Cucumber salad, canned

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Cucumber salad, canned


Fresh cucumbers 1 kg.
Bulb onions 1 PC.
Sweet pepper multicolored 2-3 pcs.
Fresh chili to taste (one piece in each can)
Fresh garlic 1/2 clove in each jar
Fresh chopped dill 1-2 bundles
White sugar 2 tbsp. l. with a slide
Coarse rock salt 2 tbsp. l. with a slide
Apple cider vinegar (or 9%) 100 ml.
Vegetable oil 2-3 st. l.

Cooking method

  • An excellent option for blanks for cucumbers of different maturity and appearance.
  • If the cucumbers are very large and overripe, then when cutting them, you can cut out the seeds, leaving only the walls.
  • Wash fresh cucumbers, peel, cut off the butt ends, and soak in cold water for 2-3 hours. Cucumbers stood in my water while I was preparing for preservation, washing cans, preparing herbs, cutting, etc.
  • Now remove the cucumbers from the water. I always soak cucumbers in water so that they saturate the water, become dense and then they turn out to be crispy, and do not lose their shape during sterilization.
  • I cut the cucumbers up and down, into 4 pieces to get oblong stripes. I put cucumbers in a pickling bowl.
  • Cucumber salad, canned
  • Sweet pepper in strips on a burner grater on the side for thick slicing.
  • To make the strips of pepper tasty and soft, we will blanch the pepper in hot water. We put a saucepan on the fire, pour 1 liter of water, a little sugar and salt, and blanch the pepper in hot water for several minutes - you need the pepper to become only slightly soft (do not cook!).
  • I transfer the pepper to the cucumber basin.
  • We do not pour out the broth from the blanching of pepper, it will be useful to us if the salad's own juice is not enough for pouring salad in jars.
  • Cucumber salad, canned
  • I make thin slices of onions, on the thin side of the "börner" grater, and transfer it to the cucumbers as well.
  • Finely chop fresh dill, add to cucumbers.
  • Thus, we collect all the components of the salad.
  • Cucumber salad, canned
  • Now add salt, sugar, mix well, and leave the salad for about 1 hour so that the vegetables make friends with each other, marinate, give juice.
  • Cucumber salad, canned
  • After marinating the salad, add vinegar, vegetable oil to it, gently mix again.
  • You can lay out the salad in jars. We put the salad tightly, but so that the juice freely penetrates inside the jar, to the bottom.
  • Add garlic to each jar on top (crush), chili pepper (1-2 circles, to taste)
  • Now we pour the salad juice, which has accumulated in the basin, into all the jars equally. If your own juice is not enough, add to the jars the broth in which the pepper was blanched.
  • Let the salad stand in the jars so that the marinade juice is completely distributed over the salad. If necessary, add more pepper broth.
  • Cucumber salad, canned
  • We put cans on sterilization. Cover the jars with lids (just cover them!), Do not tighten.
  • I sterilize canned food cans with steam as shown here: My "cannery" - making life easier when canning at home
  • Banks of 500 ml. sterilize for 5 minutes, this is quite enough.
  • After sterilization, remove the cans from the pan, tighten the lids tightly, and set to cool on the lids until they cool completely.
  • I do not cover the jars with warm blankets or other warm items. The peppers have already undergone hot shock therapy, so I let them cool down quickly so that the pepper does not overheat inside, and remains intact inside, and not soft "rags".
  • Cucumber salad, canned

The dish is designed for

From 2.5 kg. cucumbers yield 7 cans of 500 ml.

Cooking program:



All the pepper was trampled into the jars, there was not even enough to eat
But I can say that it is very tasty! I know, because I tried it while the cucumbers were pickled, I wanted to give up everything, all the preservation, fill the salad bowl with salad and with its little little blackie, with little black ... crunchy cucumbers
I'll wait for the salad to ripen.
Good blanks to you!

Here is another salad preparation. Prepared without sterilization, hot cooking and in cans

Cucumber salad, cannedVegetable salad (canned preparations)

Tatyana! and how many jars came out of this quantity?

Olya, added - the glitch turned out when writing the recipe

Olya, I had 2.5 kg. cucumbers (already prepared), the output of 7 jars of 0.5 liters is a good output
Tatiana, thank you. Took a note. I'll see how many more cucumbers will grow, maybe I'll try this salad too.

Tanyusha - I'M EVERYTHING !!! Enough harvesting vegetables Total and little by little it turned out
I got a few new salads, I liked the taste
I haven't yet. Pickled enough cucumbers, still need a platter. Piled the tomato. We need to make a little more cucumber salad, dry the lecho and Angelina's eggplants.
Everything must be done before the vacation, the beginning of September.
Tanya, I already choked with saliva, until I read the recipe to the end ... I also got a "control shot" in the form of a little black girl at the end of the recipe ...
Of course, I will - no doubt about it ... But I will pick cucumbers in small batches. Well, let it be, but I'll manage it quickly.
Tan, only I have questions for you.
And how much to pour the usual 9% vinegar (there is no apple cider and is not yet expected)?
If sterilized in water, not steam, then how long does it take for 0.5 liters? And 0.7 l?
Thank you, Tanyusha, for the recipe! And especially for the delivery of the recipe to your home (in the Gazebo)!

Added on Friday 19 Aug 2016 8:30 PM

I take off the question about vinegar - I overlooked it ... Do you have its quantity.
Luda, to your health!
You will remember me when you feel like a salad spirit from a bowl of fresh salad, you yourself run after a little blackie, it smells very tasty, and the cucumbers crunch. How can you resist - never! This is our food!

