Cordon Blue in the oven

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Cordon Blue in the oven


chicken breast 3 pcs
slices of ham 6 pcs
slices of cheese 6 pcs
wheat flour 2 tbsp. l
breadcrumbs 2 tbsp. l
Parmesan 1.5 tbsp. l
ground sweet paprika 2 tsp
egg 1 PC
freshly ground pepper mixture
dry garlic
butter 30 g

Cooking method

  • Cordon Blue in the oven
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenCut the chicken breast and open it.
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenCover with foil and beat off
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenCombine salt, freshly ground pepper and dry garlic.
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenGrate the chicken breast with the resulting mixture of seasonings on one side. Cut in two.
  • Put ham and cheese slices each, roll into a roll.
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenAdd salt and a little pepper to the breading flour.
  • In a separate bowl, beat the egg with a fork.
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenFor the final breading, combine the bread crumbs, finely grated cheese and paprika.
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenRoll each roll in flour (shake off excess flour).
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenDip in the beaten egg and then in the bread mixture.
  • Cordon Blue in the ovenPlace in a baking dish. Put a small piece of butter on each roll.
  • Bake in an oven preheated to 200C degrees for 40-45 minutes.
  • Cordon Blue in the oven

The dish is designed for

2-3 servings

Time for preparing:

1 hour

Cooking program:


Manya, oh, what a beauty, how I love them, these cordon blues and now in the oven, thanks for the wonderful performance and the photo

that's why I can't learn with these photos, no matter how many frames I take, it's not that

Manya, so you know how to seduce with something tasty. Especially looking at night. I liked the recipe very much. I take it to bookmarks. Thank you!
Tina, Galina, Thank you! I would be glad if the idea is useful to you.

Tinochka, don't be upset. I also do mulienne frames. And that's not it. I can't shoot at all under artificial lighting.

Manechka, Thank you!
You know how I will see your recipe in the line of new recipes, so, one might say, I run as fast as I like it!
It's always easy, beautiful, affordable and sooo tasty!
How much I overcooked yours, so only delight.
Thank you, Manechka!
Be sure to boom to cook Cordon Blues!
Quote: Sonadora
I can't shoot at all under artificial lighting.
the same story, also an old fotik .. only in the daytime it turns out more or less, but in the daytime she doesn't give, then work
Manya, and did the ham myself !?
Ritus, Thank you. Today I didn’t plan to cook them, somehow by chance everything grew together for this recipe. Initially, the idea was to attach the ham somewhere.
Tina, similarly.
Elena, yeah. How Lenusya Timkina taught.
Quote: Sonadora
Elena, yeah. How Lenusya Timkina taught.
Class !!! as I make the ham, so immediately your recipe ...
Gorgeous, I don't like to cook this dish, because of deep fat, but here in the oven !!!!
Manechka, you are superrrr, thanks, you dragged: mail1: like a mouse into a hole !!!
Sonadora, Manechka, thanks for the recipe! I also rarely cooked because of deep fat, but I didn't guess in the oven Now I'll try to cook in an air fryer
Sonadora, Beckoning! This is beautyaaa!

Now I know what my son will feed me.

Manechka, thanks for the idea. I don't like frying, I try to bake everything b I will definitely cook in the near future
Quote: Kalyusya
the son will feed.
Cool, usually the other way around
Maaaanyayayaya !. the last photo is just a control shot !.
Great recipe! ... Thank you!.

if anything, I'm baking that lemon kratz ... he just looks awesome! ... but for now it's in the oven

Manyahow delicious! I love meat rolls, but I've never done one! I take it to bookmarks!
Manya! super! interesting, and the princess will work?
I've been raving about this dish every day.
Wow, it just took your breath away, and delicious and beautiful!
Manya, this is just an ingenious recipe)) my daughter is very fond of cordon and in Kiev, but because of this byaki deep-fried I try to find a bunch of arguments so as not to cook these cutlets. Now I'm saved. One question, is this ham with nitrite?
Ksyusha, AlenKa, Elya, Galina, Nadezhda, Nelya, Elena, Natalia, Katerina, Svetlanathanks, girls. I hope your family will like this version of the cordon blue too.

aprelinka, Elena, I think what will happen in the princess.

Lamp, Svetlana, I had it with nitrite.
Manya, I cook such a chicken with cheese, but somehow I did not think about ham. I will definitely
Sonadora, Manya, thanks a lot for the recipe! As I read it - I fell in love right away! I only ever overestimate my ability to "shape". You still have wonderful, neat rolls, but mine, of course, turned out crooked. But really delicious! Still, the breast is usually a little dry, but here they came out right soft and juicy.
Cordon Blue in the oven
Cirre, Gal, I will be glad if you like it.

SvetaI, Svetlana, do not slander! Excellent roulettes, delicious! Thank you very much for trying. And for the initiative.
Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Manya, Congratulations
lettohka ttt
Sonadora, I congratulate Manechka on the medal! Bomb recipe !!!
Manyasha, Hurrah!!! Congratulations
Manechka, congratulations! deserved victory, I confirm '
Manechka, congratulations from the bottom of my heart! Well done!
Manechka, with a well-deserved victory!
Chef, Thank you!
Tina, Natasha, Checkmark, Svetlana, Galina, Elya, Thank you so much!
Quote: Chef

Congratulations on your well-deserved victory in the "Best Recipe of the Week" competition
Uraaaa, Manechka !. uraaaaaa ... uraaaaa .. hurray ah ...
The chef always writes this capacious phrase ... everything is in it and you can add only one thing: "you give a lot of new delicious recipes!"
Manechka, heartily congratulations on your victory!
A wonderful recipe, a well-deserved victory!
Sonadora, Manechka very appetizing cordons! Congratulations on your well-deserved victory and took the recipe to my hole!
Sonadora, Manechka, settling you with Victory and Myadalka !!!
Alena, Ritusya, Tatiana, Ksyusha,! Girls, thanks a lot.
Sonadora, Manechka with a medal for you!
Great recipe!
Sonadora, Manechka! I cooked them today! A-ha, cooked and rushed off on business. I come - from large 4 pieces (I forgot to cut the broken off breast into poplam), only 1 piece lies lonely on a baking sheet. Sonulya took the rest. I really liked it! I bring a photo and thank you
Cordon Blue in the oven
Orshanochka, Tanya, how rosy and delicious!
Quote: Orshanochka
Sonulya took the rest. I really liked it!
I'm very happy about that. Good health to you!
Manechka, take the report:
Cordon Blue in the oven
I liked it very much, and my friends. I will definitely repeat. Thanks again!
Galinahow delicious! I'm glad we liked it.
Sonadora, Marish, a wonderful dish, we liked it very much! Thank you!

Cordon Blue in the oven
Yaroslavnahow rosy and delicious! Thank you very much for trying. I'm glad we liked it.
Manya, I have THANKS, finally I cooked them! Very tasty, we liked it! I will repeat it for the New Year.
Katerina, for good health. I am very glad that the recipe came in handy.
Manya, Manya, I have a question, or rather, questions) Are 3 breasts whole or halves? And, accordingly, how many cutlets come out of this portion ?? The oven is our everything, I even make potato pancakes in it now)
Lena, three half breasts. I cut each one into 2 parts, and only then beat it off. It turns out 6 rolls.
Quote: Antonovka
The oven is our everything
That's for sure!
Thank you) I will do it soon))

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