Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)

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Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)


Cold water 5 l
Sugar 650 g (if you like not very sweet kvass, then 400 g)
Chicory (powder, instant) classic (unflavored) 2 tbsp. l
Lemon acid 1 tsp
Dry yeast 6-7 g

Cooking method

  • Mix sugar, chicory and citric acid in cold water.
  • Stir well and bring to a boil.
  • Turn off heat and cool mixture until warm. I usually put the pot in a bowl of cold water to cool it down and change the water often.
  • When it cools down, send out the yeast, stir and leave until foam appears on the surface of the drink. Usually it takes 3-4 hours (depending on the temperature, as well as how much sugar was poured)
  • Foam appeared, kvass can be considered ready. We develop the banks and send them to the refrigerator.
  • Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)
  • Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)
  • The refreshing drink is ready!

The dish is designed for

5.5 l of finished kvass

Time for preparing:

Duration of preparation 5 min + time for boiling water, cooling and infusion with yeast

Cooking program:

Boiling water stove


This kvass is ready for use after 6 hours. No need to fiddle with rye bread crumbs, bread leaven. Its taste is as close as possible to the taste of barrel kvass, which is sold on the streets of our cities in the summer.
Great for quenching thirst, and for okroshka.

Kvass is a soft drink; also used as a base for first courses. This is one of the most ancient and widespread Russian drinks. Good kvass should be thick, satisfying and tasty. For its preparation, rye and barley malt, yeast, flour, honey, molasses, mint, berry and fruit juices, and raisins are used. Kvass contains valuable nutrients - carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sucrose, maltose, dextrins), proteins and organic acids, aromatic and coloring substances, mineral salts and enzymes, B vitamins. Features of aroma, taste and color, the refreshing properties of kvass are due to extractive substances of bread products and other components from which it is made. Pleasant sour taste, pungency and freshness, bactericidal properties are given to kvass by lactic and carbonic acids formed during its creation. Kvass can also be prepared at home.

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Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)

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Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)

It's a pity that I don't have chicory and I can't cook and taste this kvass!
nila, oh, Nelya ...... I love kvass, but I have never met it from chicory. I will definitely do it, because I respect chicory.
I’ll go and put it on right away. Heat! Thanks for such a quick and easy recipe!
how cool - quick and easy, I will definitely cook it !!!! Thank you!)
velli, valentine, chicory is worth a dime. And sold in any department of coffee and tea
But once I got it wrong, and instead of chicory I added malt. I don’t remember how it happened, but no one noticed much difference.
Wildebeest, Sveta, I was surprised that there is still no such recipe on our forum. I thought many people know and use it.
Tashenka, Natalia, I'm waiting tomorrow morning with a mug of cold kvass. I'll come back from work and try.
kavmins,Marina, yes, it prepares very quickly and simply, without unnecessary body movements.
nila, Nelechka, an excellent, not confusing recipe and a very tasty kvass turns out, I have already switched to this for a long time, mine really like it, just don't boil it, because I do it with liquid chicory.
Quote: nila
This kvass is ready for use after 6 hours. No need to fiddle with rye bread crumbs, bread leaven. Its taste is as close as possible to the taste of barrel kvass, which is sold on the streets of our cities in the summer.
Something my kvass stopped drinking and I stopped putting. Bye bookmark
Tatyana1103, Tatyana, with liquid cieorium is also an option, but I have never tried it. Accustomed to dry, instant. But I'm boiling, it's safer for me for some reason. Although, if you just dissolve chicory, sugar and lemon in well-filtered water, then the production process will be much reduced. All the same, the time for cooling should be at least 2-3 hours.
Albina, you probably just do not have such a heat yet as we have. We also stop drinking as the heat subsides. Even in August I already make kvass, and I cook compotes much less often. We turn to tea and coffee.
Nelya, I will definitely do it!
Oh, Nelechka, and I'll come to you for some kvass. I love kvass at any time of the year! I really respect him.
I already wrote dry chicory and citric acid on my shopping list for today. As soon as I buy, I will do it right away.
Nelechka, thank you very much!

