Zucchini rolls

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Zucchini rolls


Zucchini or zucchini 1 PC.
Cooked-smoked brisket or bacon
Batter egg
Bread crumbs + sesame seeds

Cooking method

  • 1Zucchini rolls1. We take zucchini or zucchini
  • 2Zucchini rollsMy
  • 3Zucchini rollsCut off the stalk
  • 4Zucchini rolls We cut the zucchini along
  • 5Zucchini rolls Lightly blanch the sliced ​​zucchini slices in boiling water
  • 6Zucchini rollsZucchini rolls We take out and cool under the lid
  • 7Zucchini rolls On each slice of zucchini we put brisket or bacon, and cheese
  • 8Zucchini rolls Wrap with a roll and fasten with a wooden toothpick
  • 9Zucchini rollsZucchini rolls Break a raw egg into one bowl and beat
  • 10Zucchini rolls Pour bread crumbs and sesame seeds into the second bowl
  • 11Zucchini rollsZucchini rolls Dip the rolls first in a beaten egg, then in bread crumbs
  • 12Zucchini rolls Zucchini rolls We put the rolls on the grill of the multi-air grill and turn on for 15 minutes
  • And that's it! You can also bake in the oven or in a pizza oven.
  • My friend Ida from Italy shared the recipe with me. She made from zucchini. But this year I have not planted any zucchini or zucchini - a neighbor gives me zucchini in exchange for my tomatoes!

How interesting, Olenka !!!
MariV, very interesting, and the zucchini are not boiled, but tight, you have to do it !!
Thank you!!!!
Well, good luck !!!
What an interesting recipe ...
But there are questions:
Quote: MariV
We take out and cool under the lid
Why under the lid? Will the result be different in the air?
Quote: MariV
We put the rolls on the grill of the multi-air grill and turn on for 15 minutes
At what temperature?
Thanks for the recipe!
And good luck!!!
oh what a delicious recipe! Thank you! and if you fry in a pan? will it work?
Thank you girls for the feedback!

Lerele, Ira, and they will be just tight during a short blanching and rest under the lid.

gala10, Galya. they will "reach" better under the lid - they will be just very plastic, but not boiled. And in my multi-airgrill there is no way to set T, only time - such a simple model.

Olka44, Olya, of course. you can also do it in a frying pan - quickly fry over high heat, then under a lid and a very moderate T let it "reach".
Hurrah!!! I did it!!!
Olga, take the report:
Zucchini rolls
Only I did not blanch, but put the chopped zucchini in a magic shape and held it in the microwave for 5 minutes, at full power. And so that the form would not open (it was too tightly packed), I tied it with a tourniquet.
Zucchini rollsZucchini rolls
And then I cooled the zucchini without opening the mold.
Stuffed with bacon and cheese, everything rolled perfectly into rolls.
Baked in an air fryer at 160 g., 20 minutes.
It's very, very tasty.
Olga, thank you for the recipe again! It will definitely take root in my family.
gala10, Galya, I'm glad! And I also want this shape ...

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