Bulgarian lecho without vinegar

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Bulgarian lecho without vinegar


chopped red pepper 1 kg
tomato puree 1 l
sugar 2 tbsp. l.
salt 1 tbsp. l.
spices to taste

Cooking method

  • Juicy sweet thick-walled Bulgarian pepper, red or partially reddened, peeled and cut into strips or 2cm squares.
  • Bulgarian lecho without vinegar
  • Bulgarian lecho without vinegar
  • Tomato juice is prepared separately, I do it through a juicer. The juice is boiled down 3 times until puree. You can take the finished tomato paste and dilute it with water to the desired thickness, but the taste and quality of the paste itself is very important.
  • Bulgarian lecho without vinegar
  • And now we cook lecho. We put everything in a saucepan, Boil for 10 minutes, pour it into sterile jars, roll it up. ALL!!! No sterilization! I don't even wrap it up, I stopped it.
  • This is a classic Bulgarian recipe. No spices, onions, carrots, etc. - this is not an assorted vegetable or salad, this is LECHO!
  • For those in doubt - VINEGAR is also NOT NECESSARY !!!

The dish is designed for

2 l

Time for preparing:

1-2 hours

Cooking program:

stove, handles


I've been making this recipe for so many years stands in the apartment in the closet.
My husband is Bulgarian, so his compatriots cooked lecho.
The taste is like in those USSR Globus banks (who remember). I like it absolutely summer natural taste, well, and laziness (I'm lazy to disgrace, honestly)

Py. sy. It turned out that the forum already has exactly the same recipe from TATERNA https://Mcooker-enn.tomathouse.com/index.php@option=com_smf&topic=335604.0, which for some reason remained unnoticed. I apologize to Tanya for duplicating the topic.
Moderators, if necessary, delete my recipe, and transfer the discussion to that recipe.

I loved that canned food !. Thanks for the recipe. ...
kseniya D
I have been doing this for many years. The recipe from the times of the USSR. My friend shared with me, and she inherited from my mother. Only for the same amount of pepper and tomato 1 tablespoon salt and 2 tablespoons sugar. It is really very tasty, fast and keeps well at room temperature.
Vinokurova, get ready, you won't regret it!
kseniya D, I put it in lecho - 1 tbsp. l. salt and 2 tbsp. l. Sahara. I'm going to fix the recipe.
Sveta, thank you, dear for the recipe for "real" lecho.
svetta, the recipe is great. I also love it when without vinegar and unnecessary body movements. What spices do you add?
light pointThank you for such a tasty treat from childhood. I will definitely do it precisely because without vinegar. Modern lecho is impossible to eat - heartburn is just torturing
Thanks for the recipe, I love lecho very much, but how many tomatoes do you need for mashed potatoes?
Quote: swetie

What spices do you add?
In fact, spices are not supposed to be added to this lecho. I sometimes throw a little laurel. leaf and 1-2 peas of allspice, gives a subtle aroma.

Posted Saturday 28 Jan 2017 11:14 AM

Quote: Sedne

Thanks for the recipe, I love lecho very much, but how many tomatoes do you need for mashed potatoes?
Sveta, you need to scroll about 3 kg of fleshy tomatoes. I twist through a screw juicer, the output is about 2.6-2.7 liters of juice. And then I boil it down to 1 liter. Well, or immediately dilute delicious natural tomato paste to the consistency of medium-liquid kefir (I don't know how to write it more precisely).

Posted Saturday 28 Jan 2017 11:15 AM

Gaby, Ilmirushka, do and remember me with a kind word. And I don't need any more.
kseniya D
Quote: svetta
Well, or immediately dilute delicious natural tomato paste to the consistency of medium-liquid kefir
May I write? I did it with tomato paste. Take 0.5 kg of paste and 0.5 l of water. The paste should be good and thick.
svetta, also once made a lot of blanks, including lecho.Apparently mine have already ate them, but the food has become worse. After all, I had to buy them at a wholesaler. We do not grow ourselves in view of the natural climate conditions. 🔗
So far, bookmark.
Quote: TATbRHA

Yes, tasty and simple.

Tanya, and yesterday I was looking for similar recipes so as not to repeat myself, but I did not find yours. And the recipe is the same!