Not a little, but a container with warm yeast water then needs to be covered with cellophane?
celfh, Tatyana, I hope you like this kvass!
Rituslya, Rita, I do in a saucepan, in a saucepan and cool. I added yeast, and just cover it with a lid, not tightly, with a gap. I don't use any cellophane. Just starts to play, and foam appears, I pour it into two 3-liter cans

And you can also take, instead of chicory, leavened wort. And you will also get a quick-brew (crackers will again be out of work)))))
ANGELINA BLACKmore, Natasha, I wrote in front that I used malt instead of chicory, it worked fine!
But that's a completely different recipe
nila, Nelya. Fuck !!! Is that what you don't recognize on our site? kvass ... from chicory? Just some kind of magic (or "alchemy")! Thanks for the recipe, I must try. Although we don't have such heat, half a portion is enough ...
nila, Nelya, aaaa how lovely! mine love kvass and chicory we have on sale.
Thank you so much!
nila, Nelya, interesting, interesting It remains to wait for the warmth, then I'll try.
Kvass wort and chicory (not dry, but also in the form of wort) cannot even be distinguished by taste. Therefore, it does not matter what to do.
Kvass wort: composition
Rye flour;
Rye malt with the addition of catalysts of biological origin;
Corn flour;
Barley malt.
In rare cases, sugar and citric acid are added. Carbohydrates make up 65% of the mass fraction of the product. The content of proteins and organic acids is minimal and fluctuates around 2-3%.

Natural CCS from renowned manufacturers is a viscous liquid with high density. The taste is noticeable sweet and sour notes, occasionally with shades of bitterness. The smell of the fresh substance is pleasant, "bready".

Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)

Instant chicory: composition
Roasted chicory, barley and rye extracts

Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)
Experts also recommend instant chicory for weight loss. It allows you to establish metabolism, improve carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, remove toxins and "harmful" cholesterol from the body. Moreover, a special drink based on soluble chicory has now been developed, which allows you to control your appetite, which is very important if you are on a diet. The drink is called “Chicory for weight loss“ Appetite-control ”BIONOVA®. It is usually taken one hour before lunch and one hour before dinner. Practice shows that a low-calorie diet in combination with the use of this drink makes it possible to get rid of an average of one kilogram per week, and the feeling of hunger, as shown by studies conducted by the Research Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, decreases by 64% after 45 minutes.
Chicory is safe and has no contraindications for the vast majority of healthy people.

