSmoothie "Green Peach" with curd whey
  • For use, greens can be wiped in a blender, to a very fine powder. But, I left small crumbs in this form)
  • Again about vitamins and amino acids and vitamin B-12 Healthy and vegetarian food: from breakfast to dinner (from personal experience) # 275


I am very pleased with the result!
The smell of green leaf powder is fresh grass, dried grass, not repulsive. Plunge into summer, vegetable garden
The taste is quite normal, it is also not repulsive. And besides, in dried form it has a concentrated taste, and the amount of grass (in terms of the fresh amount of grass), and it is undesirable to take a lot of such herbs in powder, 1-3 tsp will be enough for a glass of smoothie.
But, and from such an amount of greens will be a great effect if the smoothie is taken on an ongoing basis.

We go to the forest, the field to collect summer herbs, leaves of garden plants, and make healthy teas from them
We grow and collect fruits and vegetables on our plots, and try to preserve, preserve them for winter
We freeze and dry vegetables and fruits, and also stock them for future use to replenish vitamins in winter
So, why do we throw it into the compost and feed the livestock the very BOTVE of vegetables and herbs, in which there are many times more vitamins and microelements than the vegetables themselves?
Everyone to the garden!
Everyone in the garden!
For collection BREATHERS and GREENS, and its conservation in all convenient ways

I'll go into more detail about the health benefits of each of the vegetables I used for the green powder shortly.

Bon appetit, and good health


And now, gardeners, calculate how much green tops you put into the compost, or just threw it away, left it on the market ... A CAR and a small cart !!! Eh ...

Tatyana, and can you replace chard with beet leaves?
Quote: Silyavka
replace chard with beet leaves

Lena, which is practically the same thing. Take it - you won't be mistaken
Tatyana, and if without radishes?

Lena, the composition of the powder can be any, according to the presence of greenery. And the proportions of greenery are also "how it goes"
Quote: Admin
calculate how much green tops you compost, or just threw away, left on the market ... WAGON and a small cart !!! Eh ...
And all this is CELL, insoluble fiber, so necessary for our intestines!

Ilmira, if about a powder, then there is a scanty amount of fiber in 2 tsp, it will not reach the intestines
But, the amount of trace elements in the tops ... goes off scale in comparison with the same vegetables, which is important for the same digestive tract

Soon I will give full information on this issue, you will be shocked
Quote: Admin
you will be shocked
Tan, I'm waiting! The tops are still there, even a young one can still be cut

Then go and slice, sushi - you can't go wrong
Quote: Admin
K. Marina
And I no longer have vegetables in my garden, except for tomatoes (. But I took notes. I'll dry the celery!
And today a whole T-shirt bag of young carrot tops was brought to me, do not refuse, because now it is drying
I will make a report tomorrow
The girls are starting to believe in the universal mind, this year I also began to make powders from greens, and it started with the stalks of dill it so happened that it grows very poorly for me, although my neighbors are like a weed and my weight is in gold because I love him, so Here I have the stems from the dill and the idea came to dry them and grind them too, and I liked the result so much that now I dry all the stems and pray the indescribable smell and in any dish with a bang.
Quote: BabaGalya
Auger began to make powders from greens

Galya, and it is right! Powders from the roots are no worse than the greenery itself

To your health!
But this is a great idea to dry leaves and stems! Otherwise, I ice everything, and the freezer is not rubber
BakhroshkaIrina is a weighty argument in favor of powder, I have 9 pallets that fit in 1.5 300g. jars, though I have an electric flour grinder, it ground everything into dust, but I liked it more on the coffee grinder, I'm really sorry for the baby

There is something to do now, we will "canned" the tops in jars (y) the whole garden will be cleaner

Girls, well done!

And I don't want to turn the whole tops into powder, I will do it as I go, if necessary - while it is kept in small crumbs

Smoothie with carrot tops

Ingredients: fresh carrot tops, fresh carrot stalks, raw apple, kiwi, honey, water

Green powder from green tops

Great smoothie turned out, fresh to taste
In recipes for green cocktails and smoothies, there is a tab of greens in the amount of 1 cup, that is, in cups.