Moderators, please move the entire discussion to Tanya's recipe, as the original and identical.
svetta, do not need to transfer anything !! Because what they stumble upon when searching - that one is good, especially the same! Sometimes you search, you search ...
svetta, thanks for sharing the recipe, I love that too, the taste is Soviet - nostalgia. The minimum of body movements is great!
Thank you for sharing the recipe, I was just looking for myself, so that without everything superfluous, like in banks from the times of the USSR.
If possible, do not delete the recipe, preferably two.
Bookmark both recipes for sure! Thank you!
svetta, my favorite lecho recipe, I've been doing it for many years. Only I do not boil tomato juice, but pour it into a synthetic bag and hang it up for a stack of excess liquid. Faster and less cooking.
Valentine, a great way with a bag, I'll take it into service.
Lera Dnipro
svetta, thanks for the recipe! I was just looking for a recipe for lecho without vinegar, sterilization and a huge amount of vegetable oil. And here is your recipe! Now is not the season yet, but you can still learn from knowledgeable people!
Quote: Valyushka
Only I do not boil tomato juice, but pour it into a synthetic bag and hang it up for a stack of excess liquid. Faster and less cooking.
Is it possible in more detail for those in the tank?
Vinokurova, Alenka! Cloth, better lining, sewn a bag for ease of use. I pour tomato juice into this bag and hang it up. The clear liquid can be preserved separately, for soups, etc. If it hangs longer, you can cook the tomato.
Valentine, by the type of cottage cheese / sour cream ?.
Thank you
yes, but do not leave for long ...
Sveta, and I know this recipe and did it often! worth well without fridge, very simple and good luck!
Loksa, Oksana, I will soon be making this lecho, a really simple and delicious recipe.
Good day! Tell me, if you use tomato puree (grated tomatoes) instead of juice - will it be wrong?
I did it on mashed potatoes! without digesting or straining anything. twisted the tomatoes and peppers in them = the rest is the same as in the recipe! if you boil a little tastier, thicker!
Loksa, thank you)
I just closed 5 liter jars of lecho according to my recipe from an old notebook. I decided to take a break and go to my computer for my favorite HP. And here is the recipe for lecho from Sveta - one to one, like mine! Very delicious! For many years I have been doing it and I advise everyone - the recipe is wonderful!
alba et atra
Sveta, I made your lecho!
Thank you!
Bulgarian lecho without vinegar

Bulgarian lecho without vinegar

NatalyaKh, the girls have already answered, thank them. Yes, you can also puree, and especially pasta, I write about this in the recipe.
izumkaIt's great that so many people are making this recipe!
alba et atra, Lena, thanks for trusting the recipe, it's really delicious. And in winter you will say thank you, I don't need much.
svetta, Svetul, and I closed it according to your recipe !!! Whatever recipe you take from you - both healthy (no vinegar !!!), and tasty, and easy to make! I have already closed the givech, but today it is lecho. And I made it easier - I spied on Admin: I blended the tomatoes until smooth, and then cooked for half an hour in a cartoon with an open valve - and a mustache! Pepper there - 10 minutes, as indicated, and in jars! Thank you so much!
svetta, and I, too, harvest lecho like this always. The pepper turns out to be a little crunchy (I don't like smudges), and from the spices I add only black pepper. After the auger juicer, I boil the juice to the sauce, I don't like tomato seeds in lecho. Before the auger, it was ground through a sieve so that there were no seeds and skin.
marika33, Marinochka, you have a complicated version with wiping!
svetta, I prepared this delicious lecho. I tried different things, this is the most delicious and the easiest to prepare! Really similar to the Bulgarian lecho of those times.)))
Thanks a lot for sharing the recipe!
P.S. I don't even want to consider tomato paste, all the gusto will be lost. Right now, the most delicious tomatoes and peppers.
As soon as the recipe caught my eye - tomatoes and peppers were brought from the country house. And then it also comes out without blemish, it's good. Printable recipe!
svetta, thanks for the recipe! And what is the way out of the specified number of products?
Evgeniya, so the recipe says - 2 liters.
svetta, thanks for the answer! I bought tomatoes and peppers, I will cook tomorrow!
Wow! Made from 3.5 kg of pepper! Really fast.
svetta, thanks for the lecho recipe! I already made the third portion!
Bulgarian lecho without vinegar
Evgeniyawhat beautiful jars! Well done!
Sveta, I did your lecho yesterday. I liked the minimum of ingredients and the lack of vinegar, I always did it with it before, now I wanted to try it without. I don't know how to do little, just eight portions. Eight kilograms of tomato per eight kilograms of peeled peppers. With tomatoes, I do it easier, there is no juicer, I just steam them in a saucepan, walk with the blender's foot and do not boil anything, the sauce is already of normal density.
It’s a pity that everything went into the jars up to the last milligram, nothing was left for my husband to try)) but I’m sure everything will be pleasant.
Gulya, this is the scope! I imagined a mountain of pepper kg and to clean it up and cut it is a separate feat! You are a hard worker, I have known for a long time, smart girl!
Thank you for preparing my recipe, your winter will be delicious.
Last year I made lecho according to this recipe - I liked it sooo much, thanks!
In this I want to try without sugar. Do you think it will not deteriorate during storage? Sugar is here for taste, not a preservative?
Elena, yes, sugar is here more for taste. We close the tomato juice without sugar and it's worth it. Try a couple of cans, see how they stand, and then tell us.
Svetta, Svetlana, recently opened a jar of pepper, as they say, love from the first spoon. I liked the recipe very much. Thank you very much
Lilechka, you are a longtime fan of my recipes. I had no doubt that you would also like the pepper. To your health!
Svetta, that's for sure, all your recipes for me Svetochka, all your recipes. To the liking

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