ANGELINA BLACKmore, Natasha, I think there is still a difference.
And in such kvass, instant coffee is used instead of chicory. As the saying goes: "There is no friend for taste and color."
Quote: Tatyana1103
Instant chicory: composition
Roasted chicory, barley and rye extracts
On my bank it says: instant chicory with stevia, before that I bought it with rose hips. Nothing else in the lineup.
Mirabel, Vika, marina-mm, Marina, I will be glad if you try this kvass! And it will also become your favorite kvass, just like in our family! I will look forward to your experience :)))))
ANGELINA BLACKmore, with all due respect, but where does the leaven wort have to do with it? I wrote a recipe for kvass on POWDER chicory, and not on kvass wort, or coffee.
For many, chicory is a favorite drink, and there is a drink of necessity. I myself often have to replace my favorite coffee with chicory. For such consumers of chicory there is probably this recipe!
I think that on our forum there are separate recipes for kvass on kvass wort. And many people use this product.
But we do not sell such a product, I don’t know the composition of the kvass wort, nor do they sell liquid chicory in cans. Therefore, I cannot be responsible for identity! But in my comments, right after the recipe, I made a note that I had experience using DRY malt instead of chicory.
I added what chicory I use in the ingredients. I couldn't even think about liquid chicory, because we sell a lot of types of chicory: from rose hips, and with blueberries, and with strawberries, and some other, and many types of classic chicory in different price categories. But I have not met liquid. Therefore, I did not elaborate.
Here is a photo of the chicory that I buy
Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)
And this is its composition
Kvass like from a store barrel (quick kvass)
I hope for your understanding, and no offense!
nila, Nelya, do not be sad that I did not meet liquid chicory, I did not like it, I use instant chicory.
nila, Nelechka, what are you, I just wrote that I have a similar recipe for coffee and liquid chicory, I did it all last summer on liquid chicory, we liked it, but I saw it for the first time on the instant one, I will try it a little later, as you advise, while our weather does not dispose to kvass.
Something my kvass is not rushing into the refrigerator. True, I added the yeast to the "syrup" that had completely cooled down after the night and did not cover it with a lid. Or maybe she added little yeast ... I don't have jewelry scales. And how much yeast in spoons of cotton?
But the taste and smell are nice little water. We always have chicory. We call it baby coffee in our house. Therefore, I think there will be no problems with the preparation of kvass.
Super! Want! Or lemon juice (and how much) instead of lemon. to-you, and then my stomach is not very good on her?
I recently made kvass from store bags.
There, a recipe for a 3 liter can is calculated, which is more convenient in my opinion.
A bag of liquid malt concentrate, 30 grams and a bag of dry yeast, 3 g.
It is also written about boiled water, I took it raw from under the filter.
Sugar according to the recipe is 150 g, it is written to pour out the yeast, but do not stir, leave for a day, then pour into bottles and into the refrigerator. You can drink as soon as it gets cold. In a day, real kvass comes out, with gas and foam.
Nelichka, I'm sorry I got in
The kvass is very tasty. But I'm afraid to drink while driving, the degree of alcohol is present there.
I'll try with chicory
Quote: velli
It's a pity that I don't have chicory and I can't cook and taste this kvass!
velli, valentine, add instant coffee.
Wildebeest, Sveta, and I do not grieve about it
I remember earlier, back in Soviet times, we met liquid chicory in jars. Once having tasted it, I fought off chicory for a long time. And there was no desire to buy and instant. And only when I started to buy his daughter, I tasted that he still tastes quite good! I don’t presume to say, maybe now it is for sale with us, I just haven’t met. But I only go to certain supermarkets, and I haven't seen him there.
Tatyana1103, Tatyana, What are you doing? What are you sorry for? I wasn't talking to you at all! We all have the right to discuss the recipe, suggest or make our own changes to the recipe! But I never impose my opinion on the author, and my ingredients.
Tashenka, Natalia.how? Has it started playing? And then I went to the forum late, and was already worried about your kvass. It's probably too late to advise something.
But still: the foam may not be strong, it depends on the yeast, it depends on the temperature, and how much sugar you added. Just starting to play, the surface seems to become white, and you can pour it. And yet, after standing in the cold, kvass continues its processes. The next day, bubbles appear, and it becomes, as it were, carbonated and sharp.
I use yeast or Dr.Other for baked goods. There are exactly 7 grams, I pour out the whole pack. I can use Saf Moment, there is 11 grams, I divide it in half. And most often at hand our Lviv high-speed. But I have a large, 100 group pack, I add them by weight.
posetitell, Nikka, I can't say anything about lemon juice, I just haven't tried it myself. But if the stomach does not accept the lemon, you can try to replace it with a term. I think a couple of stem spoons will be enough.
Twig, Veta, of course, it is convenient when the store packaging is designed for 3 liters. But no matter how much I tried all sorts of store-bought mixtures or concentrates, I didn't make friends with them. Either you need to add crackers, then some other plug. This method seemed much easier to me, and I'm already used to it.
Yes, and you can count on half a portion, and it will be the same almost 3 liters.
Light, Brightwing, the risky woman in the video. And it's not even about coffee! Personally, I would not make kvass with instant coffee. We use kvass in the heat, and we drink kvass unlimited. And not every organism can withstand excess coffee in the heat! And let it be only 1 tsp for 1.5 liters of water. But I'd rather just have an extra cup of coffee
This woman in the video so boldly pours boiling water into a plastic bottle, even if she had previously poured 300 grams of cooled water there. But boiling water still pours down the walls of the plastic. And then he also plays in this plastic! Wasn't it easier just for her to take the glass container? But as they say, everyone's business! It's just that if you are already filming a video on YouTube, for general use, please think over all the controversial points!
I will report! The kvass turned out to be very tasty. Only in the next. if I add a little sugar, it's a bit sweet for me. But KVASS! This is a lifesaver for me. When my dad comes to our village in the summer, he always asks for kvask. I had to put it in a few days. Then express. And now I boiled it in the evening, put it in the night, drain it in the morning. Fortunately, chicory is always in the house.
Nelya, THANKS again!
And I also did this yesterday, and today the okroshki are cracked
Girls, I pour sugar into hot water and try it, so you can immediately adjust the sweetness, otherwise it will be too late to wave a saber
Maximum 200 grams of sugar in a bed, enough for me
I drink coffee kvass - ok.
And after coffee - sadness - longing.
I solder myself with citramone.

