Homemade brown sugar

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Homemade brown sugar


For light brown sugar
granulated sugar 250 g
maltose syrup or molasses 25 g

Cooking method

  • Homemade brown sugarPour granulated sugar into the grinder.
  • Homemade brown sugarTake molasses or molasses. I already have "ancient" molasses, a little candied. But this does not affect the result.
  • Homemade brown sugarAdd molasses to sugar. For darker sugar, the amount of molasses should be increased.
  • Homemade brown sugarBreak through the sugar and molasses in the grinder until smooth.
  • Homemade brown sugar

Cooking program:



The result is a very aromatic sugar that I use where the recipe requires it. I have been using this recipe for over a year now. Of course, it is better to find cane molasses or molasses. But we have sugar from sugar beets and molasses from it too. Recommend.

Everything ingenious is simple, a wonderful recipe!
And you don't need to buy ready-made!
Thanks for the recipe!

As I understand it, it should be prepared as needed, stored no way?
Wow. Delighted with simplicity. The same question arose as for Ksyusha.
Girls, use it. Cheap and cheerful.
Quote: Trishka
store no?
I put it in a jar, close it and stand right on the table in the kitchen. Can only dry out. There is no mold and no spoilage. And there is no point in doing it for the future. Everything in 3 minutes.
Thanks for the answer, boom
Quote: Trishka
And you don't need to buy ready-made!
Ready-made brown sugar - it is made from cane and tastes and smells different. Brown brown sugar has a strong specific aroma of exotic cane juice.
You will have to buy ... Unless you are only interested in brown ...
maha i
Angela! It should be like this: for more than a year to hide such a necessary recipe: girl_cray: Can you use a mixer? And then the blender burned out: girl_sad: I haven't bought a new one yet, I don't know which one is better
Marina, I have not tried it with a mixer. But it seems to me that he will not distribute the molasses like that.
Angela, the recipe is just super! A few seconds and you have some wonderful brown sugar. Heavy and moist, we don't have this on sale, but it is often required in all kinds of foreign recipes.
Julia, glad the recipe came in handy. I took this recipe on a foreign website.

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