Lamb with plum based on chakapuli

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Lamb with plum based on chakapuli


boneless lamb 500 BC
plum b / c 250 g
turnip onion 250 g
carrot 250 g
garlic 5-6 tooth.
chilli 2-3 rings
salt taste
ground black pepper taste
greens (cilantro, parsley, basil, thyme, dill, fennel) large bundle

Cooking method

  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliCut the lamb into pieces.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliRemove the bone from the plums. Plums are better to take dense sweet and sour.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliCut the onion into half rings, carrots and chili into slices.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliLay onion, carrot and chili in layers on the bottom of the mold. Salt.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliPut plums and chopped garlic on top. If the plum is very acidic, you can sprinkle it with a little sugar.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliPut meat on the plum, salt and pepper.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliWe cut a very large bunch of greens. Greens can be whatever you like.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliWe fall asleep on top of the greens.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliThis is how it looks in a "cut".
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliClose the form with foil and cover with a lid.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuliWe send it to the oven, preheated to 120-130 degrees, for 3.5-4 hours.
  • Lamb with plum based on chakapuli
  • Cooking is not difficult, the main thing is to do it with love for your loved ones!

Cooking program:



Very tasty, aromatic dish. Meat without excess fat in its own juice and juices of plums and vegetables. Recommend!

Awesome! Deliciously delicious! I smell through the monitor
Lelka, Thank you. It's really tasty and not troublesome)
Anna Makl
Interestingly, but in a slow cooker on "Putting out" it will also work out ... I'll try tomorrow)))
Anna, everything should work out.
I couldn't resist either ...
Without "gag" I am not me, so I did more than three hours in Panasonic on Stewing from turkey drumstick fillets. And I didn't have chili ... The rest is that yak book, write!
It turned out amazing! The broth is like a teardrop, such a delicate sweetness from a plum, a piquancy from herbs and garlic ...
A special thank you from my husband: he purred like a cat over a plate ...
Marina, most importantly, to your health! I'm glad I liked the dish.
Olga M.
Angela, thanks! I did something like that in slow motion, I think, and in tagine it is possible, who has what :)
Olga M., not at all. Of course, you can do both.
Angela, prepared. It's great! The lamb is very tasty.

Cooking in Orson 5005. Stew program. Default. Pressure 3.
And what kind of broth turned out, mmmm No sauce is needed. And the side dish too. Will be superfluous

Thank you for a delicious dinner from us.
Lelka, I agree completely. The dish is delicious. You need to make yourself while there are plums)
Also "based on" - lean pork and a lonely chicken paw. From green fruit - stalk celery. And Orsik) Lelkina modes)
It turned out sour! I will repeat)
Thank you!
Lamb with plum based on chakapuli
Irina, with pork is also good)
Angela, unsubscribe, did it for the festive table. Plum from the mozzarella, young lamb. I adhered to the recipe .., but the meat was on the bone and all the vegetables did not fit into the roaster. But the meat melted in my mouth, and the sauce was dipped in bread. The relatives said the level is higher than the restaurant .. I ..... acc. was going
I would like to have lamb ... I wish I could find delicious! ...
Quote: orange
made for the festive table
Svetlana, I am glad that on the holiday I received a delicious dish and compliments. And this is so nice.
Quote: strawberry
I would like to have lamb ... That would be delicious !.
Natasha, have to search. Maybe in the market?
Maybe ... Something I don't use the market. But I really want to. I will report back as I do. You have such great recipes!
Natasha, Thank you. Very nice)

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