And I also do it in plastic
I saw the recipe for this kvass in "classmates" last year - it turns out a really very pleasant and healthy drink, I strongly advise you to make it
nila, Nelechka, I bought this chicory, or rather my son bought it in Auchan. There it is all different. took sublemeled and liquid with rose hips. I put water with sugar and lemon to boil. Unsubscribe how it goes.Light , thanks for the video provided. As already mentioned, I will use chicory. I also brewed it for myself as coffee and I really liked the taste for the first time.
I have chicory with blueberries at home, today I bought a simple 150 gr at fix-price. Either 50, or 55 rubles, I'll drink some kvass.
I have liquid chicory, I took two tablespoons. The color turned out like a chifir. I'm waiting for it to cool down and I'll start yeast, only mine is pressed ... I looked in the internet, it says that for 5 liters of kvass 50g of live yeast. I sit thinking - isn't it a lot?
Tosha, Antonina, I think it will be sooooo much. I would take 15 grams alive.
Tosha, Antonina, live yeast 50 g will be a lot.
Sveta has already answered you, 15 g may not be enough if you reduce sugar, although it will play anyway. But 20-25g is the maximum!
I was waiting for your answers and left it to cool until evening. Thank you, Sveta and Nelya !!! I'll put 20 grams.
I wrote it down on a piece of paper, I'll put it in the evening at the dacha. True chicory is liquid. As a hot drink I can't, I will try to define it in kvass.
I made kvass! True, I did it for 1 liter of water! Mine do not drink kvass (not any), but I wanted okroshka! That's for myself and bungled!
Don't know what's wrong? Either there is a lot of sugar (I put 80 grams), or I kept a little for fermentation (I stood for 2 hours on the porch, we have + 28 on the street today!). But very sweet! Not enough acid! I added lemons and set it on to wander ...
But okroshka is already cracked! Oh and delicious! Thank you!
I have already made such kvass with liquid malt, chicory and brewed dry malt.
The most delicious is on dry malt. A little body movements - brew the malt with boiling water in a mug, as it cools down, pour into a jar, add sugar, dilute with water (from the filter), add yeast.
He gives such a bread flavor, mmm.
The child brought kvass from the supermarket, compared to homemade fufu, carbonated.
Yesterday, late in the evening, I put kvass in raw filtered water (a quitter) for 2.5 liters, I took 192 grams of sugar, it flopped so much into a glass when weighed, dry yeast 1 tsp. , stirred it all up and went to bed. In the morning I woke up early and remembered that I had not put in citric acid, added. In the morning, there was a warbler on kvass, the drink was on the table.
I really liked this brew. Next time I will customize it to my taste: I will try to reduce the sugar, and replace the citric acid with lemon juice.
Open carefully after refrigeration! "Run away" can.
Tashenka, thanks for the warning.
Nelya, Imagine, I have never bought chicory, I don't even know what it looks like. And there is always malt (for bread).
Quote: Twig
boil the malt with boiling water in a mug, when it cools down, pour into a jar, add sugar, dilute with water (from a filter), add yeast.
What are the proportions of malt to water?
Girls, it's good that you make this divine drink to quench your thirst in the heat! And you like him! I wanted to write the recipe back that year, but something didn't work out, there’s no time. And then the heat subsided, and the recipe was no longer relevant. This year I began to do it myself, and remembered, and decided to share with you!
Choose ingredients to suit your taste, look for exactly your proportions! My sweet tooth my husband enjoys drinking kvass with 650 g of sugar, and he is not sweet. And it turns out sweet to me, and in general I try to reduce sugar. Therefore, I add 400 grams of sugar, I would add even less, but my husband does not allow it.
But if you make kvass for okroshka, then of course you also need to reduce the proportions of sugar.
I never have kvass running through the top when opening. Because I pour it into two 3-liter cans, and there is always room for cold fermentation.
Tatka1, Tatyanawhat chicory looks like, I showed the pack. Buy it, you won't regret it! You can do it with both malt and coffee, but we also want the healthiness of the drink! Chicory is good for you! But not everyone drinks it as a drink. But in kvass it fits very well.
The tutu in the photo is not the cheapest chicory, but I never buy the cheapest one, it really is not very pleasant to drink. The kiosk advised him, took it for a test, and for the second year now I have been taking it. The price of a pack is around UAH 20, plus / minus in different places.
In general, try to make chicory, and malt and compare for yourself!
Sens, I don't use liquid chicory, so I can't tell you the proportions. But the girls wrote ahead that 2 tbsp. l was added.
And in liquid chicory, there is probably also sugar in the composition?
nila, Nelechka, thank you again for the recipe for this kvass, I put it again today, but chicory put 1.5 tbsp on her 2.5 liters of water. l., sugar 120 gr. and 50 milliliters of leftover dandelion honey and again forgot about the lemon juice, which I wanted to add this time instead of citric acid. I went to squeeze the juice.
By the way, mine told me to make such a brew.
And I also have a little bit of mint in my mind.
Wildebeest, Svetik, I am glad that you have found your proportions, and that yours have approved this useful kvass! But about mint is very interesting! I have that mint, like shoe polish, but it never even crossed my mind to add it! I will wait for your opinion as it turned out with mint. Until I try it myself, I just poured two cans for the evening. We stocked up on kvass for 2 days
nila, Nelya, you have mint like shoe polish, but I still need to look for dried ones in the depths. If I do, then not earlier than Monday.

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