Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"

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Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"


Small fresh cucumbers How much do you need
The water is clean 1 liter
Stone gray salt 1 tbsp. l. with a slide / 32-35 grams
White sugar 2 tbsp. l. with a slide / 47-50 grams
Essence 70% 1 teaspoon in 1 liter jar
Fresh greens marinade mixture of herbs and herbs (dill sticks and umbrellas, currant and cherry leaves, tarragon, horseradish leaves, horseradish root, fresh garlic, bitter chili pepper)
Spice mustard, coriander, dill, fennel seeds ½ teaspoon per can

Cooking method

  • Essence consumption 70%:
  • - per liter jar - 1 teaspoon
  • - for a jar 0.5 - ½ teaspoon
  • - for a can of 0.7 liters - 3/4 teaspoons
  • Sterilization of cans:
  • - liter - 15 minutes
  • - banks 0.5-0.7 - 10 minutes
  • Vinegar essence 70%
  • Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • Actually, I knew for a long time that tomatoes and cucumbers can be canned with 70% essence.
  • And here, I leaf through a small pocket book on preserving vegetables in different ways, and I see a recipe called "Cucumbers according to my grandmother's recipe" with the use of essence. And, as they say, "memories flooded," as my neighbor on the porch once taught me to preserve assorted tomatoes and cucumbers. The first time then I took up conservation ...)))
  • I sang to myself the romance of Rina Zelena from the movie "Buratino":
  • …………
  • Never know peace
  • Cry and laugh out of place
  • I was like that myself
  • Three hundred years ago.
  • ……… .. and went to deal with cucumbers, according to the recipe of my grandmother, that is, my neighbor… three hundred years ago)))
  • Wash fresh cucumbers, peel, cut off the butt ends, and soak in cold water for 2-3 hours. Cucumbers stood in my water while I was preparing for preservation, washing cans, preparing herbs, cutting, etc.
  • Now remove the cucumbers from the water. I always soak cucumbers in water so that they saturate the water, become dense and then they turn out to be crispy, and do not lose their shape during sterilization.
  • Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • I put a pinch of pickled greens (horseradish leaves, umbrellas and dill sprigs) on the bottom in clean jars, a currant leaf, a cherry leaf.
  • Add a clove of garlic (cut), 2-3 slices of chopped horseradish, 1-2 slices of chili.
  • Arrange the cucumbers upright, the jar includes about 7 pieces of slim cucumbers.
  • Add a pinch of greens (dill) and a piece of horseradish leaf on top.
  • Pour in ½ coffee each. tablespoons of mustard seeds, coriander, dill, fennel.
  • You do not need to put a lot of very pickled greens, this can make the vegetables bitter.
  • Now we are preparing the marinade.
  • Pour 300-350 ml of water into a saucepan. water for a 700 ml jar, which means that one liter of marinade water is enough for about 3 jars of cucumbers.
  • I always make a preliminary measurement of the water: I put cucumbers in a jar (without spices and herbs), pour clean tap water, and then pour it into a measuring cup - in the end, I know how many fresh cucumbers go into the jar and how much liquid fits - this helps to calculate the correct amount of marinade. Thus, I immediately prepare 2-3 liters of marinade.
  • For one liter of boiling water, I add 1 tbsp. l salt with a slide, 2 tbsp. l. with a slide of sugar (see above in the recipe), dissolve the spices in boiling water. At this stage, I am not adding the essence-vinegar to the marinade - only water-salt-sugar!
  • And with this marinade, I pour cucumbers in jars prepared for conservation. I cover the jars with lids - let the cucumbers stand in the marinade, begin to absorb the goodies, and get warm from the warm water.
  • Now we will sterilize the cucumbers. I do it for a couple!
  • We put a large saucepan on the fire, put a pan support on 3-4 legs on the bottom (so that it does not sway when you put the cans on it).
  • Pour enough water into a saucepan so that the support grate is only slightly covered.
  • Put the jars covered (but not tightly closed !!!) with lids on the wire rack. I got 3 cans of 700 ml into the pot.
  • Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe" Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • Cover the top of the pan with a regular lid - if the pan is high and the jars are fully in the height of the pan. Or, like mine, the pot is relatively shallow and I cover it with a tall, inverted bowl so that it fits snugly over the edges of the pot.
  • Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • We are waiting for the water to boil in the pan, we look through the crack so that the water does not boil, but only boils and releases enough steam.
  • Sterilize 700 ml jars. we will be 10-12 minutes - time!
  • As soon as the time runs out, carefully open the lid on the jar of cucumbers, pour ¾ teaspoon of 70% essence, cover the lid again, take the jar out of the pan, put it on the board, and close and twist it tightly. In this case, use a towel or special rags so that it is not so hot and your hand does not slide over the jar and lid.
  • Gently turn the jar over and put it on the lid until it cools completely.
  • I do not cover cucumbers and tomatoes with an extra blanket. Vegetables are covered with hot marinade, heat treated with steam, and give them extra warmth ... in my opinion, it is not worth it so that the cucumbers do not become soft and overcooked. On the contrary, remove the cucumbers on the table, on a board-stand on the lids and let them gradually come to their senses away from the drafts, cool down, then they will remain crispy. After all, everything that could have happened to them has already happened - they were doused with hot marinade, they were boiled under steam - and when they woke up, they had enough alcohol!
  • And that's it!
  • Now we are waiting 35-40 days, when the cucumbers will ripen and become suitable for eating!
  • I cooked the cucumbers back on August 2nd, and this is how they look today - they look pretty good.
  • I wanted to post the recipe in a month, but I thought that someone would also want to cook canned cucumbers. Cucumbers will not be heavily pickled, the concentration of vinegar-essence is low - you get canned cucumbers.
  • Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"
  • Now let's check the concentration of the essence in the marinade.
  • The jar holds 350 ml. water.
  • Cucumbers contain approximately 90% liquid juice per 100 grams. I have about 250 grams of cucumbers in a jar, which means approximately 225-230 ml. liquids.
  • Total liquid in the jar 350 + 230 = 580-600 ml. water-liquid.
  • In a teaspoon 5 ml. liquid, and ¾ will be 3.6-4 ml. liquids.
  • Thus, we dissolve 4 ml. vinegar essence 70% in a volume of about 600 ml. liquids. This is the concentration of vinegar we get.


