French "bun" with banana cream

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French bun with banana cream


small slices of yesterday's white bread 18 pcs
eggs 2 pcs
cream 10% about 100 ml
cream cheese 100 g
condensed milk (maple syrup, liquid honey) taste
cinnamon, citrus peel, nuts, other spices taste
banana 1 PC

Cooking method

  • I give the proportions of this dish to a small form that I had - 19X13 cm.
  • First, we decide on the amount of bread that we have. I had leftovers from a Lithuanian challah and a white bar. Slice the bread so that the slices do not fill the mold tightly. Let's "put" them in it, let's try them, with the expectation that between them it will be necessary to lay banana slices.
  • After "trying on" we take out the bread and cut the banana into slices 3-4 mm thick.
  • "Put" the slices of bread in the pan again, alternating them with slices of banana.
  • We prepare a filling of eggs, curd cheese, cream and condensed milk (or any other "sweetener" that you have - syrup, honey). Adjust the sweetness to your liking, keeping in mind that the banana is sweet too. I whipped the filling with an electric whisk for just a couple of minutes until smooth. It should be thin enough to soak the bread easily.
  • Pour the banana bread on top so that all the slices are covered. Try to thoroughly moisten the parts with the fill that will not be covered with it in the final form (i.e. the upper halves of the pieces).
  • Let it soak for 5-7 minutes. You can sprinkle on top with whatever you like to add flavor: cinnamon, nuts, zest, brown sugar.
  • Place in the oven at 180 degrees until the top crusts begin to “sunbathe” and the filling thickens. This moment must be captured, do not burn! It will take approximately 25-30 minutes to cook.
  • Divide the casserole into portions and eat warm and cooled. Everything that is not covered by the filling will be the most delicate crunchy, everything in the filling resembles a banana custard. You can add some other sweet note on the plate in the form of honey, jam, condensed milk.

Time for preparing:

35-40 minutes

Cooking program:



I got the recipe from Andy chef, where it is called "Breakfast in the style of French toast". The author uses fresh toast bread, and of course, he has it not only very tasty, but also looks great. I had a need to finish off the remnants of various good white bread, so they went into the business. Aesthetics, of course, suffered slightly, but taste, I think, not at all. The breakfast turned out to be excellent, such toasts are perfect for coffee. Give it a try and hopefully you won't be disappointed!
I changed the proportions a little, so who needs to feed more people, see the author's original recipe.

Irina, thanks for putting it out, we will not get lost!
A very necessary dessert at times))) and a lot of options for improvisation
eyethanks for making me post. Now it won't be lost even with me

A great way to recycle yesterday's bread, and there's plenty of room for imagination!
Thank you Irisha for the recipe!
Quote: Trishka
A great way to recycle yesterday's bread, and there is plenty of room for imagination
Ikra, great recipe! Thank you!
Trishka, Rusalca, try it! I love recipes so that they are from what each of us has at hand. So I think, what would replace the curd cheese, in which case. Probably thick yogurt and soft curd will do?
Quote: Ikra
Probably thick yogurt and soft curd will do?
I think it will.
Quote: Ikra

Trishka, Rusalca, try it! I love recipes so that they are from what each of us has at hand. So I think, what would replace the curd cheese, in which case. Probably thick yogurt and soft curd will do?
I would replace with curd and in this case add butter with flakes or spread the slices lightly
Exactly. Curd + butter = about the same as curd cheese.
Olga VB
Aha, there you are with this recipe! Now you won't get lost!
Irisha thank you very much! A very necessary recipe! I think it will be delicious even with a gray bread!
Ikra, Nice, nice
And I think that it will be delicious with sour cream too. Instead of butter and curd.
Yesterday I cooked with leftover ricotta vkusvilovskaya, which turned out to be tasteless for just eating. M-mmm !!!! It turned out great, crispy bread top with delicate curd soufflé. Today I ate it cold - also excellent.
Now I deliberately make the bread a little heavier so that I can have it once a week.
Ikra, how lovely! I love bread puddings.

Irishkina, with gray, it's also very tasty, my friend and I often used to make 50x50 white and gray bread, some frozen berries, and a filling of eggs, cream and sugar. Sour berry combined with black bread, mmmm
Yarik, interesting! We need to throw the berries there next time. There was also a thought about a pear and a plum.
A very interesting idea! Thanks for the recipe.
Ikra, Oh, how good and Ukusnooo!
The idea is great! Thank you, I'll write it down right away, otherwise sclerosis (already knocked))))
Bookmark ... and forget what you put in. And this is what we need!
I would be glad if it comes in handy!

I can't wait for someone to cook. Doesn't anyone have leftovers from buns, bars and other pastries? ))))
I have leftover bread!
Plain loaf, unsweetened.
She blinded everything according to the recipe, strictly "by eye" gulped cream and condensed milk, did not even try the filling, in the end it turned out fine.
I don't have any aesthetics; for the future, the height of the slices should be adjusted to one level.

French bun with banana cream

Quite a dessert for tea / coffee. Hearty, moderately sweet came out, a really nice combination of crispy tops and soft banana bottoms. Perfect as an economy dessert for a large company, especially youth.
Venka, Neighbor! Figs with them, with flat tops! But fast, tasty and clean. Thanks for the photo, delicious!

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