I did a home experiment to find out how much it will be in spoons if you use dried leaf powder (or other greens)

I measured out one cup of carrot tops. I put the tops in the dryer and dried

Green powder from green tops Green powder from green tops

Turned dried herbs into crumbs

Green powder from green tops

One cup of fresh herbs is replaced by 2 tbsp. l. green leaf powder

But, if this is your first time using fresh vegetable tops, or dried powder, start with 1/2 cup of greens, and 1-2 tsp. green powder. And only gradually increase the amount of greens in the smoothie
Plyushkin @
Great idea!
I really like to add something ground-dried to bread, dough for dumplings, etc., just to some cereal side dish. Usually it is dried dill-parsley, now I really love to add kelp (this is sea tops). But I don't have a vegetable garden, only dill-parsley in the season is sometimes very cheap, dry for the winter.
By the way, I remembered how my friend and I were thinking how to prepare a garden swan, which she grew in large numbers. They tried to ferment, in the manner of cabbage - it crawled into porridge. So, I think it would be ideal to dry it.
So, what else can you dry (think out loud?) We sell beets and carrots without tops, radishes too. In the spring, pick up nettles, the same quinoa, wood lice ... Still edible young leaves of plantain, shepherd's purse ... Dandelion is bitter (it does not bother me, but in dried form it will intensify), but if you try to soak in saline and then dry .. ...
In general, a bohemian idea, thanks, went to think and make plans for productive spring walks
Pancake. Pancake. Pancake. I buy aojiru on aiherb. And I myself throw a ton of tops onto the compost.
Tatyana, as always, you are great
Sveta, really - PANCAKE PANCAKE Such money for such small jars

My dried tops are used everywhere, in salads, in kefir, in avocado paste, pates, especially
And in the freezer there is a lot of this tops, in green soups, cook eggs in the morning, then everywhere ...

Actively switching to tops ... instead of compost
Admin, I do all this too, but you are so superb !!! do detailed tips !!! There is a lot of dry land, but now I know where I will use it! I also wanted to ask about the cake of pine nuts (excuse me for not being in this thread), do you not dry it after spinning, but keep it in the refrigerator? and then for milk? God, how much interest and questions I have in you !! ...
Quote: ch-g-ch
And I myself throw a ton of tops onto the compost.
IMHO there is her way! My mother-in-law in the village used to feed the pigs like this, she said the meat was delicious, yes with nettles, and with potato peelings ... It was a gorgeous meat! "Why don't you eat that yourself?" I asked. "But what kind of cattle are we? We have a lot of our own greenery, our cattle have our own" ... I look at my garden in the summer and autumn, and I do not pull at the tops at all, because, indeed, - human greenery grows in bulk, - and spinach, and sorrel, and garlic, and lettuce, and cabbage, and peas, and celery and ..., and ..., etc. ... In supermarkets, too, all human in bulk ...
Quote: Malvpresli
about cedar nut cake

It all depends on the amount of cake received and the purpose of use. any cake may be different. Gorgeous milk is obtained from cedar. And you can cook:
- delicious spreading paste for snacks.
- add to the smoothie.
- salads, cereals, sprinkle baked goods and so on ...