Now I will wait for my cucumbers to ripen, I want to try.
Nice and tasty blanks for you!

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The use of vinegar essence in the marinade 70% (conversion of the essence to vinegar)

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Romance Tortilla performed by Rina Zelena from the movie "The Adventures of Buratino"

Dragged on by brown mud
The smooth surface of an old pond
Oh, she was like Pinocchio,
I was once young.

Was carefree and naive
Turtle young look,
Everything around seemed wonderful
Three hundred years ago.

Young friend, always be young
You don't rush to grow up
Be cheerful, cocky, noisy.
You have to fight, so fight.

Never know peace
Cry and laugh out of place
I was like that myself
Three hundred years ago.

Tan, wrote a whole poem with musical accompaniment

Aha! From the joy that I finally closed the cucumbers - but I didn't want to
Admin, Tanyusha, as soon as the newly planted cucumbers in mid-July grow, I will definitely close several jars according to your recipe. and I'll sing a song to them about Buratino. or a turtle? Not important! such a cool recipe that now I will have this song on my tongue.
Thank you, Tanechka, for the recipe! During. And I wondered what to cook? Now you don't even need to think.You thought everything for us. And it's good that I did not wait for the cucumbers to infuse - now I have laid out the recipe!
Luda, to your health! Hope you like the taste of cucumbers
I have a cucumber salad, so I wanted more simple cucumbers

A month, it's a long time to wait for the result, maybe someone will need a recipe right now while there are still cucumbers in the garden

Wow, your second harvest of cucumbers is ripening
Quote: Admin
Hope you like the taste of cucumbers
Tanyusha, and I have no doubt about it. You will definitely like it.
Quote: Admin
A month, it's a long time to wait for the result, maybe someone will need a recipe right now while there are still cucumbers in the garden
Just about ... you posted the recipe on time. And in a month it will be too late. Although, I hope that something will grow in me.
Quote: Admin
Wow, your second harvest of cucumbers is ripening
Yeah, because the first one wasn't there. Well, almost none. The weather was rainy all June, with such showers ... And the nights were cold. Almost all the cucumbers were gone. It remains so - 2 - 3 stunted bushes out of 30. But I take off 2 - 3 cucumbers every day. Enough for food, but of course not for conservation.

