Milk loaf with hop sourdough

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Milk loaf with hop sourdough


hop sourdough 40g
wheat flour. 1s 105g
water 105g
All dough
warm milk 300g
drain. oil 20g
rast. oil 20-25g
sugar 55g
salt 1h l.
wheat flour. V. s. (or 1s.) 513g

Cooking method

  • We start a dough from 40 g of hop sourdough, 105g. flour and 105 g of water for 10-12 hours at room temperature. It is convenient to put the dough overnight. In the morning, put all the ingredients of the dough into the bucket of the bread machine and knead on the "dumplings" or "pizza" mode until coarse mixing of the dough, if necessary, adjust the liquid / flour balance, taking into account that the dough should not end up being tight. We start the program for low-yeast or dietary dough (2h 50 min. Or 3h 50 min., Taking into account preliminary alignment in Panasonic). The dough will be very soft at first, smears on the bottom. At the end of the batch, it will gather into an elastic bun. By the end of the program, the dough will melt, it is sticky and very soft.
  • Take out the dough on a table lightly dusted with flour, divide into two parts, form 2 loaves, lay them on a pan (oiled, or covered with paper, or on a silicone mat), send for proofing in a warm place (I put it in a slightly warmed oven) on 30 min-1 hour. We turn on the oven at 180 gr., Bake for 40-50 minutes.
  • If you want large holes in the loaf, then after the bread maker we shape the dough carefully, trying not to blow it out. If you want a more finely porous loaf, you need to take a little less milk and after baking it should not be molded so carefully - to blow off large bubbles. The recipe was born in the winter, the flour is dry, I suppose that in the summer it is better to take 285-290 g of milk. But since the flour is different for everyone, it is better to follow the kolobok at least for the first time.
  • The loaf turns out to be sweetish, from the same dough you get good buns. Reduce sugar for a more neutral flavor.
  • Milk loaf with hop sourdough

The dish is designed for

2 loaves

Time for preparing:


Cooking program:


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Milk loaf with hop sourdough

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Milk loaf with hop sourdough

Lyudochka, thanks! As soon as the leaven is ripe, be sure to bake it.
You're welcome! The main thing is to like it!
Lyudmila_K, very cute bar! Thanks for the recipe!
Oksana, thanks for your attention to the recipe, I will be glad if it comes in handy!
I tried to bake a more classic version. I left only 25g of butter, 35g of sugar, premium flour in the dough and dough, the rest was unchanged. The dough came out noticeably more elastic, did not smear in the batch, I wanted to add liquid, but I touched it - very soft, just elastic.
Milk loaf with hop sourdough
The taste still came out with a sweet note.
Lyudmila, the bread turned out to be very tasty. My sourdough is still young, I added a little dry yeast. Sweetish, with a slight hop flavor. A cut, one to one, like your bread. I will definitely still bake.
Elena, I am very glad that the recipe came in handy, turned out and liked it! Pekies for health!

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