I don't have a lot of cedar oil cake (the nut is very expensive) to dry. I keep it in the refrigerator in glass and try to use it quickly so that it does not oxidize and turn rancid, since there is a lot of fat in the cake too.
Quote: Kapet
indeed, - human greenery grows in bulk, - both spinach and sorrel,

Well, we haven’t been eating cattle for some time now, for two years now, and we don’t even miss her. And today I can rephrase the phrase “all diseases from nerves, that is, from butchery cattle ", verified by my own experience

And if we compare the amount and presence of vitamins and trace elements, including irreplaceable ones, then in the tops of vegetables (the same beets, carrots, radishes and others) there are hundreds of times more of them than in the vegetables themselves. So why scatter trace elements?
More details here Healthy and vegetarian food and life: from morning to evening (from personal experience) # 264

And the mother-in-law, sitting in the garden, probably did not know about the benefits of tops at that time, she was busy growing pigs Yes, and few people knew about this fact

Quote: ch-g-ch
... I buy aojiru on aiherb.
Admin, Tatyana, now accidentally saw this topic in New messages, thanks, bookmark!
Yes, even about aojiru enlightened
Now I'm making plans for the spring - you must definitely buy seeds of leafy vegetables.
I planted them before, but you don't eat much fresh, they overgrown. Now I will look for chard and Chinese cabbage and dry, dry, dry ...

Zeamays, Svetlana, to your health! And I will wait for reviews
Quote: Zeamays
and dry, dry, dry ...
There are almost no useful amino acids, easily digestible vitamins, and aromatic oils in dried herbs. Consider almost one fiber, which costs a ruble-meter in a supermarket. It's like chewing on a school herbarium ... IMHO it's not worth the candle ... But it's just IMHO! What to spend your personal time on - the choice is yours!
Quote: Kapet
What to spend your personal time on - the choice is yours!

Yes indeed
Everything is learned by comparing one's own state of health, and witticisms on the subject ... depending on what is more in the body and brains

And yes, Konstantin, before you make jokes, study the subject of the conversation carefully, what can be done on the Internet
If this food product is not suitable for you personally, this does not mean that you need to express your "fi" about the product, thus expressing your ignorance to your "fellow" in the forum. Since such an attitude has not been received from you for the first time, in the future I will have to simply delete your posts with such statements.
Mom dear !!!! Recently I began to study the topic of microgreens, but everything can be much easier! Thanks for the find, we will dry and grind!
Natalyushka, to your health!
Quote: Kapet
There are almost no useful amino acids, easily digestible vitamins, and aromatic oils in dried herbs.
Aromatic oils just don't suit me very well, and vitamins, microelements and amino acids, yes, decrease five times, but in the dry form of greens, more is eaten. And it is easier for me physically, and for the stomach too, to sprinkle the porridge with powder than to chew a bunch of grass. Such a compromise for self-consolation turns out
Quote: Kapet
It's like chewing on a school herbarium ...

Herbarium you say !? Oh well
Then let's figure it out what is a herbarium.
We find the definition from different dictionaries:
Herbarium (lat. Herbárium, from herba - "grass") is a collection of dried plants, prepared in accordance with certain rules. Usually herbarium specimens, after drying, are mounted on sheets of thick paper. Depending on the type of plant, a herbarium leaf may contain a whole individual, a group of individuals, or a part of a large (for example, woody) plant.

Attention should be paid to the definition "may be a whole individual, a group of individuals or part of a large (eg woody) plant"

Now let's return to our reality, and based on the definition of "herbarium", let's see what surrounds us from the herbarium:
- collected bundles of various herbs, and hung in the attic in a village house, and having medicinal properties
- various plants pounded into crumb-pieces and packed in boxes, and put on the shelves of pharmacies
- various teas from plants home-cooked and purchased

Based on the definition of the herbarium "plant", we can safely include in this list:
- wheat, oats, rye and other crops from which flour is made and then bread is baked and porridge is prepared for a side dish and in milk
- barley grain, from which healthy porridge is prepared, jelly
- homemade dried fruits (no sugar syrup)
- various spices that we add to food, bread

You can cite a number of useful plant products that we eat under the guise of "herbarium"

Question: and what dear Kapet, Constantin, you and your relatives do not use the products-plants from a "herbarium", even if collected by other hands, even by an industrial method?
And that the listed plants from the "herbarium" lack vitamins, useful medicines?

Something like that
This means that my plants in the form of dried tops of vegetables are important and benefit the body.

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