Luda, I always doubt with taste, when I propose something One thing for myself, any taste will suit - but will not suit, then it is my own fault, I did not guess And here ... I know what should turn out ... but I myself have not tried took off

This year we have a lot of cucumbers, and very pretty ones. Local grannies supply me with cucumbers, and the prices are normal, they do not fight like hucksters in the market. And the cucumbers are sweet, strong, crunchy Here, I made an agreement on Monday, grandma will bring another 4 kg, gherkins - where I am taking, I don’t know, already from greed, that they are pretty

Today I had to make a cucumber salad, but I couldn't - I'll roll it tomorrow. And I also have an idea for another salad, I'll roll it on Monday
Today I rolled up some citrus jam, I love such jams
Elena Tim
She sang with pleasure Tortilla's romance
Eh, all the recipes would be like this - both interesting and fun.
You have excellent cucumbers, Tan! My mother and grandmother also always used the essence for such preserves. And there was no tastier than their cucumbers and tomatoes in the whole wide world.
I myself do not preserve anything, there is nowhere to store it, but I read your recipe with pleasure, felt nostalgic and, it seems to me, that I even felt the taste, that same one from childhood.
Thank you for the awesome recipe. And for the romance!

Do you sit in the bushes and sing along?
Yes, I remember cucumbers from far away, when apart from essences there was nothing to preserve
Oh, exactly, I'm like Tortilla three hundred years ago, I remember a lot

I also remember that many cans of canned food stood under the beds, but they always helped

Lenok, THANKS - memories flooded in, I'm true, not so ancient ... but I remember something from what was once taught by kind people and grandmothers
Elena Tim
Quote: Admin
Do you sit in the bushes and sing along?
Aaaaaa! I, like a wolf from a cartoon - "I'll sing right now", could not stand it and got out to howl.

Quote: Admin
I also remember that many cans of canned food were under the beds
Yeah, my parents had deposits there. Two one-and-a-half beds put together - this is literally Klondike. It was especially fun when in the middle of the night something exploded under the bed. It was extremely rare, but it was unforgettable!
In this regard, in terms of storage under the bed, I was less fortunate - even a brush from a vacuum cleaner barely crawls under mine, what kind of cans are there. And all the Italians-pests are to blame - they don't understand where the decent people should keep the canned goods.

Look what horror is going on in my bedroom!
Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"

I'm just all in disheveled feelings! So much space is wasted!
Imagine how many all kinds of "urgent" pribluds and other slow cookers you could get there!
If only they made some kind of door ...
Linen, you are in the wrong place and you choose the wrong bed Judging by the conversations, there are beds where there are large boxes under the mattress grate, just right for different priblud from a pressure cooker to a smokehouse with a pipe
Just imagine, Timon sleeps sweetly, and you urgently need a staff ... and she ... just under the sleeping Timon is hidden .... Haaaaa!

What are your Susli different in character
Elena Tim
Quote: Admin
smokehouses with a pipe
Aaaaaaaa! She is also in the bedroom, under the dressing table.
Quote: Admin
you are not there and choose the wrong bed
Well, so when I ordered the headset, I did not know about the Bread Maker yet.
Now, when I do repairs or buy furniture, I will consider everything from the perspective of the generally accepted canons of the Bread Maker - more cabinets, shelving, and most importantly - more rooms, rooms!
Quote: Admin
What are your Susli different in character
Oh, don't tell me, they are hilarious - everyone has their own cockroaches in their heads. Have fun with them.
Luna Nord
Oh, and, I, without cucumbers this year ..... I just closed two poltoraski, and, then, barely typed. It’s dry all summer, and today it’s 35 again, everything is on fire in the greenhouse, the doors and windows are wide open, watering twice a day: early in the morning and in the evening ..., nothing helps. Yesterday I dug a bush of potatoes, but it's hot.

