Good time everyone! only recently joined the ranks of home bakers. I bought HP Panasonic 2502 (praised by all), too, by the way, they are very happy with it. everything worked out the first time .... so that's actually the question: I want to use yeast that is "raw" in 100g packs ..... how to use it, dilute it in water? at the same time, reduce the amount of added liquid by as much as poured into the yeast? and where to pour this yeast into a bucket or into a dispenser? ..... and another question has not yet baked black bread. I'll choose the recipes here, but the question is where to buy malt and sourdough? are there in your convenience stores? which manufacturers are better, how does it look like? malt is the grain? read that you can order here ... can you refer?
Elena, I'm answering the first question.
The yeast must first be defrosted (if it is from the freezer). You can dilute it in a small amount of warm water. How to do this can be found here How to test and activate yeast?

If there was a lot of liquid, then it must be corrected and the flour-liquid balance must be observed.

How much yeast is needed and the transfer of dry yeast into pressed yeast here Conversion of dry yeast into wet, pressed (and vice versa)

You have a special bread maker. Therefore, I recommend to go to the topic for consultation Bread makers Panasonic SD-2500, SD-2501, SD-2502, SD-2510, SD-2511, SD-2512 ... (4) there you will definitely be helped and conducted a "debriefing"
Elenochka Nikolaevna
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The yeast must first be defrosted. You can dilute it in a small amount of warm water. How to do it can be viewed here How to check and activate yeast?
Are they frozen?
We sell not ice cream. I store it in the refrigerator by placing it in a bag with a lock so that it does not dry out.
I don't dilute it with water beforehand. I throw them into the bowl right away, and then all the other ingredients.
And everything is fine, I like them better than dry granulated ones.
no no, yeast is not frozen, I do not freeze ..... thanks for the answers! and tell me where you buy malt and sourdough? Are you interested in physical stores? or maybe in the markets .. Auchan? five? where who saw and which ones you use
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lenusya177, malt price Auchan. But it doesn't always happen. Malt Pudov.
$ vetLana, thanks, I will dig shelves in Auchan))
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lenusya177, I will clarify: You need fermented rye malt.

Move to Temka Panasikov:
Bread makers Panasonic SD-2500, SD-2501, SD-2502, SD-2510, SD-2511, SD-2512 ... (4)
$ vetLana, I realized thanks!

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