Green tomatoes (appetizer)

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Green tomatoes (appetizer)


Green tomatoes 10+++
onion 2++
garlic 2-3-4
dill ...
pepper ....
parsley ...
salt .. ...

Cooking method

  • Salted green tomatoes. We stood on the kitchen table for three days, let the juice in, now they are sent to the refrigerator.
  • Cut, put in layers in jars.
  • When the juice sits down and lets out, you can condense and add from another jar until full.
  • You can eat in a few days.
  • The appetizer turns out to be quite spicy and salty, but delicious, of course, for an amateur.


I put salt quite generously.

Quote: DonnaRosa
I put salt quite generously.
very loose concept
Quote: space

very loose concept
Doesn't the expression "to taste" seem extensible to you?
thanks for the comprehensive answer

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