Jamie Oliver Pea Purée

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Jamie Oliver Pea Purée


frozen or fresh green peas 300 g
green onions 1 bundle
fresh mint 1 bundle
olive oil 1-2 tbsp. l.
butter 30-40 g
salt pepper taste
cream 33% option (3 tbsp. l.)
raw smoked bacon option

Cooking method

  • Jamie Oliver Pea PuréeJamie Oliver Pea PuréePreheat a pan with olive oil,
  • put green onions there, after a minute put mint, after another minute green peas directly from the freezer and bring to readiness under the lid for 7-10 minutes.
  • Jamie Oliver Pea PuréeTransfer to a blender bowl, add butter and puree.
  • A little cream can be added if necessary. The mashed potatoes seemed a little dry to me, and I added 2-3 tbsp. l. cream.

The dish is designed for

2 servings

Time for preparing:

20-30 minutes

Cooking program:

stove and blender


This puree can be used as a side dish, as a spread on a sandwich, and as an independent dish! It is very tasty both hot and cold. I served with raw smoked bacon chips)).

Bon appetit and thank you for your attention !!!

Svetlana, you continue to amaze and delight with your finds. Thanks for the recipe!
Checkmark, and thank you for paying attention to this dish!
Another unusual dish from the Master. But it is very harmonious and simple for all its exoticism.
Liked) If not garnished with bacon, it is suitable for fasting. And if you use it yourself as a side dish for meat, then it will be a joy for meat-eaters.
Thank you!
Jamie Oliver Pea Purée
Irina, well done, what did you cook! This is one of my favorite foods from Jamie Oliver!
Cvetaal, Svetlana, super. Thank you.
Christina, very glad to receive attention)

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