Luda, take the usual vinegar 6-9% - 150-200 ml is also enough. At first it seems like a lot, but when everything is mixed together, it will taste normal, there will not be much acid.
You can also vinegar essence 70%, but then 0.5 tsp. for a can of 700, and 3/4 tsp. per jar 1000 ml. and pour under the lid at the end of sterilization and roll up immediately.

Sterilize 500-700 ml jars. 5 minutes after boiling water, and 10 minutes for a liter can.
Quote: Tanyulya
still need assorted

And this will be too much for me
Yesterday Lenka told her that she had finished with the conservation. And in response: but lecho, and did you make caviar? I didn't and didn't want to do it this year
Well, so what - I ordered pepper-tomatoes-eggplant for lecho and caviar for Wednesday, boom again to play with cans
Quote: Admin

And this will be too much for me
Yesterday Lenka told her that she had finished with the conservation. And in response: but lecho, but did you make caviar? I didn't and didn't want to do it this year
Well, so what - I ordered pepper-tomatoes-eggplant for lecho and caviar for Wednesday, boom again to play with cans
Woo, what am I saying, and it is necessary to lecho and caviar, most likely the same must be done. Today I went to the banks ordered, tomorrow they should bring.
Quote: Admin
You will remember me when you pull in a salad spirit from a bowl of fresh salad
Oh, Tanechka, I will! How I will! I remember you often! Yes, every day ... I bake bread almost every day ... And I do a lot of things according to your recipes.
Thanks for the answers about vinegar and sterilization time. All clear !

Luda, Thanks for the kind words
Mmm, I want that salad too! :
This is what I do not have enough for complete happiness

Then go ahead! And in the winter we will feast on salad
As I pick up cucumbers, I’ll add a salad.
With us, from such a heat without rain, everything bakes and dries, and daily watering does not help. This was only in 2010.
Reporting: rolled up a salad. From 1.5 kg of cucumbers, 4 jars of 0.5 each turned out. There was enough liquid, but there was no more to try. But it smelled delicious. And thank you very much for the sterilization technology. I hated taking cans out of a pot of hot water so much! Although I have some kind of device like forceps, but they were twisted all the time. Flour! And here everything is cultural! I think it's even easier to sterilize in an airfryer, but I don't have one. I still have zucchini caviar in my plans. ... And some tomato sauces. I have never done them before.

Olya, well, you are nimble! I never grabbed a single piece before rolling, and I always try the blanks "on the tooth".
It should be delicious, there will be something to treat yourself to in winter! To your health!

We have sauces here, pick something for yourself:

For myself, I re-cooked

Cucumber salad, cannedSpicy table cherry tomato marmalade

I really love this sauce, spicy, sweet, and for bread, and add to the meat, and when cooking

Thank you! I will definitely do
Admin, Tanya, thanks for the recipe! yesterday I rolled it up from 2 kg of cucumbers, it turned out 5 jars of 650 ml each. There is not left for the trial, everything always goes away, nothing remains.
My canned cucumbers are often sour, mine is eaten, but I do not like sour. I will now cover all the cucumbers with salad.
But I'm afraid, I overexposed myself for sterilization a bit, I was also busy preserving asparagus beans.

Marina, to your health!
Take a sample from the ready-made cucumbers, and draw conclusions what happened, then it will be possible to correct it in the future
Hope it worked out

Continuing the theme and salad assortment

Cucumber salad, cannedVegetable salad (canned preparations)
So I decided to unsubscribe on the salad, and then there's the recipe .... And to repeat it. And also plums and apples, and dry the tomatoes. Oh, I'll be hard-boiled myself from the heat and conservation ...

Nothing, soon September 1 ... and there it is close to the New Year ... and there is winter, until we know what quality it will be ... that's all we will eat
I won't eat so much - how many stocks !!!!! And there are still a lot of plans, and what is more, I subtract the thread on HP, smack it with saliva and also pile ...
Tatyana, how much can you cook according to your recipes!
Valyusha, to your health!
Having is better than not having
Let it be and stand in the corner - it does not ask for food, but at the right time any jar will help out
And variety is always better, not boring at the table

We opened a jar of salad for testing, control - salting just right, spice in moderation, cucumbers crunch
Such a good winter salad, as an appetizer, it will be very good

The recipe has a place to be, I prescribe it at home
Admin, made from 2 kg of overgrown cucumbers. Stands, pickles, roll up in an hour. Thanks for the recipe! In winter I will report, but there is no doubt about the quality.

Olya, to your health! The salad is unpretentious, but as it helps in the winter, and so eat as a side dish, and add others to salads
Admin, in composition, everything is harmonious and what I love. So not simple, but very good.

Oh, Olya - I messed up the salads, I meant cucumber Nezhinsky

And this YES! Very rich in flavor, great salad - and well worth it
Tatyana, there is a packet of cucumbers and peppers ... how good that I came across this recipe! I'll start tomorrow! Thank you
Admin, Tanya, just opened a jar of your salad. Well, finally, a worthwhile cucumber salad! For many years I have been making various cucumber salads, all kinds of recipes were not there, and everything was wrong. And just "in the top ten"! Class! Thank you so much for the recipe!
Sveta, to your health! I share your opinion, the salad is decent, tasty, simple

Try to cook my other salads in cans, they all taste good, not harsh or spicy, they suit many people I also like the "pure" taste of vegetables

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