Boiled chickpeas in a multicooker Philips 3060

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Boiled chickpeas in a multicooker Philips 3060


Chickpeas * Mistral *, dry 140 g 160 ml
Hot water 800 ml

Cooking method

  • I bought a chickpea * Mistral *, but I couldn't cook it according to the instructions, so I decided to save for the future the exact method of cooking it in my slow cooker.
  • 1. I soaked chickpeas for 4 hours in 1 liter of cold water in order to soften it and shorten the cooking time.
  • 2. Then I drained this water, washed the chickpeas and dug it out on a sieve, put it in the multicooker bowl and added water so that it is covered with chickpeas by 3 cm.
  • I switched on the porridge mode for 5 minutes, let the chickpeas boil and drained the water. I always drain the first boiled water from the legumes so they don't irritate my stomach. Whoever tolerates them normally may not.
  • 3. Put the chickpeas back into the bowl, add 800 ml of hot water (up to the 1L mark on the side of the bowl). DO NOT SALT, because salt slows down the cooking of chickpeas.
  • And all early, until soft, I had to cook chickpeas for 3 hours on the MANUAL mode, 90 ℃,
  • (although the instructions on the package said the boil time was 50-60 minutes)
  • Salt chickpeas at the very end of cooking.
  • I add prepared soft chickpeas to soups, borscht instead of meat, or eat it with herbs, olive oil and soy sauce. I also use it as a side dish for a stew, for example.
  • I love it more than yellow peas for its mild, nutty flavor.

The dish is designed for

295g ready-made chickpeas

Time for preparing:

3.5 hours

Cooking program:

Porridge, Manual 90 ℃


While the chickpeas are boiling, I boiled beets in a double boiler and cooked beetroot in chickpea broth, * like Manna's *, but without meat, but with chickpeas.

Boiled chickpeas in a multicooker Philips 3060
On my own I added a small pickled cucumber to the frying, I love the combination of beets with pickled cucumbers
For me, chickpeas are not familiar. But I bought a chickpea somehow. I'll have to try. Bye bookmark
Oksana, it is very pleasant to read your recipes and I am glad that you and Filia have become friends

Oksana, tsiferki mv did not write correctly, correct.
Strange, my Mistral is cooked for about an hour, if soaked beforehand. 3 hours is very long.
brendabaker, Oksana, I will cook chickpeas now according to your recommendations, that is, drain the water after the first boil.
This time I soaked the chickpeas with baking soda, after the baking soda, he needs a very thorough rinsing.
Girls, chickpeas in a pressure cooker can be cooked for 40-50 minutes.
Quote: Wildebeest
after soda, he needs a very thorough rinsing.
Yes 3 times running water. Today I read that Tatka cooks peas with a spoonful of soda without rinsing. Either in "learning to cook", or in the "tea gazebo".

Added on Wednesday 19 October 2016 11:54 PM

Quote: Wildebeest
drain the water after the first boil.
I used to drain and rinse off the foam before cooking in a pressure cooker. Now she has stopped. In Shteba I cook in soup for half an hour.

My daughter cooks for 1.5 hours, at VARKA, in Redmond 70.
But in Phillips, I never did.

Light, I read that if you drain the first boil, it washes off the natural protective coating that irritates the digestive tract, and the * musical effect * decreases after eating legumes.

Added on Thursday, 20 Oct 2016 08:11

And how glad I am that I became friends with this little one. The volume is exactly what I need

Added on Thursday, 20 Oct 2016 08:12

My daughter got me hooked, and she tasted chickpeas in Cyprus.

Added on Thursday, 20 Oct 2016 08:18

Wildebeest, Anna1957,
Girls, I'm sorry, but I'm AFRAID of pressure cookers (there was a very frightening episode with the USSR pressure cooker).

Added Thursday, 20 Oct 2016 12:52 PM

I have HARD water, even after filtration, maybe this affects.
But, before taking out the recipe, I specifically asked a question in the Philips 3060 topic.
The answer was 3-4 hours of cooking.
And you cooked in Philips 3060, and in what volumes and proportions, maybe I added a lot of water? What program?
I would like to know the best option for cooking chickpeas in this slow cooker
brendabaker, Oksana my electric pressure cooker has six degrees of protection. Most importantly, keep the valve clean. I'm afraid of the pressure dishes, even though there is an emergency valve there.
Sveta, I have not met reliable, * branded * pressure cookers with a volume of 1.5-2 liters.
Another would be to find a way to quickly remove the skin from finished / semi-finished chickpeas. Well-cooked chickpeas have a soft consistency, although they always keep their shape, that is, they do not boil to death. But the harsh skin introduces some tactile and taste dissonance ...
Quote: brendabaker

Sveta, I have not met reliable, * branded * pressure cookers with a volume of 1.5-2 liters.
Oksana, my pressure cooker is 6 liters large. And such volumes as you want, only Redber, the smallest at 2 liters. Their bowl coating is not AX, but it works well. On HP there is a topic about them.

Added Sunday 30 Oct 2016 11:42 am

Kapet, Kostya, after boiling, I clean the chickpeas from these husks. Tedious task, but the TV can be cleaned.
And without soaking, I cooked chickpeas in 2 hours for porridge.
TAKE 1m glass (200ml) of dry chickpeas, put it in a saucepan and let it boil on the stove, then drained the boiling water and rinsed it well on a sieve.
I put it in a bowl, added water in a ratio of 1: 2.5 (500 ml). Porridge, 2 hours, everything is soft. Salted ready-made chickpeas.
These are the miracles
Quote: brendabaker
And without soaking, I cooked chickpeas in 2 hours for porridge.

Prepared according to this recipe in Fillet. Very simple, thanks! But I needed chickpeas for a salad, but during this time it turned out to be very soft, it will not work for a salad. Made hummus :). So, I think now, how much less you need to cook for "salad hardness"

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