Mousse-chocolate herringbone

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Mousse-chocolate herringbone


Wheat flour 210 g
Sugar 250 g
Butter 230 g
Egg 2 pcs
Dry red wine 300 ml
Cocoa powder 75 g
Soda 1 tsp
Salt pinch
Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
Cream 34% fat 400 g
Mascarpone 250 g
Powdered sugar 100 g
Pistachio paste 2 h l
Dry white wine 80 ml
Gelatin + water 7 g + 35 ml
Mirror glaze
Gelatin + water 14 g + 70 ml
Sugar 150 g
Water 75 g
Glucose syrup 150 g
Condensed milk 100 g
White chocolate 150 g
Titanium dioxide 1 tsp

Cooking method

  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneFor baking a sponge cake in the shape of a Christmas tree, I made cone-shaped shapes from cardboard. Lined with foil inside and reinforced in baking tins so that they stand straight
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneFor the dough, sift dry ingredients and mix well with a whisk
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneMix soft butter at room temperature with sugar and beat with a mixer for 4-5 minutes until it increases in volume and obtains a fluffy, light mass
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneIntroduce the eggs one at a time while continuing to beat.
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneAdd a third of the dry mixture to the butter and egg mixture and mix quickly
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneAdd half a serving of dry wine
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneMix well
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneAdd the second third of the dry mixture and mix
  • Mousse-chocolate herringbonePour in the remaining wine, stir and add the remaining third of the dry mixture
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneIt turns out such a tender dough
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneFill the forms with dough (I got 3 pieces) and put in an oven preheated to 10 degrees. Bake for about 30 minutes. Check readiness with a wooden skewer. Remove the finished biscuits from the forms, cool and wrap in plastic wrap. Then put it in the refrigerator for the night or more (I had a day)
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneTo pour the mousse in the shape of a Christmas tree, my husband made me a tin cone. I laid it with foil and cling film and put this structure in the freezer
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneTo prepare the mousse, pour wine into a saucepan, add sugar and put on fire. Soak gelatin (I have a sheet)
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneAdd pistachio paste to the wine and bring the mixture to a boil
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneRemove from heat, cool slightly and add swollen gelatin. Stir well until the gelatin dissolves
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneBeat the mascarpone until soft and smooth
  • Mousse-chocolate herringbonePour the wine-pistachio mixture under the whisk and mix quickly until smooth
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneIn a separate container, beat the well-chilled cream until soft peaks and add in three steps to the mascarpone-wine-pistachio mass
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneStir in all the cream with a spatula. It turned out such a mousse
  • Mousse-chocolate herringbonePour the mousse into a cooled tin cone and drown the biscuit in it. Place tin in the freezer overnight or longer
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneRemove the biscuit-mousse base, place it on the jar for easy filling with mirror glaze. Since I was trying to depict a Christmas tree, I did not pursue the flat surface of the mousse. While making the second Christmas tree, instead of cling film, I inserted a cone from a plastic folder. The mousse turned out to be smooth
  • Mousse-chocolate herringboneI had my mirror glaze ready for a long time (it was stored in the refrigerator) and I did not take a photo of the process. I will describe how I do it (a well-known recipe). Pour gelatin with water. Put the saucepan on the stove and combine water, sugar and glucose syrup. Bring the mixture to 103 degrees. During this time, put chocolate, condensed milk and titanium dioxide in a tall glass. Pour all this with a boiling mixture, stir, add the swollen gelatin, stir again and punch with an immersion blender holding it at an angle. Strain the glaze through a sieve,
  • cover with foil in contact and refrigerate for at least 5 hours. Before use, take it out, warm it up (I put the container in hot water), you can strain it again through a sieve and pour the cake. I don't use a blender to break through the icing a second time. After that, on the contrary, I have more bubbles.Fill the icing on the cake when it becomes 36-37 degrees. In this mousse tree, I tried to depict branches, so I deliberately created nodules
  • Decorate as you wish. I wanted to layer the biscuit with cream, but I didn't have time.
  • Mousse-chocolate herringbone
  • And this is a cut. Cut in half, put on a dish and cut into pieces.
  • Mousse-chocolate herringbone

The dish is designed for

6-8 servings

Time for preparing:

A few days

Cooking program:

Stove, oven


I saw an interesting biscuit recipe and decided to try it.
Then Natasha's recipe caught my eye and I liked the molding
Mousse-chocolate herringboneSponge cake "Christmas tree" (edible gifts)

So the idea for such a cake was born. I wanted to make the mousse greener, so I added pistachio paste.
Not everything worked out perfect, but everyone who tried and saw was very pleased.
The biscuit turns out to be tasty, tender, soft and aromatic. I (and everyone who tasted) really liked it!
The height of the tree came out 20-21 cm.
Mousse for one tree turned out to be a bit too much, you can slightly reduce the components

Elena_Kamch, and what taste does the mousse have? A funny idea, you can still choose a center in the tree and pour mousse there! Thank you
Oksana, yes, you can think of a lot of variations
Taste .. There is a light wine shade and slightly pistachio. And so ... mascarpone with cream. But delicious.
lady inna
Elena, all I can say is .... "not a fig for myself!" A very interesting idea, implemented without the use of any special special devices. Well, the Christmas tree itself turned out to be very beautiful! You are a great craftsman
Inna, thank you! So many compliments...
The craftsman is still far away, but I tried. If you practice, you can get both a beautiful and an original cake. From the second Christmas tree, I realized that instead of cling film, a plastic folder is much more successful
Second Christmas tree. Christmas
Mousse-chocolate herringbone
good recipe!
Natalia, Thank you!
Each time you can make a different Christmas tree

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