LudaWhat a pity We are bad in winter without cucumbers

And there is no way to buy from grannies or in a store?
At least make a sliced ​​salad, it turns out great and tasty. Today I twist such a salad, in the evening I will put the recipe on display
Quote: Admin
So, on Monday I still agreed, grandma will bring another 4 kg, gherkins - where I am taking, I don’t know, already from greed, that they are pretty
That's right, Tanya, take more and write to us recipes ... You don't have unsuccessful recipes, even if you yourself
Quote: Admin
I always doubt with taste, when I propose something One thing for myself, any taste will suit - but not, then it is my own fault, I did not guess
Your CULINARY INTUITION drives you - it won't fall for a bad recipe! So do not hesitate, there will be cool cucumbers. By the way, I also have this intuition - it always deduces excellent recipes ... I have never had any punctures if I chose some recipe with HP for execution (mmm).
Admin, Tanyusha, thanks for the recipe. We have no cucumbers this year. Great dryness! And the parents were sick and there was no one to live in the country. But such a colorful and temptingly grounded description deserves to be fulfilled! I'll put it in a piggy bank. And I'll even print it out and put it in my daddy, so that I certainly wouldn't lose it! Thank you!

Oh, girls, THANKS for such good and kind words Even instilled confidence

The cucumbers are normal, this is a good sign

Girls, if there is a cucumber problem this year, there are no cucumbers, or the quality is not suitable for pickling, take this recipe:

Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"Salad cucumbers, snack bars, nezhinsky

any cucumbers will do for him
And there must be cucumbers in winter, how can you winter without them? Boiled potatoes and cucumbers from a jar - both tasty and satisfying
The new recipe is postponed until tomorrow or the day after tomorrow - such rain all night and now it pours out of the house.
But, I will definitely still harvest cucumbers, and according to a new recipe
And you need to prepare cucumbers while they are there this year, apparently the last ones - it's cold and rain is pouring for the second day
And I want to try a new recipe, in winter you need variety in any products - this way it will be tastier and more satisfying
Aunt Asya
Tanyusha. THANKS TO YOU: rose: FOR THE RECIPE. impressed by tasty and tasty and with songs I ran for cucumbers. made two jars. turned out more beautiful. I did it with pleasure. apparently the energy of fun was transferred. though I don't really like the essence and I try to keep the vinegar to a minimum: pardon: but yesterday I wanted everything. I can't post a photo yet. I'm a beginner .. I'm still dull. : girl_red: now I admire the jars and how stupid I smile at them. THANK YOU.

Lena, to your health!

I also avoid adding a lot of vinegar But, cucumbers are a completely unleavened vegetable and will not be stored in jars without vinegar, If only natural fermentation, and stored in the cold in the cellar, which can also be problematic.

In this recipe, there is enough vinegar to create an acidic environment for fresh cucumbers, to create the taste of canned cucumbers.
In the recipe, I gave the concentration of vinegar in this recipe: 4 ml. essences for 600 ml. water - this is optimal, the same vinegar turned out, and its concentration is lower than that of purchased vinegar

How to insert a photo, see here - at the very bottom of the first post CONTENTS OF THE SECTION "BASICS OF KNEADING AND BAKING"
Aunt Asya
THANKS Tanyush.I did everything like yours did not deviate from the recipe. comp. so far only at work. home phone. here from him yesterday and twisted your recipe. neither is the register on the phone. does not pass. I will learn to try. Thanks for the help

Lena, to your health!
We will wait for the result and photo
Tanyusha, I made the cucumbers 3 days ago, but I will not report in any way - there is no light, then the Internet is weak and the photo is not loaded. How to report without a photo? Now it turned out to be downloaded, so I immediately ran to the topic. There were only enough cucumbers for one liter jar (well, this is my harvest - I collected it for several days). tomorrow I will still do it - I collected it for the second ... So, maybe, we will get a stock of pickled cucumbers. and then without them in the winter in any way. Thank you, Tanyusha, for the recipe! So I liked the process - simple, no hassle. And the cucumbers look pretty in a jar ...

