Apple pie with creamy caramel

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Apple pie with creamy caramel


Flour 1.5 tbsp
Eggs 2
Sugar 0.75 st
Vegetable oil 0.75 st
Vanilla sugar 1p
Salt 0.5h l
Apples 2-3
Raisins 0.5st
Butter 50gr
Brown sugar 0.5st
Cream 50 ml 50 ml
Baking powder 0.5 tsp

Cooking method

  • Very light and tasty pie, a good substitute for charlotte.
  • 1Apple pie with creamy caramelCooking raisins, fill it with water.
  • 2Apple pie with creamy caramelPut eggs and sugar in a dose for beating.
  • 3Apple pie with creamy caramelBeat until white and double the mass.
  • 4Apple pie with creamy caramelAdd vegetable oil to the whipped mass, and stir well.
  • 5Apple pie with creamy caramelAdd flour, salt, baking powder and vanilla sugar. Stir.
  • 6Apple pie with creamy caramelThrow the raisins on a sieve, wipe them a little with a towel, stir in the dough.
  • 7Apple pie with creamy caramelWe clean the blocks, cut into small pieces.
  • 8Apple pie with creamy caramelStir the apples into the dough.
  • 9Apple pie with creamy caramelWe put it in a saucepan from a multicooker, I did it in Brand 6050, you can do it in any MV, in the oven. We put on baking 59 minutes.
  • 10Apple pie with creamy caramelA few minutes before the end of baking, set the caramel syrup to cook. Melted butter and brown sugar in a ladle.
  • 11Apple pie with creamy caramelStir vigorously until sugar melts, add cream, simmer for several minutes until thickened. Here I made a mistake, but it turned out even better. I poured more cream, and I ended up with a thick caramel, and a liquid one ..
  • 12Apple pie with creamy caramelWe take out the pie from the bowl, pierce the top of the pie many times with a sharp stick and start pouring the caramel. In my photo you can see that the caramel is liquid. She absorbed well into the cake.
  • 13Apple pie with creamy caramelSprinkle with nuts.
  • The pie is not dry, but tasty.
  • Apple pie with creamy caramel

I, I, I am the first !!!
taste it! taste very much! I poured monkey bread with such caramel! I think! thanks for the recipe!

Added Thursday, 15 Sep 2016 9:08 PM

Quote: Helen

I, I, I am the first !!!
from after all, and is not afraid to get better!
Took away in,!

What a delicious cutter, moist
Thanks for the recipe, Lerele!
Ladies, thanks for the praise !!!!
The pie was really a success, after all, the charlotte is a little drier, but this one is so damp, and the liquid caramel has leaked inside, so delicious. According to the recipe, the caramel is thick and crusts on top, but I liked it so much.
Lerele, baked a pie with apples on rye flour today (I liked it!), and everyone thought that everyone in this charlotte finds it classic ?! I personally only love the crust!
And then they immediately adjusted the recipe - yes, everything, as we love! Juicy, caramel, what a fluffy!
Thank you for the recipe! Even though now, run and bake! If you give the go-ahead to Kuzinka, tomorrow I will portray it!
Rada-dms, for the cousin, you need to increase the products, it is more than a bowl from a multi.
And here it turned out straight neither to subtract nor add. And the top crust, or rather its absence, just came up for caramel. See how it got soaked?
But if you increase the amount by at least one and a half times, then do it. Flat, it may not turn out so juicy.
And thanks for the praise !!!!
Want to know everything
Lerelehow the pie appeared by the way! Literally today I was looking for recipes for apple pies without eggs, or with fewer of them than in charlotte. Is it much drier in the oven? Or does the caramel not soak it then?
(The children set the task - we want an apple pie, but not dry and not just filled, now I'm looking for options ...)
Lerele, and I will bake in the form then! Well, or I'll wait until the new stove, although the selection process can go on endlessly for me ...
Want to know everything, I have not tried it in the oven, but I think it will be drier.But!!!! If you poke more holes in the roof, and make more and thinner caramels, that's how I poured 100 ml instead of 50 and didn't boil it, it will definitely work !! Juicy and tasty. I will still make and increase the caramel portion
Rada-dms, and you have a bowl without a pin ???
And what about the stove at tnby ??
Lerele, no I have a bowl of wrinkle ... I ordered it somehow, they did not ring back. I will try again. The stove has been in agony for three years already - the temperature is low, and it did not bake on one side, now only the microvelle remained.
Ira, very nice pie. One more in the piggy bank)
ang-kay, Thank you!!!
Do you see my inscriptions ??? what a cool guy I am, right ???
Yeah, I see. Life is good
Lerele, Baking powder forgotten in the recipe ..
How much is it?
Amasar, Half a teaspoon. I'll add it now. If possible.
Only I kind of forgot to put it, but I don't remember at all what I put.
Oh, how I love !!! We'll have to bake!
Lerele, I like simple recipes 🔗
Dragonfly, Albina,
Irina, what a pretty pie! I don't really like charlotte, but I wouldn't mind eating apple pie. Probably I'll cook it up today. Thank you for the recipe!
Olechka.s, and should I go put it again
Quote: Lerele

The pie was really a success, after all, the charlotte is a little drier, and this one is so moist,

It depends on what charlotte you are used to baking. For my charlotte made of only apples and small patches of dough - it's just impossible to be dry)).
Scarecrow, well, I definitely don't have so many apples, I take 2-3, I have mostly dough
I make 3 eggs, 2/3 cup sugar, 1 cup flour without a slide. And apples.
Thanks for the wonderful recipe! Today baked - Very simple and incredibly tasty, but how beautiful, there are no words !!!!
Irina, today she finally baked a pie. I liked it Moderately moist, sweet, well, oocheen vkusuussny. Thanks for the recipe
Olechka.s, that's great that I liked it !!!!
Today I baked this apple miracle again !!! Simple and fantastically delicious !!! Thank you very much!!!
Antoksik, very glad that I liked it
Lerele, thanks for the delicious pie! It turned out to be very delicate, moist. It just melts in your mouth! The recipe will be registered in our family for sure!

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