Canned cucumbers "cucumbers according to grandma's recipe"

Luda, to your health!
But it will not be boring, every day in a jar, everything is busy with business.
Aaaaaaa ... I get it! You like the process of sterilizing steam cans itself, without any problems. Right! With this method, it is quick and clean in the kitchen And the best thing is that you can close any jars with steam, even 100-gram ones

Today I got tired: I closed the lecho and eggplant caviar. And now I sit, feel sorry for myself, and say "I'll eat everything myself, I won't give it to anyone."

I have cucumbers, they are pleasing to the eye. One of these days I will also close the tomatoes
Quote: Admin
But it will not be boring, every day in a jar, everything is busy with business.
Exactly, Tanyusha, not boring.
Quote: Admin
Aaaaaaa ... I get it! You like the process of sterilizing steam cans itself, without any problems. Right! With this method, it is quick and clean in the kitchen And the best thing is that you can close any jars with steam, even 100-gram ones
Well, of course ... Yeah ... I tried and fell in love with this method. It's so simple, what I think, but why have I suffered for so many years? Thank you, Tanechka, for poking my nose into her topic about the plant ... And the fact that 100-gr. jars can be done like this - it's great! My husband bought me a dozen, and I toiled, how am I going to catch them in a boiling pan? And then everything will turn out with a bang!
Quote: Admin
Today I got tired: I closed the lecho and eggplant caviar. And now I sit, feel sorry for myself, and say "I'll eat everything myself, I won't give it to anyone."
This is what you say now ... And then in winter you will feed all your relatives and friends with your delicacies and look at them affectionately as they eat and praise cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other preparations.
Thank you, Tanyusha, again for this and other recipes. They are a godsend for me. And also - a magic wand. If I don't know how to do it, I press the button "Authors", then on the first line "Admin", then on "Blanks", and there are so many recipes to choose from - take and use without a doubt - everything is detailed down to the smallest detail. This is what captivates me in all your topics. And, of course, competence, friendliness, immediate answers and support, if something is not clear somewhere! Thank you, Tanyusha!

Luda, Thanks for the kind words!
Balm on my hands and feet, which have been aching from cans since yesterday

Today I have tomatoes I need to finish the procurement campaign
Galina Byko
Who has already tried cucumbers, delicious ???

My daughter and I have already opened a jar
Crunchy, no harsh acid, canned (not pickled), salt is normal, especially for those who do not like or cannot use too much salt in canning. We agreed that we will still close

As a basic twist, you can take it, and then, as always - who has more salt, who has more vinegar - a matter of taste
Galina Byko
Thank you! I rewrote the recipe.

To your health!
I also noted the recipe for myself. I have been using the essence for a long time. 2 times I pour it under a fur coat without sterilization. But I want to try this recipe too, I filled it in and that's it, you don't need to drain, pour, you can sterilize in Shteba, I'll also try not to cover it with a fur coat for crunchiness. There is also enough sugar, I don't like sour ones. It remains to wait for the summer.

Ira, after sterilization, I never cover cucumbers with warm (nothing), it is enough to be shocked in boiling water in a saucepan.
And it is desirable now to cool the cans faster. Then the cucumbers will be crunchy. And be sure to soak it with cold water to be nourished.

I cover this lecho and caviar with heat (for insurance), since they close without sterilization
Here are the oddities! I thought I wrote a review for this recipe - but no! Cucumbers are amazingly delicious! Pickle too. We stood in the apartment all winter, we recently finished eating the last can. I came to remember the recipe (they shared cucumbers with me), but I did not see my gratitude. Tanyusha, thank you very much! And for the idea with the "canning factory" - too!

Jeanne, to health, a delicious winter for the whole family

Yes, cucumbers turn out wonderfully well, everything is normal, not spicy
And they are great And what I liked is that their taste does not deteriorate from long storage
Today I opened the first jar of cucumbers made according to this recipe a month and a half ago. Delicious! Just perfect cucumbers turned out.

Natasha, to your health! I hope the cucumbers will take root in your cellar

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